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Concrete roofs are now stylish, practical and durable. Homeowners and businesses are turning to this new and effective roofing material as a viable and affordable option, due the many advantages these provide, besides aesthetics.

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Top Benefits of Concrete Tile RoofingDesigned by :

Concrete roofs present a number of benefits including the fact that these are:

Durable many concrete roofs, when properly maintained, can last for decades. Annual upkeep is recommended as discussed later on in this article.

Fire Resistant most concrete tiles beat out the competition when it comes to calming wildfires or domestic fires, unlike wood and other roofing materials.

Hail Resistant - hail is one of the top threats to properly maintained roofing. Concrete tiles however, are resistant to the impact made from hail storms. Advanced testing has helped to prove this.

Affordability concrete roofs rank higher in terms of affordability, when taking into account the cost of annual maintenance, as well as the life cycle of the roofing.

Eco-friendly similar to other types of roofing materials, a concrete roof can be recycled, and its furthermore promoted to be energy-efficient.How Concrete Roof Tiles in NZ Are Made?

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These types are predominantly made with a few key ingredients, including:

Water, sand, cement, and pigments - to add color. Unlike clay, the mixture is hardened at a certain degree, and then quality tested for sturdiness and durability. Cement or concrete tiles are moreover tested to become stronger with time.

How to Care for Concrete Roofs

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To keep your concrete roofs in the best shape, be sure to follow some of the below guidelines:Annual Inspections have an expert roofing contractor Auckland examine the roof once per year. The roofing contractor will have the tools and techniques needed to see cracks or holes that may be hard to see with an untrained eye. Coating add waterproof coating and other specialized formulas to maximize the performance of the roof.

Annual Cleaning just like other roofing tiles, the space should be cleaned to increase curb appeal.

Concrete roof tiles nz feature low-upkeep and big value. Should one or more of the roofing tiles be damaged, these can be easily replaced by a roofing contractor in the area.

Where to Shop Concrete Roofing Tiles? Designed by :

What qualities should you look for when buying concrete roof tiles in New Zealand?

Freeze Thaw Requirements Todays hybrid of roofing materials are more advanced than ever before. Ask your concrete roof manufacturer about roofs that meet or exceed freeze thaw protocols.

Lower Energy Costs hire a roof installation contractor to install concrete tiles correctly. By doing so, the air circulation is increased, to emit heat outside the home, saving on the cooling costs year-round. The roofing contractor can furthermore insulate the roof in the right corners, keeping the indoors warm in the wintertime, and cool in the summer.

Extensive Repairs in some instances, Lead Flashing repairs are recommended instead of a replacement. In this event, a roofer is also advised, as they will be trained on safety and the best materials to get the job done right on the first try.

Tips When Choosing Roofing Contractors in Auckland!Designed by :

How to Find Trusted Roofers in Auckland:

Are you searching for a roofing contractor in Auckland? Are you re-roofing or building a new home? Either way, here are some tips to help you make the right selections.

Follow this route for the fastest, most recommended ways to secure a roofer in your area:

Ask a Friend word of mouth referrals are usually the best, as friends and family get a firsthand account of the job that was done.

The Internet is your next best friend when it comes to searching for roofing contractors or any type of expert for that matter. Simply search for roofers in Auckland, and several local companies along with their contact information will usually appear.

Scout the Neighborhood look for home improvement companies that may subcontract with roofers in the area.

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