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Introduction of Node to node beginner


  • 1. Rise of Node for node beginner Part Iby go dd yzh ao
  • 2. As a Front-End Engineer NotSatisfied
  • 3. To Be a Web DeveloperPick up a back-end language
  • 4. Too Many Choices
  • 5. OutlineA Short Story of NodeNon-Blocking with Single ThreadResources of Learning Node
  • 6. A Short Story of NodeNodes goal is to provide an easy wayto build scalable network programs Another Context for JavaScript Library
  • 7. Node Parts os netServer-Side JS CoreEnvironment Library fs ...
  • 8. Platforms
  • 9. Family MembersNPM Node Package ManagerConnect Middleware for NodeExpress Web Development Framework
  • 10. Big Names
  • 11. Big NamesIsaac Z. Schlueter TJ Holowaychuk Tim Caswell
  • 12. Keynote of Node In Node, everything runs in parallel, except your code
  • 13. HOW
  • 14. Event Driven - Event Loop Your Code Single Thread New Thread I/O Operations Internal
  • 15. Callbacks Everywherefs.readFile(/etc/passwd, function (err,data) { if (err) throw err; console.log(2); console.log(data);});console.log(1);
  • 16. ResourcesNode Beginner CnodeJSHow to Node GithubTJs Blog QuoraNodejitsus Blog My Blog(Fuck GFW First)Node Blog nodecastscn
  • 17. Thanks!