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<ul><li><p>NEWS</p><p>6</p><p>KMS provides MBR modules for project in Versailles, France </p><p>Koch Membrane Systems Inc (KMS), the trading division of US-based Koch Chemical Technology Group Ltd, has been selected by OTV France SNC (Veolia Group) to provide Puron mem-brane bioreactor (MBR) modules for a wastewater treatment plant at Carr de Reunion in Frances Versailles region.</p><p>This project aims to upgrade and expand the capacity of the existing conventional wastewater treatment plant.</p><p>The plant is adjacent to the Palace of Versailles gardens and is owned by Le Syndicat Mixte dAssainissement de la Rgion Ouest de Versailles. The treated wastewater will be discharged into the Ru de Gally stream, which has its source in the gardens and flows into the river Seine. </p><p>The plant is designed to operate with an annual average flow of 43 500 m3/d, with peaks up to 6000 m/h. The upgrade of the existing conventional wastewater treatment plant using MBR technology will ensure that the quality of the effluent meets future legal requirements of the European Community.</p><p>The Puron membrane modules are set to be delivered at the end 2012 or early 2013. Start-up is scheduled for 2013. KMS says that the plant will be its largest MBR project in Europe. It also reports that demand for Puron MBR technology in France continues to increase steadily.</p><p>Contact:</p><p>Koch Membrane Systems Inc, 850 Main Street, </p><p>Wilmington, MA 01887-3388, USA. </p><p>Tel: +1 978 694 7000, www.kochmembrane.com</p><p>Millipore, Dionex form distribution agreement </p><p>In the USA, Dionex Corp and EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Germanys Merck KGaA, have signed a worldwide distribution agreement covering the EMD Millipore ICW-3000 water purification system for Dionex ion chromatography (IC) units using RFIC-EG technology.</p><p>Dionex is now able to sell the ICW-3000 water purifier and consumables directly to customers worldwide. The ICW-3000 system was designed by EMD Millipore specifically as a source of </p><p>ultrapure water for Dionex reagent-free IC sys-tems, with technology that eliminates the need for eluent preparation. The purification system is easy to install and controlled by the Dionex IC system, which makes it simple and convenient to use.</p><p>The system provides a continual flow of ultrapure water to the eluent generator and sep-arately for regeneration of the suppressor for up to two analytical-scale IC systems. Water in the 10-litre reservoir is constantly purified, reduc-ing ionic contaminants, as well as organics, to very low levels. This sharply decreases interfer-ences and improves experiment reproducibility and sensitivity. Concerns about system contam-ination caused by water of questionable purity are eliminated, say the companies. </p><p>This water purification system is ideal for capillary IC analysis on the new Dionex ICS-5000 Capillary IC system, explained Stphane Dupont, Product Manager, EMD Millipore.</p><p>The ICS-5000 system has a very low demand for eluent water, and continuous purification by the ICW-3000 unit provides ultrapure water for extended periods without refilling, continued Dupont.</p><p>Bernard Sheldon, IC System Product Manager, Dionex, added: Operators can be confident that their IC systems will have high quality water to enhance instrument perform-ance and reliability. With no worries about elu-ent contamination, and with total integration of the water purifier with the IC system, this is truly set-and-forget chromatography.</p><p>Dionex manufactures and markets liquid chromatography and sample preparation systems, consumables and software for chemical analy-sis. The firms products are used worldwide in environmental analysis and by the life sciences, chemicals, petrochemicals, food and beverage, power-generating and electronics industries. </p><p>Contacts: </p><p>EMD Millipore, 290 Concord Road, Billerica, </p><p>MA 01821, USA. Tel: +1 978 715 4321, www.millipore.com</p><p>Merck KGaA, Frankfurter Str. 250, 64293 Darmstadt, </p><p>Germany. Tel: +49 6151 720, www.merck.de</p><p>Dionex Corp, 1228 Titan Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, </p><p>USA. Tel: +1 408 737 0700, www.dionex.com</p><p>Rinker distributes Imbrium Systems latest products</p><p>Imbrium Systems Corp of Rockville, Maryland, USA, has signed a formal distribution agreement with Rinker Materials Corp.</p><p>Under this agreement the company will mar-ket and distribute Imbrium Systems Jellyfish filtration system and SorbtiveFILTER, which remove fine sediment and phosphorus from water, respectively.</p><p>Rinker Materials is already the licensee in the USA for Imbrium Systems Stormceptor, which is installed at over 5000 sites throughout New England and over 30 000 locations worldwide. The Jellyfish stormwater membrane filtration technology, which is known for its unique high surface-area filtration tentacles and its small footprint, is currently operating with great suc-cess at a variety of commercial development and redevelopment sites throughout North America (see Membrane Technology August 2010, page 5).</p><p>Imbrium says that since introducing Jellyfish into the market place, the membrane filtration system has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among environmentalists, civil and environmen-tal engineers, and commercial developers who are committed to protecting the environment.</p><p>The Jellyfish filtration system is the industry leader in capturing fine sediment, and the criti-cal pollutants such as nutrients which inherent-ly attach to fine sediment particles, explained Scott Perry, Group Manager, Imbrium Systems.</p><p>The Jellyfish membrane technology, light-weight cartridges, easy maintenance and small footprint means lower overall costs for any project which is exactly what private develop-ers and municipalities want.</p><p>Jim Lyons, Regional Sales Manager, Rinker Materials, added: Rinker Materials is pleased to represent Imbrium Systems new products Jellyfish and SorbtiveFILTER and continue the tremendous success it has achieved with the Stormceptor brand. We believe these innovative stormwater treatment technologies are the practi-cal solutions that site developers, civil engineers, municipalities and architects are clamouring for.</p><p>Perry continued: The SorbtiveFILTER is technology that phosphorus-impaired watersheds need. Phosphorus-impaired (total maximum daily load) communities along the Charles River, such as Milford, Franklin and Bellingham, now have a realistic, science-based technology that offers maximum performance to help restore the Charles River.</p><p>SorbtiveFILTER uses SorbtiveMEDIA, which removes high levels of dissolved phosphorus, resulting in the capture of nearly 80% of total phosphorus. Because of its flexible nature and ability to capture high volumes of phosphorus, it can be used in low impact development applica-tions such as bio-retention cells and rain gardens. </p><p>Contact:</p><p>Imbrium Systems Corp, 7564 Standish Place, Suite </p><p>112, Rockville, MD 20855, USA. Tel: +1 301 279 8827, </p><p>www.imbriumsystems.com</p><p>Membrane Technology October 2010</p></li><li><p>NEWS</p><p>October 2010 Membrane Technology7</p><p>I n B r i e f</p><p>Novasep appoints new chairman for its supervisory boardFrench company Novasep, which supplies man-ufacturing technology to the life science indus-try, has appointed Bernard Dubois as the chair-man of its supervisory board. Dubois replaces Pietro Stefanutti who has now decided to allo-cate most of his time to personal activities. I am extremely pleased to welcome Bernard Dubois to head our board. I think that his strategic vision of industrial operations backed by an outstanding track record will be instrumental in helping us to continue building Novasep as the best-in-class manufacturing solution provider for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholders, commented Roger-Marc Nicoud, Chief Executive Officer, Novasep, and the firms founder.</p><p>AECOM awarded contract for water and wastewater project in Florida, USAIn the USA, AECOM Technology Corp, a pro-vider of professional technical and management support services for government and commer-cial clients around the world, has been awarded a designbuild contract worth US$101 million by the Town of Davie, Florida. The com-pany will design and construct a brackish water membrane treatment plant rated at 22 700 m3 (6 million gallons) per day and a membrane water reclamation facility with a capacity of 13 250 m3 (3.5 million gallons) per day. </p><p>Jochen Kallenberg takes up new post as Vice President Sales, Inge WatertechnologiesSwiss-born Jochen Kallenberg has joined German ultrafiltration (UF) specialist Inge Watertechnologies AG. In his new position as Vice President Sales, Kallenberg will draw on his experience in strategic customer acquisition and the development of existing customer relation-ships in the global market for water treatment using membrane technology. Kallenbergs previ-ous position as Sales Manager, Toray Membrane Europe AG, saw him heading up a number of areas including the management of key accounts and distributors. Inge Watertechnologies says that Kallenbergs wealth of experience of working in the international membrane business makes him the perfect choice, as the company contin-ues its dynamic growth. </p><p>Water organisations launch journalUS-based organisations the Water Environment Federation (WEF), WateReuse Association (WRA) and WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF) have launched a new trade and pro-fessional journal. Entitled World Water: Water Reuse &amp; Desalination, the collaborative pub-lication addresses the growing informational, technical and operational needs of global water reuse and desalination professionals.</p><p>Rinker Materials Corp, 6560 Langfield Road, Building </p><p>3, Houston, TX 77092-1008, USA. Tel: +1 832 590 5300</p><p>Aqua-Chem awarded DLA water- purification contract</p><p>In the USA, Aqua-Chem Inc of Knoxville, Tennessee, has been award-ed a contract by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Maritime Division, Columbus, Ohio, under the H2O Water Purification Initiative (WPS), with a value not exceeding $386 000 000.</p><p>Under this contract Aqua-Chem, working in partnership with key suppliers and origi-nal equipment manufacturers (OEMs), will be responsible for warehousing, storage, and logistical and supply chain management of materials to support the reverse osmosis (RO) water purification unit 600GPH (ROWPU 600), RO water purification unit 3000GPH (ROWPU 3000), the lightweight water puri-fication (LWP) system and the tactical water purification system (TWPS). These weapon systems are used worldwide in remote loca-tions to provide soldiers with fresh drinking-water and support disaster relief efforts.</p><p>We are committed to ensuring that the war-fighter is always equipped with the right spares, at the right time, anywhere in the world, said David Gensterblum, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aqua-Chem.</p><p>During the 1980s and early 1990s, the company designed, developed and manufac-tured the first ROWPU 3000 systems, deliver-ing them to Tank-automotive &amp; Armaments Command (TACOM) in Warren, Michigan.</p><p>This latest contract proves the companys dedication and leadership in the water purifi-cation industry, said Gregory L. Greenberg, Senior Partner, Altus Capital Partners, the larg-est outside investor in Aqua-Chem. </p><p>Contact:</p><p>Aqua-Chem Inc, 3001 East John Sevier Highway, </p><p>Knoxville, TN 37914, USA. Tel: +1 212 537 5177, </p><p>www.aqua-chem.com</p><p>Pharmaceuticals industry offered TOC sensor</p><p>New technology from General Electric (GE) will make it easier for the pharmaceuticals industry to moni-tor and analyse water samples.</p><p>The enhanced GE CheckPoint Pharma, total organic carbon (TOC) sensor is a cost-effective instrument that is typically mounted and used on-line for continuous monitoring applications.</p><p>Measuring the levels of TOC in water is an important step for pharmaceuticals companies, ena-bling them to control processes that are critical to their operations and to comply with regulations.</p><p>The sensor was designed by GE Power &amp; Waters analytical instruments unit specifically for the pharmaceuticals industry and has a standard operating procedure that meets minimum US Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), China Pharmacopeia (CP) and Indian Pharmacopeia (IP) specifications. It also can be carried by hand to any point in a water system for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting.</p><p>It can measure TOC in hot (up to 90C) or ozonated water and will operate at ambient temperatures up to 55C. CheckPoint has a dynamic range of 0.211000 ppb and provides three analogue outputs for simultaneous TOC, raw conductivity and temperature measurements to support regulatory requirements. USB printer support provides an affordable way to meet 21CFR Part 11 compliance, says the company.</p><p>All back-up data are stored in memory and users can define a date range for faster data downloads. Standard operating procedures are provided for installation qualification (IQ), operation qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) to simplify sensor validation.</p><p>GE Power &amp; Waters analytical instruments unit also designed the CheckPointe for micro-electronics and power applications. It provides a wider operating range 0.051000 ppb for more sensitive environments where hot and ozonated samples are not common.</p><p>Both sensors enable users to adjust data out-put intervals from 15 seconds up to 8 hours. They are easy to use, require little maintenance and for convenience can be powered by batteries.</p><p>Contact:</p><p>GE Water &amp; Process Technologies, 4636 Somerton </p><p>Road, Trevose, PA 19053-6783, USA. </p><p>Tel: +1 215 355 3300, www.gewater.com</p><p>GE Analytical Instruments, 6060 Spine Road, Boulder, </p><p>CO 80301, USA. Tel: +1 303 444 2009, </p><p>www.geinstruments.com</p><p>Norit X-Flow receives order for desalination project in China</p><p>Dutch company Norit X-Flow has been selected to supply the ultrafiltration (UF) pre-treatment </p></li></ul>