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  • Wild Frontiers the Future of the Internet

    Rohit Talwar CEO - Fast Future Research

    Webinale - Berlin - June 8th 2015

  • What We Do Speaking and Moderating Delivering keynote speeches offering inspiring insights into a changing world

    and how others are responding to the future

    Capacity Building / Future Leadership Programs and Events Designing high impact leadership development programs, workshops and

    events for leaders and decision makers in governments and businesses that encourage new thinking, bring the future to life and enable you to develop new strategies and action agendas

    Foresight Research Helping you explore and understand the roadmap of economic, business,

    scientific, technological, social, political and environmental trends, forces, developments and ideas shaping the future of the sector

    Investor Support Advising on emerging sectors, technologies and scientific developments

    Exponential Growth Consulting Helping you create future strategies designed to deliver exponential rates of

    improvement, develop new business models and drive innovation to respond to and create disruptive change

    Business Design and Innovation Facilitating development of innovative, future proofed designs for

    organisations, products, services, processes and customer experiences

  • Contents Presentation p. 4

    About Fast Future p. 64

    Image Sources p. 76

  • This presentation is based on ideas presented in our forthcoming book

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  • Core Questions What exactly is the internet for / What does it do? Who manages and controls it? What are the possibilities it could create? Is it a core engine of human progress - the steam engine of

    the 21st century? (WEF) How might it integrate into our lives? Will it transform into a technology we take for granted and put it

    (and ourselves) at risk of obsolescence? What would we do without it? Who needs protection in it / from it / better/fairer access to it? Whose voice is it?

  • When Worlds Collide

  • New Masters of the Universe

  • Can we Change our DNA?

    Play by the Rules of the Game

    Create a New Game

  • Future Proofed Organisations Work on 3 Horizons in Parallel

    4-10+ Years

    Creating the Future

    1-3 Years

    Search for Growth

    1-12 Months

    Operational Excellence

  • Bostroms Digital Simulation

  • A Digitized Species With a Global Brain?

  • Tomorrows Internet Key Drivers

    Functionality Capacity Ownership / Governance Economic Outlook Access Security / Privacy /


  • Internet 2025 Renewable Resource, Utility, Omnipresent Support System?

    What Would we do Without it?

  • Who Wins the Crypto War? Citizens, Corporations, Legal, Governments?

    Net Gain Challenges - preserving the greater good and Building that better worldand living in itdepends on an

    open, secure, and equitable Internet.

    Can we Ensure Net Neutrality?

  • Do we Need a Plan B?

    How Can we Back it up and Protect it When we Dont Understand All the Ways it is Used?

  • The Developing World Challenge

    Penetration - 76% Developed / 29.8% Developing World Growth Rate Fell Over Last 4 Years to 6.6% (2014)

  • The Almost Certain Future

    Mobile, wearable, and embedded computing will be tied together in the Internet of Things, allowing people and their surroundings to tap into artificial intelligence-

    enhanced cloud-based information storage and sharing. (Pew Internet Study)

  • The Next Internet AI / 3D / VR / AR /


  • Enabling the Transformative Role of IT

    Customer Centric

    Hive Mind

    Talent: Develop and

    Leverage Staff

    Innovate to Differentiate

    Re-engineer Processes

  • Technology Timeline

  • Our Technologies are Evolving From the Desktop...

  • Portable and Mobile ...

  • ...Wearable...

  • ...Embedded...

  • ... And Connected to an Augmented, Immersive Multi-Sensory Internet of Everything

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Emerging Possibilities

  • New Computing


    Hyperconnected Internet of Humanity

    Immersivity / Mixed Reality


    Food Chain Transformation

    Energy Innovation

    Robotics / Drones

    Brain Uploading

    Enabling Exponential Science

    and Technology

    Blockchain Technology

    Healthcare Transformation

    Nanotechnology / Atomically Precise


    Artificial Intelligence / Conscious Technology

    Synthetic Biology

    Human Augmentation

    3D / 4D Printing

  • Powering Tomorrows Core Sectors Information and Communications Technology

    Mobile Internet - Devices, Infrastructure, Commerce, Services Next Generation Intelligent, Personalized Internet Cloud Based Applications, Infrastructure , Services Internet of Things / Internet of Everything / Internet of Humanity Big Data, Data Mining and the Automation of Knowledge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Blockchain Systems and Distributed Autonomous Organizations Production Technologies and Systems Advanced Robotics / Drones 3D and 4D Printing and Advanced Materials Genomics and Synthetic Biology Biomimcry Applied to Product Design and Engineered Systems Rapid / Green / Sustainable Construction Industry Transformation Global Infrastructure - Roads, Transport, Energy, Water Automation of Professional Services - E.g. Accounting, Legal, Consultancy, and Architecture Financial Services Technologies

  • Powering Tomorrows Core Sectors Citizen and Domestic Healthcare Innovation Elder Care Human Augmentation / Body Shops Clean Domestic Water and Sanitation Smart Homes Smart Devices, Air Con, Waste to Power Green / Electric / Autonomous or Near-Autonomous Vehicles Education Systems Transformation Societal Infrastructure and Services New Food and Agriculture Solutions Sharing / Circular Economy Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse, Repair Smart City Infrastructures and Services Intelligent Transport Systems E-Government Energy and Environment Alternative and Renewable Energy / Energy Storage Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery - Including Fracking, Methane Hydrates Geo-Engineering, Climate / Environmental Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Remediation

  • Creating Alternative Business Models E.g. Usership, Crowdfunding, Auctions Usership, Crowdfunding, Auctions

    $5190 (3088)

    $14,770 (8791.50)

    $136 (81)

  • Barbarians at the Gate

  • Magic E.g. One Time Insurance Smartphone service One day contracts Premiums start around US$4 E.g:

    Sports and Leisure Golf (Hole in one protection) Domestic and Overseas


  • Rapid Execution e.g. Superfast Construction Ark Hotel - Dongting Lake - China

  • An Era of Exponential Growth AirBnB Hotels 90x more listings per employee

    GitHub Software 109x more repositories per employee

    Local Motors Automotive

    1000x cheaper to develop a new car model 5-22x faster to manufacture a car

    Quirky Consumer Goods 10x faster product development (29 vs 300 days)

    Google Ventures Investments

    2.5x more investments in early stage start-ups 10x faster through design process

    Valve Gaming 30x more market cap per employee

    Tesla Automotive 30x more market cap per employee

    Tangerine (formerly ING Direct Canada) Banking

    7x more customers per employee 4x more deposits per customer

  • Strati First 3D Printed Car (Local Motors)

  • Exponential Market Cap Improvement Age (years) 2011 valuation 2014 valuation Increase

    Haier 30 $19 billion $60 billion 3x

    Valve 18 $1.5 billion $4.5 billion 3x

    Google 17 $150 billion $400 billion 2.5x

    Uber 7 $2 billion $40 billion 20x

    AirBnB 6 $2 billion $10 billion 5x

    Github 6 $ 500 million (est.)

    $7 billion 14x

    Waze 6 $ 25 million $1 billion (2013) 50x

    Qirky 5 $ 50 million $2 billion 40x

    Snapchat 3 0 $10 billion 10,000x +

  • Trekkies

  • Distributed / Democratised Production e.g. 3D/4D Printing

  • Where Next?

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations / Software Defined Companies / Corporations as a Technology

    Automation Junkies

  • The Future of Search Dark Web, Memex, Google, Semantics, AI

  • Access - HyperSpeed Connectivity / The Outernet

    Alcatel Lucent / BT 1.44 Terabits / Second = 44 (HD Films) / Second Li-Fi 224 Gigabits / Second

  • Facial Recognition The Next Frontier? e.g. Facebook DeepFace

    Biometric Identification Pay with Your Face

  • Virtualized Education

  • Real Estate Experience

  • Digital Immortality / Time Dilation

  • A Living, Learning, Self-Expanding Ecosystem

    A global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computing environment built through the continued proliferation of smart sensors, cameras, software,

    databases, and massive data centers in a world-spanning information. (Pew)

  • The Simulated Reality Singularity (Gray Scott)

  • A World of Multiple Actors Robots, Androids, Holograms, Display-based AI Manifestations

  • AI-PA / Digital Twins

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