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editorsnoteOne Year LaterI met my old lover On the street last night She seemed so glad to see me I just smiled And we talked about some old times And we drank ourselves some beers Still crazy after all these years Oh, still crazy after all these years-- Paul Simon

by Joseph B. St. John Editor-in-Chief

how much I love them, how much their love and support means to me and how their concerns carried me through the tough times. Joseph B. St. John is the Editor-in-Chief Even today I can feel the and Publisher. You can reach him at support and appreciation, and I try He is every day to reciprocate it back to a man who understands that everything this community - my community that appears bad is not bad and everyand, most importantly, my home thing that appears good is not good. town. Columbus is my home, and I As crazy as it seems, July 17 am proud to tell everyone. I have had marked a year since I was fired. And my own personal love affair with this what a wild ride it has been since town since the day I arrived. then. Without a doubt, the last year During the days leading up has had more ups and downs than to my firing, several people asked me any one person might imagine. Last if I would move if I got fired. And year at this time, for the first time in my answer was always a big, fat NO 27 years, I was no longer a police of(and for those who know me, you unMelinda Duffie is a certified personal ficer. derstand the no had a little profantrainer, with additional expertise in It was strange at first, but, ity thrown in to add a little flavor to nutrition counseling and life coaching as through a little trial and error, I fimy answer.) This is my home, so why well as a bachelors degree in business. nally figured out what I wanted to be would I leave? I love it here! E-mail reaches her at when I grew up - a newspaper man. So, here I am a year later, and I am not saying it was an easy road, as Paul sings, I Am Still Crazy After but it has been a wonderful path in its All These Years. And why not? I live totality. It has been a whacky, insane a beautiful life. I live a greater life journey, and I would not change a than I ever deserved. thing. The now and present is as That right, boys and girls - I good as it gets. The Real Story is bigwould not change my life one iota. ger and better than I ever thought it Through all the craziness, I have could be. I have to thank my partners never felt more love in all of my life. in crime: Kate Spencer; Melinda Meagan M. ONan is a trained and exNo one in the history of civilizaDuffie; Meagan ONan; Clare Malperienced life coach, award-winning aution has ever been fired and received lory; Jayne Reynolds; Renee Reedy; thor of the book, Creating Your Heaven greater affirmation of their lifes work Claude Simpson; Brenda Minor; on Earth, blogger, poet and supporter than I received that night. Everything Martin Howard; and all the writers of the underdog. She has a life coaching I had ever accomplished paled in and contributors! practice in Columbus. comparison to that night; I knew my I would also be remiss if I did work was appreciated by the people not thank my start-up team: Kevin who matter most - the citizens. Gregg; Fran Andresen; Aimee Shaw; I had been named officer Cindy Lynch; and Christy Tracy. You of the year twice and still never felt will always be appreciated. And of more appreciated than I did durcourse, the legendary Porkchop must ing that time. I will never be able to be thanked! He is a hit! tell the people of this community The next year is going to beClare Mallory,L.Ac.,M.Ac.,holds a masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is the owner of North Mississippi Acupuncture in Columbus. Visit her website at

even crazier. As the team expands the paper, we hope to reach the moon. I believe that a group this talented is not assembled to be just mediocre. A group this good is brought together to reach new levels of excellence. As a group, we want to be a paper that the community can be proud of and respect. We want the community to know they could send our paper anywhere in the world and people would be excited to read it. Our aim is to be literate, intelligent and educated - a well-written paper that could hold its own in Birmingham or Atlanta but which remains committed to the needs of the Golden Triangle. In short, we want to be the best paper in the South, and nothing less will be acceptable. We have a ways to go, but our goal will never waiver and will never change. Our goal is excellence. In the end, the biggest thank you has to go to our readers. Without you, there is no Real Story! Without your support, our hard work would be for nothing. You are the reason we exist, so thank you! We must also give thanks to our advertisers! You are our bread and butter, so a big thank you to you also! You are superb. The cold reality is that everything happens for a reason, even the so-called bad stuff! But when it is all said and done, if you really believe, then you know everything is gonna be all right. And every night, when I turn off the lights to go to bed, I know one thing - its still good to be me!!! Love you guys forever, Joseph

ly 18, 2012 a weekly publication

Paige Canida-Greene is a senior communication major (theatre minor) at Mississippi University for Women and lives in Columbus.

Whit Harrington is a Marine Corps veteran who has a bachelors degree in English (creative writing) from Texas






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real story reader\r(-)l str- r-dr\ noun 1. intelligent 2. educated 3. community oriented

Top: Joseph B. St. John, one year later. Bottom: Citizens Allege Police Abuse, Sexual 1. MisconductPhotography by Renee Reedy Photography by Martin Howard

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Two citizens, including an 18-year-old woman, have come forward to allege that they were the victims of abuse and sexual misconduct, respectively, at the hands of a Columbus police o cer. Ronald Preacher Shepperd of Columbus stated that the abuse that he su ered stemmed from a trafc stop for an alleged seatbelt violation that occurred on May 31, 2012. I just paid my water bill, and as I do out of habit, I put my wallet on the seat. I got to a stop sign and my wallet had slid o on the oor. I came to a complete stop and unbuckled my seat belt to get my wallet. I put it in my pocket and buckled back up. Well, a cop pulled me over and the windows on my van dont roll down, so I opened the door and the policeman shouted, Stay in the vehicle, stay in the vehicle! I got back in the vehicle, and he said I need to see your license and insurance papers. is is where the abuse allegedly began. I couldnt nd my card, so I handed him my insurance policy, and he said, I dont want to see no f***ing insurance policy, I want your card. He informed me that I had warrants out for unpaid tra c tickets. I told him that I went to the Just