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    Greetings and welcome to chapter three of Romance Versus relics! The chapters are still sort of like pic spam on some frames, but it is getting more like a regular story all the time. In this chapter, you will notice, during the second half, that Nellie has an aura of sparkles all around her. This comes from the eye candy reward that came with this EP. If you hate sparkling Sims, don't pick that reward! Lol I had to download a hack to remove the sparkles from Nellie because the disturbed me greatly. In any event, I hope you enjoy the story!

    When Nellie arrived in China, she barely spared a minute hanging around base camp before she rushed off to the marketplace to find her best friend, Zhan Su. " Zhan" she spoke his name softly and he whirled around with a big smile plastered on his face.

    He barely had time to register her presence before her arms were wrapped tightly around him, telling him how good it was to see him again, even though it had been less than a week since her last visit. " Nellie" he cried, returning her embrace, " It's so great to see you! What brings you back so soon?"

    She told him she was anxious to continue her adventure and needed to buy some more supplies to aid her during her up-coming exploration.

    A dark expression of concern marred his delicate features as she told him she had received a request to journey to The Temple of Heaven to find and collect Pangu's Axe. Before she left his shop, he hugged her tightly and begged her to be careful because the temple was a very dangerous place. " I will say a prayer for your safe return, my friend" he whispered quietly to himself as he watched her go out the door.

    Nellie was feeling a bit hungry, so she decided to stop by the food merchant before make her journey. Although she had seen him before, it struck her that she had not noticed previously how handsome he was. She shivered as goose bumps seemed to break out all over her body when he looked at her. When his eyes met hers and he smiled, she felt as if her knees may buckle and give out beneath her weight. Shaking it off, Nellie order her food and took it outside to consume it, away from the food Merchant's burning gaze.

    (Pic spam alert!)
    While Nellie ate her stir fry, I took a moment to pan around the area and came across something I found interesting and decided to share it with you. This is Terracotta Army.

    Nellie finished her meal and made the journey to The Temple of Heaven. Her eyes widened in awe as she gazed upon it and she knew why it was given that name. It seemed to almost reach into the heavens. The place was beautiful!

    She slowly made her way to the top, being careful to look around for anything she may be able to use later. She found nothing, but took a moment to gaze over the city from her perch on a balcony. As she gazed at the beautiful scenery, her eyes drifted toward the Market and the little shop where she knew the handsome food merchant was in attendance. A chill trickled down her spine and she shivered as her mind shifted to thoughts of wondering how it would feel to be held in his arms. " Stop that!" she scolded herself out loud. This was no time to entertain fantasies of a roll in the hay with a man whose name she did not even know! Shaking herself hard, she made the long trek back downstairs.

    As it turned out, the entrance to the tomb where the axe lay hidden was in a small building off to the side of the actual temple. Nellie cautiously opened the door and stepped inside.

    She spied a staircase and made her way down. Once again, she found herself awed and a little frightened at its mysterious beauty.

    With a heavy sigh, she took out her pick axe and began to chip away at the pile of rubble on her left. Some instinct deep within her, told her not to worry about the door straight ahead. That would be another adventure for another time.

    As the pile of rubble became smaller and Nellie's strength and energy was draining more with each swing, she began to long for the mighty axe which she sought. Having that in her hands would certainly save a lot of effort on these adventures!

    To her right, there was a doorway blocked by a huge boulder and to her left was a stairway leading down. She had no choice but to take the stairs.

    As she approached and then began to descend the stairs, Nellie wondered what she would find as her excitement grew.

    Once down the stairs, her way blocked by a locked door and she was suddenly grateful she had purchase a keystone from the special merchant before making her journey. As the keystone slid into place, her heart pounded wildly as the door became passable.

    When she stepped through the door, Nellie found herself staring at what seemed to her a sea of mazes and she moved cautiously forward along a tiled path.

    As she followed the path, her eyes always scanning and searching for treasure and clues, Nellie discovered several tiny rooms which held treasure boxes with various items inside.

    Nellie entered a large room with strange bordered sections on the floor, which piqued her curiosity, but her main focus was to find out what was inside a treasure box which was against the far wall.

    Soon, Nellie was making her way down another set of stairs after passing down a few more hallways.

    She found herself looking at steam trap, stopping just in time to avoid being caught in it. She made her way past that to a little room where she collected a couple of expensive cut stones. Nellie went back through and turned to a diving well. With no other place to go, she dove in.

    And she found herself looking at even more diving pools. Nellie bent down to inspect some strange markings the floor. With a heavy sigh, she rose and muttered under her breath, " Steam traps!"

    Unable to disarm them, Nellie carefully made her way across them and reached the other side unharmed.

    Nellie dove into the pool to explore. (Now, we come to the part where I got very slack in snapping pictures. This place is a HUGE maze of doorways, stairs, and diving pools. By this time, Nellie was getting very tired and I was hoping to find a place to set up her tent so she could rest, but all the rooms were too small. Finally I saw a big space and put the tent there, but then I realized that Nellie couldn't get to it from where she was! I was beginning to fear for Nellie's life at this point, except thank goodness she had plenty of food with her lol. Anyway, Ellie trudged on and actually found the axe!)

    Nellie's eyes grew as big as saucers when her gaze first fell upon the mighty Axe of Pangu. It was beautiful! The young woman felt almost empowered by its mere presence. The axe seemed to be speaking to her, as if it were begging her to release it from its prison. Gingerly, almost lovingly, she stretched her hands out toward it.

    Nellie could feel the power flowing through it into her arms as she lifted it from its place on the wall! It seemed to vibrate in her hands and she gasped in surprise as she tightened her hands around its handle and brought it down closer to her body.

    The power the ax emitted was almost electrifying and Nellie screeched loudly as it seemed to thrash around in her grip for a brief moment. Finally, all was calm and the axe seemed almost like any other and Nellie looked around to survey her surroundings. Suddenly she realized that even though she had found the axe, she could not complete her mission of taking it back to Maya because she was lost in the maze! Nellie's heartbeat quickened as a deep panic settled into her heart. Would she make it out alive?

    As she searched for a way out in her panicked state, Nellie used the axe to destroy her first boulder, but it did not get her any closer to finding a way out of the intricate maze in which she was trapped.

    I forgot to take pictures in my anxious state, but I went back later and took a picture of where Nellie was when she found the axe. I circled where I placed her tent and it's still there An arrow points to the place the axe was hanging on a section of wall. I never could get Nellie to her tent and I couldn't place it back into her inventory myself, so it was left there. I plan to go back in one day and see if I can get to it, but I'm going to make sure to buy some escape dust from the special merchant first! Lol
    Anyway, between a combination of my telling her where to go, and telling her to deliver the axe, we finally made our way out of that maze.

    Nellie was much too tired to deliver the axe to Maya just yet though. She had passed out briefly several times in the maze before finally making her way out, so she went back to base camp for a nice long rest. So, Nellie took the axe upon waking and delivered it to Maya. Maya then gave her another mission to go find a relic somewhere else, because she would rather Nellie keep the axe in exchange for the relic.

    Nellie headed for the merchant to get some more supplies, but decided to stop in at the food merchant's store first. The two of them got into some heavy conversation and discovered a mutual attraction for each other. The Food Merchant's name was Ho Sung Kim and he was the most exciting man Nellie had ever met. He was handsome, kind, and had a way of making her smile. When he began to casually flirt with her, she eagerly flirted back. Soon, things had progressed a bit further than innocent flirting.

    It was not long before Nellie realized tha