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Rube-Goldberg Device. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Aaron O’Hern Ryan Cullen Matt Laurence OLudamilola Adesanya. The Device. The Purpose. We decided to not only create the world’s most awesome RGD but to also contribute to the betterment of man by solving the world’s thirst problems. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Rube-Goldberg Device

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAaron OHernRyan CullenMatt LaurenceOLudamilola Adesanya

  • The Device

  • The PurposeWe decided to not only create the worlds most awesome RGD but to also contribute to the betterment of man by solving the worlds thirst problems.

  • Lets show off our awesome Rube-Goldberg Device

  • Energy ConversionsStep 1: using gravitational energymgh(initial)=(1/2)mv^2-(mgh)(final)Step 2: projectile motionh(initial)-h(final)=d(tan 45)-[g/(2v^2)][1+(tan 45)^2)](d)^2Step 3: gravitational energy/rotational motion(2r)(mg)=(1/2)mv^2Step 4: mgh=energy applied to the pop top

  • ConclusionSo basically we searched within ourselves to create the most awesome Rube-Goldberg device ever previously seen by any man in existence.After searching within ourselves we searched outsides ourselves, specifically in Aarons parents garage.In this garage of wonderment we found many a good piece of wood and other such treasures.Twas destiny that brought us upon these treasures.With these treasures we created our brainchild ,Excelsior Jr., which you saw fulfill its destiny to quench the worlds thirst.We had a most awesome time constructing our most awesome RGD.