romeo and juliet

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A sneak peak at a classic Romeo and Juliet

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  • 1. A sneak peak at a classic
    Romeo and Juliet

2. Characters
3. The Capulets
Lady Capulet: Wife of Capulet, Juliets Mother
Juliet: daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet, main love interest, more will be explained in the next slide
The nurse: Juliets nurse, cared for Juliet when she was young, Juliets confident throughout majority of the play
Capulet: Juliets father, head of the
Capulet family, enemy of the Montague
4. Juliet is one of the main characters ofRomeo and Juliet.She falls in love with Romeo at a ball her parents have thrown without knowing who he is.Once she discovers the man she loves is a Montague, it leads to despair.Still, she is willing to over look who they both are as long as their love is constant.She happily marries him.Sadly, her ending is not a happy one.
5. Montague: head of the Montague household, Romeos father, enemy of Capulet.
Lady Montague: wife of Montague, mother of Romeo
Romeo: the son of Montague and Lady Montague, Juliets main love interest.
Benvolio: Romeos cousin and friend
6. Romeo is the other main character in the story Romeo and Juliet.He falls in love with Juliet while trying to escape the pain of losing his last love.He falls instantly in love with Juliet, forgetting everything else.His love over powers his other emotions and he strives only to prove to her his love is true.It is not until later that he discovers that his true love is from his rival family, the Capulets.He ignores it and marries her despite the obvious disapproval.Sadly,
his story does not end with happily
ever after.
7. The meeting of Romeo and Juliet is one scene that is always remembered.It holds that it matters not who you are or where you come from.In the game of love, these things mean little if anything at all.
Clip One from the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet.
Clip Two from the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet.
The Meeting of Two Star Crossed Lovers
8. Answer the following questions using at least half a page.
Have you ever felt like Romeo or Juliet?In what way?
What would you do if you were in the position of either Romeo or Juliet?
Watch the clips from the previous slides.What sticks out to you the most?What theme can you generate from these clips?
Your assignment!