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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work
  • 2. Photographer: Rukes Rukes is a music photographer whohas built his whole lifestyle aroundhis job, his method of creating thephotography is to accompany DJsto the biggest shows they play andmaking his way around the entirearena taking various photos ofdifferent aspects from multipleangles. The style of photographerhe is, with his creative angles andimpressive effects has given him ahuge reputation in both the musicand photography industry. He is wellrespected by many artists and fans.
  • 3. Examples of photographs
  • 4. Choose an image. Describe it This is a photo taken by Rukes on the25thof April 2013 of Steve Aoki atHakkasan in Las Vegas. The picturewas taken with the intent of includingthe crowd, the stage and of coursethe incredible light display. Thepurpose of the picture would be toshow the atmosphere and advertiseboth the show and the artist. Someediting techniques have most likelybeen used on this photograph toenhance how sharp it is and to makethe crowd look more packedtogether therefore making the showlook more intense.
  • 5. Composition The composition of this photograph was clearly very well thoughtout, The photographer obviously purposely included the entire ofthe crowd to make the room look bigger and busier. The anglethe photograph was taken at creates the illusion of a 3D imagemaking the photo itself look action packed. The height the photowas taken from allows the artist to be shown in the backgroundalmost submerged by fans, making it look like the fans areextremely close to the artist. The camera that took the photo hada very wide lens so it seems to fit the whole room into the picturemaking it look like the eyes of a member of the crowd rather thana camera.
  • 6. Techniques used The photographer uses manydifferent techniques and effects onhis photos, each photo conforms tothe standard rules of photographysuch as the rule of thirds, makingeach photo look the best it could.Some photos use different effects forexample the coloured lights shown inthe pictures on the right give thepicture more of an energetic feeland give the photo depth. Onephoto displayed on the right uses aneffect around the edges to almostpush the picture towards the centre,this makes the photo look moreaction packed and lively. Somephotos also include effects usedwhilst the picture was being takensuch as shutter speed modificationsand exposure settings. This has goodeffects on the lasers and can improvethe picture by a long way.
  • 7. Strengths & Weaknesses The photography of Rukes has manystrengths making him a very wellknown and respected musicphotographer, The angles of thepictures are very unique and as wellas going for the generic angles healso manages to find a whole newrange of places and shot set ups touse throughout the show that he isphotographing. The effects he uses inhis photography make a hugedifference too taking the alreadyimpressive looking laser lights andturning them into a spectacular showof electronic magic. The only slight faults are with theamount of images that look the sameand certain dull, unedited images.