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compiled by Lukas and Modestas


  • 1. Rumsiskes nationalmuseum Rumsiskes national museum isvery beautiful place.


  • If you want to witness the styles of folk art and architecture of all the different regions of Lithuania in one go, visit this delightful open-air museum situated 22km from Kaunas, not far from the Vilnius-Kaunas highway.


  • The Museum of Rumiks represents structures from different Lithuanian regions: emaitija (Samogitia), Auktaitija,Suvalkija, Dzkija and Lithuania the Minor. It boasts of having a collection of over 140 buildings from the 18-19th centuries that are all constructed with both original ancient interior, exteriorand even the surroundings.Beehives, wells, gardens of flowers, artifacts, fences, furniture all this stuff creates a realistic atmosphere of the life and traditions of peasants and villagers lived in bygone centuries.


  • The first guests visited the museum in 1974. Since then thousands of tourists all over the world have visited it. Nowadays Rumiks is one of the best museums of the traditional Baltic ethnography of the last century. The excursion round the museum can take the whole day, the route is about 6 km. If you do not want to walk you may go round the museum by carriage.


  • Perfectly reconstructed farmsteads from each of these four regions, from singing Dzkija (southern Lithuania), hardworking Suvalkija (southwestern Lithuania), stubborn emaitija (western Lithuania) and sociable Auktaitija (eastern Lithuania), represent the Lithuania of the 19th century.


  • This sprawling museum comes to life at occasions like Easter and Shrovetide, which are celebrated according to each of the regions authentic traditions. Apart from just wandering about, you can do some horse riding, ride on a beautifully decorated horse-drawn cart and, if youre lucky enough to be here during a national folk holiday, treat yourself to some traditional snacks and drinks.