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    Share your thoughts via chat window

    Use a microphone to speak with presenters/ attendes

    Raise your virtual hand to engage in discussions

    Answer online polls that provide instant

    group feedback

    When running a webinar, it’s not always easy encouraging engagement and interactions with the attendees sitting behind their computer screens. Instructional Designer and Facilitator Tony Kirton will share his top tips on running an engaging and participant-centred webinar.

    You will learn many of the small things that you can do to improve engagement and participant interaction. From leveraging the chat window, room set up, camera position and even the language you use.

    Enhance your performance and stay up-to-date with our interactive webinars

    Run an Engaging Webinar! WEBINAR LIVE

    Presenter: Tony Kirton

    APRIL 23 T H U R S D A Y12pm - 1pmDAY 2

    About the Presenter Tony Kirton is an instructional designer and workshop facilitator

    with more than ten years’ experience in learning and

    development. Founder and senior designer at resource design

    consultancy Engage Learning and Development (formerly DES

    Learning), which contracts to the public and private sector, Tony

    develops traditional learning programs as well as e-learning using

    Articulate Storyline. Tony has extensive experience in the

    application of learning design theory, having designed many

    training programs and hundreds of assessment resources.

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