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Rosita R. Mullane Mother, Teacher, Student, Graphic designer, Artist, Cook, Gardener… etc.

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Rosita R. Mullane. Mother, Teacher, Student, Graphic designer, Artist, Cook, Gardener… etc. Mother. of three beautiful children. Danny, James and Maria. And don’t forget the husband :). An apple doesn’t fall far from its tree. Teacher. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rosita R. Mullane

Rosita R. Mullane

Mother, Teacher, Student, Graphic designer, Artist, Cook, Gardener etc.

Mother of three beautiful children. Danny, James and Maria.And dont forget the husband :)An apple doesnt fall far from its tree.


Currently work at the Bucks County Technical High School as facilitator to Life Skills students (grades 10th and 11th). Also, teach Spanish through the FLEX program for the Bucks County Community College (grades 3, 4 and 5). Exploratory Summer programSketching/drawing techniques for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The Exploratory program allows students to get a taste of whats it like in a tech school. My lesson plan includes, how to use different tools like charcoal (soft and hard), a variety of H and B graphite pencils and color pencils; while incorporating techniques of light, shadow and perspective. Other styles: Still-life, landscape and sketching from memory.

BrandonMariaTeddyJosephTeddyConwell Egan Catholic H. S.Summer of 2009, I taught remedial Spanish every day for 4 weeks to 9th, 10th and 11th graders. 4 different classes, 4 Spanish levels. A lot of differentiating went on. Yes, homework, testing, projects and grading are included in summer high school courses. It was a great experience!

StudentAssociates in Fine ArtsUndergraduate CoursesBachelors of Fine Arts Masters of Education

Illustration & Pagination

Upon graduating from Moore College of Art, I worked as a freelance designer for the Philadelphia Daily News. After 4 years I got laid-off and began working for the Bucks County Courier Times for another 7 years, yet again getting laid-off in 2008.

Sole ProprietorWhile working at the Courier Times and taking care of my family, I ran a small graphic design studio. RRM Graphics specializes in corporate identities, advertising and promotional materials; as well as illustration, print production and web design. Since 1993.Artist

I am an artist at heart, art comes naturally to me. Have been drawing since I was a child. Artist 2Tucan sketched in pencil on acid free drawing paper.

CookSorry Mom! But Julia Child was my mentor when I really wanted to learn how to cook. I love to cook, but my mother never allowed me in the kitchen so I spent time watching Julia Child cook her delectable French food.Food

I cook delicious clean meals, when I have the time Ill bake my award winning apple pie (usually in Fall). I try to cook by the season when I can.Music

From Beethovens classical piano concertos to James Hetfields hot metal riffs; I love music of all kinds. Classic rock, Salsa, Reggeaton, Jazz, Big Bands, Broadway musicals and the list goes on and on.

Some traveling within the US

Lived in Brooklyn, New York most of my life until I moved to Philadelphia, Pa for college. In my younger years I had the opportunity to choose where I wanted to live and work as well as traveling with friends.

Been to:Upstate New York (from Poughkeepsie to Buffalo), New Jersey (from the Oranges to Cape May), Pennsylvania (from Lower Bucks County to Pittsburg, Monroe county and Lancaster, etc.), Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, California, Nevada, Canada, Mexico and finally Puerto Rico.

Flower showEvery year my mother-in-law, one of my children and I take off to the Flower show in Philadelphia; usually takes place in March. This is how we get new ideas for the gardens and new plants.

From my gardenI really didnt start getting the inspiration of designing 3 of the 5 gardens until we bought a house. Nature just brings me down to earth. I clip, harvest seeds, replenish the soil with fertilizer still learning about bulbs and tubers.18The End