romeo and juliet exam review. name that character

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Romeo and Juliet Exam Review

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Romeo and Juliet Exam Review Slide 2 Name That Character Slide 3 Balthasar Tells Romeo Juliet is dead Falls asleep outside the Capulet vault Slide 4 Benvolio Is the peacemaker in the play Advises Romeo to get over Rosaline by looking at other girls Slide 5 Lord Capulet Tells Tybalt not to mess with Romeo because hes a good kid Tells Paris he must win Juliets heart Threatens to disown Juliet Moves Juliets wedding to Paris to Wednesday Slide 6 Lady Capulet Isnt very close to Juliet Asks Juliet how she feels about getting married Casts Juliet aside, telling her to do whatever she wants Slide 7 Paris Is Juliets arranged husband- to-be Gets killed outside the Capulet vault Slide 8 I Know My Characters Slide 9 Prince Escalus Warns the family if anyone fights again, the punishment will be death Exiles Romeo Is punished for the the feud also by losing two relatives Slide 10 Friar Laurence Agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet to hopefully end the feud Runs out of the tomb leaving Juliet alone Slide 11 Juliet Is closer to the Nurse than her mother Has doubts about drinking Friars potion Slide 12 Lady Montague Dies from grief over her sons exile Slide 13 Mercutio Likes to joke around Believes that dreams mean nothing Curses the houses of Montague and Capulet Slide 14 Hodgepodge (It Could Be Anything) Slide 15 Nurse Tells Juliet to marry Paris for her first marriage is dead She finds Juliet dead Slide 16 Verona, Italy Late 1300s The main setting of Romeo and Juliet Slide 17 Rosaline Romeos love at the beginning of the play Slide 18 Lord Montague Romeos father Slide 19 Tybalt Is saucy and fiery Challenges Romeo to a duel Kills Mercutio Slide 20 And Then There Were More Still More Characters (and Places) from Romeo and Juliet Slide 21 Romeo Falls in and out of love quickly Comes between Mercutio and Tybalt as they fight Kills Tybalt Slide 22 Apothecary Sells Romeo poison Slide 23 Friar John Is unable to deliver the letter to Romeo because he was locked up because they thought he was infected Slide 24 Mantua Where Romeo stays during his exile Slide 25 Potpourri Slide 26 Turning Point/Climax in the Play Romeo kills Tybalt Slide 27 Exciting Force Romeo reads the party invitation for the illiterate servant Slide 28 What Is the Catastrophe? The deaths of Romeo and Juliet Slide 29 What Type of Play Is Romeo and Juliet? Tragedy