ringword: how can i be unforgettable too?

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  1. 1. Want to be Unforgettable?
  2. 2. Get A RingWord
  3. 3. Sell Flowers? Get RingWord Flowers or Floral You dont sell phone numbers. Stop advertising phone numbers.
  4. 4. Dental Practice? Would you remember this, 408-357-4069 or this, RingWord Dentist?
  5. 5. Brand Conscious? Sell Mercedes-Benz Automobiles? Choose RingWord Mercedes or Benz. People wont remember your phone number. They will remember RingWord Mercedes
  6. 6. How Does a RingWord Work for Me? Comic book fan? Choose RingWord Batman Im Batman Unforgettable
  7. 7. What Will People See? All of your contacts, anything you like. Our Mobile App Makes Reaching You Easy Our Free Mobile App
  8. 8. What Can I Display?
  9. 9. Why Would I Want A RingWord? In business, you advertise to be remembered. A RingWord makes you unforgettable. Everything is social. You cant be social if nobody knows how to reach you. Nobody can remember phone numbers. 1/3 of advertising is wasted advertising phone numbers. #? RingWord Great product, lousy domain name? RingWord redirect solves this problem. A RingWord is impossible to forget. Make it easy for customers to order from you.