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  1. 1. MAGAZINE DECONSTRUCTION. By Bradley Sampson.
  2. 2. This double spread was taken from the Autumn Route One magazine, a skateboard, snowboard and apparel shop based around the UK and online. The whole layout of the double spread is informal because the target audience of Route One find this appealing. It is informal because of how the images and text are framed on the spread, they are overlapped. The whole colour scheme of the spread fits with the focus of the spread, snowboarding. This is why the colour scheme is white.
  3. 3. The Route One snowboard team symbol show the reader what the double spread concerns. The large image is placed to capture the attention of the reader as it is possibly the first thing they will see as they are looking through the magazine. The image is of professional quality showing the level of the sport they are portraying. The image has a light filter to add extra effect to the setting of the original image. The large Rails Across Russia 2013 shows the reader specifically what is occurring in the images and text, and is used for mainly informational purposes and also to add to the image and making the page look slick and stylish. The symbol also fits in with the colour scheme.
  4. 4. Route One Snowboard Team in the top right hand corner indicate to the reader what the double spread involves. Large text telling the reader the name of the man in the image is Billy Morgan. This is the main image of the double spread. It is clear it is the main image because it is the largest and catches the eye of the reader significantly. The man in the image is Route One Snowboard Team member, Billy Morgan. He is positioned exactly central in the image so that he is directed straight towards the reader. The image is surrounding the theme of Snowboarding because of the background setting and a snowboard beneath Billy Morgan. Slang words such as sick and mad are used by Route One to engage with their audience. Not a lot of text has been used, the double spread is more image based as it appeals to the audience.
  5. 5. This section of the spread has been completely halved between images and text diagonally. Two of these images are diagonal to two sets of text. The reason Route One have set half text and half images to this part of the double page spread is to keep the attention of the reader. The images keep the reader focused and refresh them as too much text can become daunting. Both images surround the theme of the double spread, Snowboarding. Although one image is of professional quality and the other is an informal set image. The image in the top right shows the Snowboard team outside of the Snowboarding sport, relaxing possibly after the photos of them in action were taken. Images such as this can bring the audience on a personal level with the people in the image. On the other hand the image in the bottom left distances the reader from the person in the image as they are preoccupied engaging in a sport and are not looking anywhere near the camera. The other half of this page other than images consists of text. This is a reasonable amount of text for the reader to be looking at but is helped visually by the surrounding images. The text is regarding the Route One Snowboarding railtrip to Russia.
  6. 6. The small amount of text is to not discourage the reader, simply because the audience of Route One is largely digitally based, following the shop/site online and through mobile devices etc. The audience arent used to reading large amounts of texts and can be seen as off-putting, therefore Route One only include small amounts of text. The text used is informal and slang. The vocabulary can often only be recognised by the audience of Route One, who are a young audience. A lot of words used are shortened or slang like the word sick which is widely used.