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  • Care & Maintenance (888)

    Rolled Bamboo Fencing

  • Questions? (888) 788-2254 www.CaliBamboo.comBamboo Fencing Care & Maintenance

    Care & Maintenance A regular maintenance schedule is the best way to protect your bamboo fence. To preserve the natural beauty of your fence, Cali Bamboo recommends sealing the fence with TWP (Total Wood Protectant) immediately after installation. This commercial-grade finish contains a fungicide to repel mildew growth and an ultra violet inhibitor to deflect the sun’s harmful ways reducing the likelihood of your fencing growing mold, fading, or cracking.

    Sealing your Fence at the Time of Installation

    Recommended Materials: • Cleaning Solutions: Combine 3/4 parts water, 1/4 part bleach, or use any environmentally friendly fence cleaner

    available at your local hardware store: Simple Green, Olympic Premium Deck Cleaners • Tools: Power Washer, Nylon Bristle Brush, Spray Bottle • Optional Tools: Paint Brush & Sandpaper • Sealant: TWP 300 (

    How to Clean and Seal Your Fence:

    1. Spray bamboo liberally with cleaning solution 2. Allow to soak for 15 minutes 3. Scrub surface with nylon bristle brush, wipe away loosened residue with towel 4. Rinse Bamboo using power washer and hose 5. Allow 2 days for bamboo to air-dry completely 6. Apply first coat of weather-protectant TWP. Always follow TWP manufacturer’s application instructions. See

    guidelines below:

    • Do not apply below 50 degrees, if rain is expected within 72 hours, or heavy dew is present (if it does rain, just start the process over!)

    • Mix thoroughly before applying first coat of bamboo panel using a brush, roll, or spray • Avoid exposure to high levels of moisture while the sealant is drying • To accelerate dry time, scuff up the tacky TWP surface with sandpaper to release entrapped solvents • Allow 3 days for the first coat to dry thoroughly • Scuff up the first coat of sealant with a bristle brush prior to applying second coat for the best results

    Continued Maintenance After Installation:

    • Seal Immediately after installation • First Year Maintenance: Clean and re-seal your fence following the steps above after 12 months. • Regular Maintenance: Sweep away foliage buildup from your fence regularly, especially where shade and water are

    abundant. Take measures to edge and trim the terrain around your fence. • Future Maintenance: Clean and re-seal your fence every 2-3 years, or as needed depending on regional climate

    conditions. Follow steps above.

    How Often Should I Clean and Seal my Fence?

    There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Depending on the regional climate, it may be advisable to apply sealant annually for the best results.

    Will my Bamboo Fence Age?

    Like all outdoor wood products, bamboo can be subject to natural susceptibilities that may include surface mold, cracking, or discoloration. Fortunately, these superficial changes can be remedied (see instructions above) and will not affect the structural integrity of your bamboo.

    Can I Restore a Weathered Fence?

    Yes; your fencing is 100% repairable. Cali Bamboo Fences can be easily restored. If you notice natural weathering such as mold or discoloration, it is a good time to clean and re-seal your fence (see instructions above).

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