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  • The Rise of Industrial Big Data Ron Yosefi Region Manager GEIP Software Sales

    Yariv Tsemah Software Technical Manager General Engineers

  • Big Data for the industrial sector


    Control devices

    High-velocity Temperature




    What is industrial big data?

    Example data sources


    2 GE Title or job number


    Sampled down to the microsecond Millions streamed into storage

    Available for modeling, statistics and analytics

    Sampled and captured33 Stored and analyzed44

  • The role of historians

    Critical to developing solutions is the Data… The

    Roles that consume data can be at many levels including plant & process applications but also business systems

    Collects, archives and distributes production

    information, securely, at

    extremely high

    Integrated Historian

    3 GE Title or job number


    High speed access to plant and process devices

    Storage of production data in a secure, central repository with access by the entire organization

    solutions is the Data… The Data is the solution enabler

    extremely high speed

    Foundation of enterprise data management…

    Empowers everyone across the organization

  • Why Proficy Historian? • Scalability and performance

    • Built-in data collection • High data compression • Control & business system independent

    • Easier to deploy & maintain • Breadth of integrated Proficy Platform and applications • Commitment to innovation … we use in our own

    4 GE Title or job number


    • Commitment to innovation … we use in our own operations!

  • Enterprise Scalability & Performance Setting the Bar for the Industry

    Industrial operations generate a tremendous

    1,000,000+ writes per sec

    20,000,000 tags per server

    5 Presenter and Event


    generate a tremendous amount of data. Proficy

    Historian scales to significant new levels, with the horsepower to

    collect, store, and deliver information for

    real-time decisions

    2,000+ collectors per server

    Up to 40x Data Efficiency

    256GB max archive size

    1,000,000+ reads per sec

  • Reliability & Stability

    Businesses run 24/7 and can’t afford

    Reliability & Stability

    Robust Redundancy

    Core Archiver Stability

    6 Presenter and Event


    and can’t afford downtime, information gaps. Proficy Historian enables mission-critical

    applications through improved stability and


    Store & Forward Technology

    Tolerance for Intermittent Networks

    Distributed Historian Services

  • Quicker Time to Value Easier to Deploy, Use and Maintain

    Easy to install Anyone can do it. Many systems are installed and running in just hours

    Easy to configure Intuitive, graphical interface; “one click” common configuration from SCADA

    7 Presenter and Event


    common configuration from SCADA

    Easy to maintain Most systems require no on-line maintenance

    Easy to extract data A variety of tools (Excel, Proficy RTIP, OLE DB, OPC HDA) designed to make data analysis fast and easy!

    “One Click” from Proficy SCADA!

  • Lower Total Cost of Data Managing data incurs a significant cost.

    Proficy Historian minimizes this cost by being rapid to deploy & maintain, having highly efficient compression algorithms, and a range of tools to optimize


    Data Optimization

    Highly Efficient Compression

    8 Presenter and Event


    Enumerated Data Efficiency

    Workflow & SOA Model

    Highly Efficient Compression

    Condition-based Collection

    Data Stores

    Server to Server Aggregation

    Performance diagnostics

  • In-the-Box Collection Control & Business System Independent

    Companies have made significant investments into their operations.

    OPC Collector

    Data Collectors

    iFix Collector

    OPC Alarm & Event Collector

    9 Presenter and Event


    into their operations. Built to collect data from a wide range plant and process environments,

    Proficy Historian simplifies data

    connectivity and protects & enhances those investments.

    iFix Collector

    Server-to-Server Collector

    OSI PI Connector

    Calculation Collector

    File Collector

    Plus our APIs and new Collector Toolkit …

  • • C++ toolkit for application developers to write their own collectors

    • Exposes full collector framework • Store/Forward • Collector Compression / Spike Logic • Condition-based collection • Data quality markers • Offline startup and reconnect • Performance statistics

    • C/C++ API, requires developer skillset • High performance API • Tags/Data read and write • ANSI API • 64 and 32 bit versions available

    Extended Integration Capabilities In addition to standard Collectors, Historian now has more ways than ever of connecting, collecting, and exposing information from any data source

    NEW! Collector


    10 GE Title or job number


    • Performance statistics • Collector redundancy • Configuration management

    • Read-only API for Data

    • OPC HDA 1.2 self certified • Easy to program

    • Full featured API - Tags, Data, Messages; reads, writes and subscriptions

    • Single threaded applications • 32-bit

    • User API migrated to Linux

    • Unicode-enabled

    • Read-only API • TSQL like query language • Can be used to link Historian to SQL

    Server • 32-bit and 64-bit

    • Full function replacement for VB SDK • Unicode and Multi thread support • Supports all data types incl. BLOBS • 32 bit / 64 bit • Native .NET (C#) Client Assembly



    Linux API


    VB SDK

    .net Client

    Access API

  • SCADA Buffer – What is it? The Unified Trending Engine in Proficy Historian for SCADA

    SCADA Buffer included with CIMPLICITY • 2500 Buffered tags for real-time trending • 200 Day circular buffer • Standard collectors • Historian is the engine driving advanced • Historian is the engine driving advanced

    SCADA capabilities – DGR, ProficySCADA/Mobility, etc.

    PH4S* adds on-node permanent Tags • Long term storage for KPIs, compliance,

    etc. • Same functionality as normal Proficy

    Historian tags Historian Engine

    SCADA Buffer

    Historical Store+

    *PH4S: Proficy Historian for SCADA

  • What do you get with Proficy CIMPLICITY?

    CIMPLICITY Point Counts

    Trend Buffer (200 Days) Permanent Storage

    75 2500 tags 100 tags

    150 2500 tags 100 tags

    300 2500 tags 100 tags

    700 2500 tags 500 tags

    1500 2500 tags 500 tags1500 2500 tags 500 tags

    5000 2500 tags 1000 tags

    10000 2500 tags 1000 tags

    35000 2500 tags 1000 tags

    Unlimited 2500 tags 1000 tags

    • 2 CALs included for Admin and OLEDB • No options to add more permanent tags or CALs


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