romeo & juliet everything you ever wanted to know.... but were afraid to ask!

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Romeo & Juliet Everything you ever wanted to know.... but were afraid to ask! Slide 2 Synopsis Family Feud Romeo in love A special invitation a plot to sneak into a party me..get married? gross! boy meets girl..and falls in love...again Party Crashers! but soft... the famous scene the wedding planners... Slide 3 Synopsis A Plague on both your houses! Romeo flees Juliet weeps for Tybalt speak not of banishment! boy marries secret Father moves up the wedding date... Juliet hatches a plan to kill herself Romeo flees to Mantua...juliet, dead?! (he didnt get the memo) Romeo and Juliet meet again, in heaven (and Paris too?!) Slide 4 Historical Background written between 1594-1595, on stage 1594 at The Theater based on the poem by Arthur Brooke--Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet Both Romeo and Juliet were played by men (women couldnt legally act on stage until late 1600s) The Petrarchian sonnet (love at first sight, woman resists, man laments) Slide 5 Characters Juliet Tybalt Paris Prince Escalus Romeo Benvolio Mercutio Nurse Friar Laurence Capulet, Lady Capulet Montague, Lady Montague Balthasar (romeos servant) An Apothecary Friar John Slide 6 The Play, au dramatis Tragedy--tragic heroes: Romeo & Juliet Importance or rank: both families from nobility Extraordinary talents: both significantly mature and intelligent Flawed? Their tragic flaw lies in the decisions of the adults around them. It could be said that their flaw is: impatience or passion without reason. Both commit suicide--an act that is bold Slide 7 The Play, au dramatis Examples of: Dramatic Irony--R&J vs. the parents, R vs. Juliet, Juliet Vs. Lady Capulet Situational Irony--death leads to peace Verbal Irony-- examples? Slide 8 The Play, au dramatis Solilquies: Act 1 Scene 5: O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright (Spoken by Romeo) Act 2 Scene 2: What light through yonder window breaks? (Spoken by Romeo) Act 2 Scene 5: The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse (Spoken by Juliet) Act 3 Scene 2: Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds (Spoken by Juliet) Act 5 Scene3: How oft when men are at the point of death (Spoken by Romeo) Slide 9 Themes The Sins of the Fathers--recurrent Shakespeare theme (R&J, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, etc.) Love & Hate confused with Passion Light vs. Dark-- day/night, light/dark, good/bad are all mixed into various shades of gray. Fate--when things happen beyond ones control. Are the Deaths of R&J the result of fate? Slide 10 Bibliography Romeo and Juliet. 12 Nov. 2008. "Romeo and Juliet Historical Background." 12 Nov. 2008. "Romeo and Juliet Navigator." Shakespeare Navigator. 2 Dec. 2008. Williams, Daniel O. No Fear Shakespeare : A Companion. New York: Spark Group, 2007. 97-103.