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    Welcome to chapter sixteen! As I have said before, this story started out as a pic spam venture to show some of the cool stuff in World Adventures. It somehow morphed into an action/romance/drama/adventure story. This chapter takes us back to its 'roots' in a way because it contains a bit less drama and a bit more adventuring. The chapter is longer than the others, but in frames only because there is much less text to read on the exploring frames. This is Nellie's biggest adventure in Egypt to date, so I felt the need to show a lot of the cool tombs she explored. Don't worry. The drama is still here; it's just not as prevalent in this chapter, although there is a bit of mystery and intrigue.I hope you still find this chapter enjoyable. I had a blast playing it, as well as writing it!

    Youssef Nagi watched Nellie descend the stairs to the newly-discovered Ancient Library and released a long sigh. How had Zahra Diab known about it? He realized he did not find out much about the history of the house when he had purchased it from his real estate agent six ago, except that it had been unoccupied for a number of years before. Maybe it had belonged to Zahra's relatives or someone else her family knew many years ago.
    His distrust of Dalida Barakat kicked up another notch as well. What sort of things was she telling Nellie about him and his company? Youssef genuinely liked Nellie and he did not want anything to stand in the way of their budding friendship. It had been quite a while since he had felt the sort of attraction toward a woman as he felt for Nellie. Youssef decided he must keep a closer watch on the situation from now forward.

    Nellie descended the stairs into the Ancient Library and went straight to a floor panel activate it in order to open a locked door.

    Then there was a statue that needed to be moved onto another floor panel in the next room.

    Nellie grunted and grumbled as she moved the next statue onto a floor panel. It activated the opening of a door which contained a few relics, but then she had to return and move the same statue onto the other panel in order to gain access into the next room.

    Finally, she entered a room that held a staircase leading down. The staircase had been opened by one of the floor panels the statue activated. She crinkled her nose at the odor of musty old books which assaulted her senses as she moved further into the library's depths.

    " Yes!"she exclaimed happily when she finally reached the chest that held the coveted book. It was ancient and delicate, so she carefully slid it into her bag and made her way out the musty, eerie place. Youssef was waiting for her at his door and quickly invited her inside.

    " Nellie"Youssef exclaimed brightly, " it is good to see you have returned from your task so soon! I take it everything well, yes?"He smiled warmly as he continued, " I have prepared, what I hope you find to be, a nice meal for the two of us. It would be my honor if you would join me. "Youssef hoped to have a nice talk with the young woman, not only to get to know her better, but to hopefully hear more about the book she went to retrieve from the ancient library as well. He still could not understand how others had known about it, but he had not.

    " I . . . I don't know"Nellie stammered, unsure as to what to do. She felt anxious to return the ancient book to Dalida, but her stomach did feel rather empty. Her breakfast of cold cereal early that morning had left a lot to be desired, and there was a delicious aroma of food wafting through the air that made her stomach rumble with longing. Finally she smiled up at him. " Alright, I believe I could eat."
    Youssef grinned broadly and clapped his together, " Wonderful! There is a bathroom just down that hallway if you would like to freshen up first. The meal will be served momentarily."He pointed Nellie in the right direction, and then made his way to his other bathroom.

    Youssef checked his appearance in the mirror. He wanted to look his best for this occasion, because he wanted to make a good impression on the young woman. Being in her presence seemed to make his heart soar and that was a new feeling for him. Many women had tried to get his attention over the years, but none had held it for very long. They all seemed to want to cling to him like lint on a wool jacket, and like that lint, all he wanted to do was to pick them off and toss them aside in disgust. Something about Nellie was different. She seemed to be a strong, independent woman, who knew how to take care of herself. He knew she was like no other woman he had ever met, and it was definitely worth spending time to get closer to her.
    When he was satisfied he looked his best, he left the bathroom to join the fascinating young woman for lunch.

    Youssef watched anxiously as Nellie tasted her first bite of his dish. " It is not crocodile, unfortunately"he explained slowly. " I was out of that, but I hope you will like my special recipe for cooking salmon. It is an old family recipe my mother taught me, and she tells me I cook it almost as well as she does."
    Nellie chewed and then swallowed the mouthful she had taken before replying. " Oh Youssef"she sighed with a grin, " it is absolutely fabulous!"
    The man breathed a sigh of relief and smiled broadly. " I am so glad you like it. For a moment there, I was not sure."He visibly relaxed and turned his attention to his own plate. For a few moments, the pair concentrated on their food without speaking. Finally, Youssef broke the silence.

    " So, Nellie"Youssef asked in a casual tone, " Tell me, what is this book you have been sent here to retrieve and now have in your possession?"He tried to sound interested without letting on exactly how deep is curiosity ran. Though he pretended to be engrossed his plate, he held his breath awaiting her reply.
    Nellie smiled. " The book supposedly contains information about some old relics that MorcuCorp is interested in obtaining. It's funny how the book was in an ancient library right here under your nose."She giggled and it was infectious because Youssef chuckled as well.
    " Yes, a library I never knew existed!"he laughed. " I can see where some may find humor in that."Youssef, however, was not one of them, and vowed to himself to have a meeting with his real estate very soon to find out if there were other things he did not know about his property.

    While Youssef focused on his plate, Nellie took a moment to focus on him. She found him very attractive and wondered how he had managed to remain single for so long. He was one of, if not the, wealthiest, most handsome, eligible bachelors in all of Al Simhara. It seemed to her that he would have had women fawning all over him, vying for his attentions, and competing to become Mrs. Youssef Nagi. He glanced up from his plate and she quickly averted her gaze, a hot flush reddening her cheeks.
    The housekeeper came to remove their empty plates, and Nellie waited for her to leave before standing. " I really do need to go now. Dalida Barakat is waiting for me to deliver this old book to her. Thank you so much for lunch. It was simply scrumptious!"Youssef was on his feet instantly and took her hands into his.

    " Must you go so soon?"Youssef asked in an urgent tone. " It would be wonderful if you could stay a while longer!"Mistaking the pained expression on Nellie's face for annoyance, or agitation, he sighed. " But of course you do! You have a task to complete. I am sorry, Nellie."He lowered his head for a moment as if ashamed, but then locked his gaze with hers again almost immediately. " If you need anything . . . anything at all, do not hesitate all to call me. Understand?"
    Nellie nodded and tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She could not believe it was happening again. When Youssef grabbed her hand, and gazed into her eyes so intently, it had caused her heart to skip a beat, and her knees felt like jelly. Her reaction to his touch had been unexpected and appalling." Thank you, Youssef"Nellie responded in a voice barely above a whisper. She smiled, blushed, and made her way toward the door like a frightened rabbit.

    " Yes, this book describes three powerful relics left here by the old kings of Al Simhara."Dalida remarked softly after leafing quickly through a few pages of the book Nellie handed to her. " There is a lot of information we can use to track down the final relic. Luckily, I already know where another one is. Unfortunately, so does MorcuCorp! There is no time to explain, but you must go to the merchant, Mahmud Taymur, before MorcuCorp's goons arrive and obtain the Relic of the Sun, which is in the merchant's possession. I'll explain more later, just go!"
    Nellie watched as the woman turned and went back inside her house, her brow furrowed in confusion. The more she delved into this mission, the more questions troubled her mind. Youssef Nagi was one of the heads of MorcuCorp, and MorcuCorp seemed more and more like a strange Mafia-type operation to her every day. Could Youssef, as kind and gentle as he seemed, be running a group of thugs and crooks? Sighing heavily, she headed off to do as she was asked.

    Nellie cringed inwardly when she first saw the Book Merchant. The resemblance to that nasty Relic Merchant was uncanny at first glance, and she wondered if they were related. She breathed a sigh of relief, however, when he spoke and she realized that the physical resemblance did not mirror his demeanor as well.
    " Ah, so Dalida Barakat wants me to hand over this Relic, eh?"he smiled sarcastically. " I have no use for it, but you do, which means there is a value in the piece. I judge this value to be five chunks of copper. Bring me this and I will hand over the Relic. You had best hurry though. I may get a bett