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Rimbun Job Agency Recruitment Firm in Indonesia

Your Gateway to TalentsWe Bring you the best candidates


Milestone About Rimbun Job AgencyTop Headhunting/ Recruitment Firm in Indonesia

Established as one of the Executive Search/ Headhunting Firm, Headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia

Comprehensive Integrated Web Based IT System

Partnership with China Power Plant Company for the selection and recruitment of engineers placement in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

Expanding clients base to include Overseas Companies from USA, UK, Hongkong, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Starting Partnership with Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (http://www.4th-valley.com/) from Japan to give our local talents chances to work in JapanAdding New Supporting Services: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Payroll Services

Rimbun Job Agency Worldwide PresenceWe bring you Top Talents

As of 2014, Rimbun Job Agency has a database of approximately 100.000 ++ Jobseekers. Serving Clients from all around the world.

Why Rimbun Job Agency?Rimbun Job Agency brings Results to Companies

Research and Intelligence DivisionWe construct candidate lists and conduct cold call on prospective talents

http://www.rimbunjob.com - Web PortalMaintaining and continuously increase database of jobseekers through web base portal. We currently have 100.000 ++ Jobseekers registering with us.

Industrial MappingList of all current active companies in every line of industries. This will enable us to tap prospective talents from the same line of industry

Consultant NetworkExperienced Recruitment Consultants who seek out candidate through networking and cultivate relationship with various networks

Standardized Selection and ProcedureJob Analysis, Sourcing, with screening and selection to fit 85% of requirements from clients. Qualifications are assessed using our most advanced recruitment system applications

Meet our TeamExperienced Recruiters is the key to Success Placements

Rimbun Job ServicesManage your talents search or recruitment process through us

Headhunting/ Executive Search Service

1. Job AnalysisWe capture the job requirements given in the Job descriptions from our client to assist us in knowing the objective of the search.

2. SourcingWe use advanced technologies and strong database system to help us select potential candidates. We also apply internal intelligence system to track potential talents from similar industry.

3. Screening and SelectionOur candidate screening methodology is based on matching clients briefing, job description and other specific details required by our clients

Rimbun Job ServicesManage your talents search or recruitment process through usBusiness Process Outsourcing

Purpose:Our Business Process Outsourcing service leverage our core staffing expertise to deliver increased productivity and reduced overall costs for business functions and processes in our client company

Services:Manage recruitment of candidates for our clientsUpon Success Placement, Rimbun Job Agency will manage the payroll and administrative duties for the employees Rimbun Job Agency seconded to clients

Benefits for our clients:Overall Cost reduction and enable our client to focus on their operational obligation to their organization and freedom to focus on their more strategic business needs.

Rimbun Job ServicesManage your talents search or recruitment process through usPsychological Assessment

Purpose:Hiring, promoting, and developing the right people for specific jobs represent some of the most important decisions that companies make. Many organization use Psychological Assessment to help them make such decisions. Our Psychological Assessment consists of professionally developed and validated measures of :Intellectual Capacity,Working Attitude, and Personality. Benefits for our clients:It Improves the likelihood of hiring the right people for your organization Assist Career Development decisions for existing employees Developing more effective ways of managing and motivating staff

Rimbun Job ServicesManage your talents search or recruitment process through usPayroll Services

Purpose:Rimbun Job Agency provides comprehensive payroll services. We ensure that your employee salaries, BPJS (Health and Social Security) and all relevant taxes are calculated in accordance with appropriate legislation and are paid and remitted as required.Benefits for our clients:Time SavingEnhanced SecurityCompliance with Government Regulation

Rimbun Job ProjectsDelivering First-Class Customer Service

Mass recruitment Power Plant projectMNC Business Talk Show

Rimbun Job ProjectsDelivering First-Class Customer Service

CSR Program RimbunHOPE (http://www.rimbunhope.com) at various Orphanage, Senior House and Street Kids

Rimbun Job Agency Contact usEngage Us and You will See Result

Send Us Inquiry:

Rimbun Job Agency Headquarters

Dipo Business Center, 6th floor Unit GJl. Gatot Subrot Kav. 50 52Jakarta Pusat 12940 Indonesia

Tel: +6221 30051303Fax: +6221 30051304

Website: http://www.rimbunjob.com