ronald shane flynn agrees that these are 2014's best sports cars

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DESCRIPTION These are no doubt the best sports cars of 2014 for car aficionado Ronald Shane Flynn.


  • 1. 2014 S BEST SPORTS CARS
  • 2. Jews drop every time cu sports coir passes by, whether it's vintage or not.
  • 3. Sproy pointing, is design or feotures, no motter what makes 0 sports cor ottroctive in the eyes of enthusiost
  • 4. one thing is for sure sports cors will never be out of style. Here ore the 10 for the yedr 2014.
  • 5. Chevrolet Corvette Stingroy
  • 6. Chevrolet Corvette Stingroy This one doesn'tjust look fresh, modern ond oggressive but it olso equipped with 8.2 V-8 4S5hp engine, 4wheel ontilock bro|
  • 7. Jdguor FTYRE Aside from the olreody fomous nome, the FTYRE mode sure thot the performonce lives up to the reputotion os well. It's 3.0L V- 6 340hp engine intercooled superchorger, integroted novigotion system, ond 8speed outomotic tronsmission with overdrive ond more, the cot definitely gets its scrotch bock
  • 8. Porsche Coymon
  • 9. Porsche Coymon Trying to improve something thdts olreody successful is risky, but the Porsche Coymon monoged to up its gome without domoging its greotness. They did it with 3.4L H-6 325hp engine, E3speed monuol tronsmission with overdrive, curtoin 1 row overheod dirbdg,19" oluminum wheels, ABS ond driveline troction control ond on electronic stobility.
  • 10. Mercedes-Benz CCloss Nelcarshow com
  • 11. If being on eye cotching c-closs isn't enough for you to odmire this chiseled ride, then its feotures will render you speechless. AMG BEL V-8 451hp engine, 7speed outomotic tronsmission with overdrive, 4wheel onti lock brokes (ABS), 9 oirbogs (including one for the driver's knee ond two for the bdckseot possengers), 18" AIVIG oluminum wheels, ABS ond driveline troction control, ond electronic stobility.
  • 12. Audi RS 7
  • 13. Audi RS 7 This Audi moy not look like your usuol evocotive body sports cor but it is definitely the perfect definition of on everydoy supercor considering its 4.0L V-8 5E30hp engine twin turbo, 8-speed outomotic tronsmission with overdrive ond integroted novigotion system. Not to forget the 20" forged oluminum wheels, oirbogs on the side seots,15t ond 2? row overheod, driver ond possenger knees, ABS ond driveline troction control, 4wheel onti-lock brokes ond cruise control.
  • 14. Ford Shelby GT 500
  • 15. Ford Shelby GT SOO How does Cl sports cor mode of pure Americon muscle, tdkes precision ond efficiency to the next level? The onswer is the GT500s 5.8L V-8 6B2hp engine intercooled superchorger, 6speed monuol tronsmission with overdrive, oirbogs on the side seot, driver ond possenger side, 4wheel onti-lock brokes (ABS), oirbog occuponcy sensor, oir conditioning, 19" forged oluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS ond driveline troction control, ond electronic stobility.
  • 16. Cddilloc CTS-V . / y , - I_ . . '1 "*7 C / B
  • 17. The heod turning exterior of the Cddilloc CTS-V is more thon meets the eye becouse its feotures complements it well, from the BEL V-8 S56hp engine intercooled superchorger, E3-speed monuol tronsmission with overdrive, 4whee| onti- lock brokes (ABS), to the integroted novigotion system, oir bogs on the side seot, lst ond Em row overheod, dirbog occuponcy sensor, outomotic oir conditioning,19 oluminum wheels, cruise control ond on ABS ond driveline troction control.
  • 18. Subaru BRZ
  • 19. Subaru BRZ Subaru BRZ may have the classic sports car look but the features are definitely for from old school. Starting from the 2.0L H-4 200hp engine, 6speed manual transmission with overdrive, 17'' aluminum wheels, ABS and driveline traction control, cruise control, it is also equipped with 4- wheel antilo