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  • 1. Rules of Etiquette- Formal Dining Manners Maketh Man Leah Fessler Lauren Ledingham Ashley Slaboden Alex Yee

2. Seating

  • Guest of honor sits on Hostess right
  • Men and Women should be alternately seated
  • Couples should be separated 3. Seating (Cont.)

  • Use of Round Tables puts everyone on an equal basis
  • Social Manners: Dont be overly familiar and garrulous. Men should seat females 4. Table Settings

  • Eat the first meal with the outermost utensil, working your way in (seafood fork is exception)
  • Shorter glass is for red wine, longer for white wine
  • Place serviette on your lap
  • When done w/ serviette, place it to the left of the plate, not on top

5. Table Settings (cont.)

  • When finished, place knife and fork in the twenty past four position
  • For desert, break desert with spoon into pieces
  • Use a fork to push dessert into spoon
  • Fork in left, Spoon in Right 6. In Regards to Food

  • ALWAYS pass to the right
  • Initiate the passing of rolls and condiments even if you dont want any
  • Pass jugs, gravy boats, etc. with handle towards recipient
  • Do not reach for anything- food comes to you, not other way around 7. In Case of Emergency

  • Spill? Ask waiter/hostess for sparkling water
  • Offer to cover the costs of damages
  • If there is food in your teeth, go to the bathroom
  • Burp into napkin, say pardon me aloud 8. Interesting Tidbits

  • Finger bowls are served after the main course and before dessert
  • Sorbet cleanses the palate
  • Served between meals
  • Only drink soup w/o utensil when it is consomm
  • Bring a gift to the dinner! 9. THE END