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Rio Salado College The Future…NOW: Online Post Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Programs at the Community College Rio Salado Education Department

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Rio Salado College. The Future…NOW: Online Post Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Programs at the Community College Rio Salado Education Department. Founded in 1978 Largest of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges One of the fastest growing colleges in the nation Rio’s primary focus: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Rio Salado CollegeThe Future…NOW: Online Post Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Programs at the Community College

Rio Salado Education Department

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• Founded in 1978• Largest of the ten Maricopa

Community Colleges• One of the fastest growing

colleges in the nation• Rio’s primary focus:

- Online Learning- Customized Programs- Collaborative Partnerships- Accelerated Formats

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Rio Salado College transforms the learning experience through:

• Choice, Access, and Flexibility• Customized, High Quality

Learning Design• Personalized Services and

Organizational Responsiveness

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RSC’s Systems Approach toCustomer Astonishment


ProductionProduction& Support& Support Student














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The Rio Brand of eLearning

Distance Learning courses Start every Monday in your associated


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Rio Support Services Online and via Phone • Registration• Bookstore• Academic Advisement and Counseling• Financial Aid• Call-A-Tutor• Technology & Instructional Helpdesk• Online Electronic Library and Reference

Librarians • 7 Days a Week

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Overview of Online Teacher Preparation Program Elements

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How can a Community College provide a Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation program?

In 1998 the Arizona Department of Education revised the state rules and regulations for teacher certification.

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Rio’s Teacher Education programs have been designed for:

• Working Adults• College Graduates• Undergraduates• Stay at home parents• Re-careering Adults

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Our Typical Student

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Program DevelopmentHistorical Timeline• Endorsements 2000• Post Bacc Programs 2001• Master’s Program 2002• AA Degrees (2+2) 2003• 3+1 Partnership 2003• Bridge Partnership 2004

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Program DevelopmentHistorical Timeline, (con’t)• Teacher-In-Residence 2005• Professional Development Institute 2006• Early Childhood 2006• K-12 Arts Education Certificate 2009

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Teacher Prep Learning ModelOnline Coursework

Taught by experienced teachers



Master Teacher Seminars•Role Model


Practicum Experience•Observing



Student Teaching•Site Based

OutcomesQualify for Institutional Recommendation (IR)

to become a certified teacher

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In-Person Components

• Practicums• Master Teacher Seminars• Exams• Student Teaching

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Virtual Practicums

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What are Virtual Practicums?

• Professionally developed videos (CDs) of actual classroom experiences/situations that model effective strategies

• Created in support of site-based classroom instruction

• Only offered through Rio Salado College Teacher Education Programs

• WOW Award by the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications

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Standard Post Baccalaureate State Approved Programs

ElementaryEarly Childhood Secondary

Special Education K-12 Arts

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Approved Programs for Special Education• Cross Categorical• Emotional Disabilities• Learning Disabilities• Mental Retardation• Orthopedic Impairments• Other Health Impairments

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Standard Post Baccalaureate Program Characteristics 1. E-Learning and in-person (hybrid) model

2. Approved by the Arizona Department of Education for full certification (not an “Alternative” Program)

3. Meets HQT Requirements

4. Flexible (courses can be accelerated)

5. Affordable

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Approved Programs for K-12 Arts Education

• Art • Dance

• Dramatic Art • Music

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Standard Post Baccalaureate Program Plan 1. Level I – available to everyone2. Formal admission3. Level II 4. 9-week student teaching experience5. Institutional Recommendation (IR)

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Teacher-in-Residence• Not Alternative• Same state approved coursework as Standard Post

Baccalaureate program• Lock-step Elementary

Secondary Special Education

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Teacher-In-Residence (TIR)


Rio Salado College

AZ Dept of Ed


School District

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Teacher-In-ResidenceProgram Characteristics1. E-Learning and in-person (hybrid) model2. Approved by the Arizona Department of Education3. Meets HQT Requirements4. Accessible anytime, any place5. Flexible (courses can be accelerated)6. Affordable7. Lock-step 1-3 year program8. Intern certificate required for participation

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Tuition Comparison Rio Salado College $1,704

Northern Arizona University $15,334

Arizona State University $16,522

University of Arizona $16,474

University of Phoenix $17,200

Grand Canyon University $16,500

Approximate full-time annual tuition comparison based on two 12-credit semesters. Verification with your academic advisor is recommended.

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• 18,000+ students have taken EDU coursework (2001-present)

• 3,111 students in the last year (unduplicated)

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Rio Salado Teacher Education Programs Global Outreach

Working with students in 47 states and over 33 countries

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Professional Development Institute

• Endorsement/Credit• Non-Credit

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Baccalaureate Degree Partnership• Northcentral University

3 +1 (90/30) in:- Elementary- Secondary- Special Education

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Master’s Partnerships

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Doctorate Degree

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Additional Partnerships

• Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

• Arizona Public Universities• Army JROTC• Ashford University• Teach For America• Troops to Teachers

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Future Endeavors

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Communiversity @ Surprise

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Program Rewards & Recognition• National Council of Instructional Administrators “Exemplary

Practices Award” in the Educational Technology category. (April,2002)

• Finalist for the Bellwether Award in the category of Workforce Development. This award recognizes outstanding and innovative programs and practices successfully leading community colleges into the future (February, 2003)

• Prestigious Paul M. Pair Innovation Award as the MCCCD Wide Innovation of the Year (April, 2003) and recognized nationally by the League for Innovation in the Community College (June 2003)

• WCET (The Cooperative advancing the effective use of technology in higher education) Outstanding Work (WOW) Award for the Online Teacher Education Programs “Virtual Practicum” Experience. It recognizes the use of Educational Technology and celebrates the best and most promising practices within the WCET community (presented November 9th, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia at the WCET National Conference)

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