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Running HR Management-related Reports from HRMS Business Intelligence (BI) Portal. State Human Resources Division. Updated: June 6, 2013. Running HR Management-related Reports from HRMS BI Portal. Open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Running HR Management-related Reports from HRMS Business Intelligence (BI) PortalState Human Resources DivisionUpdated: June 6, 2013


Running HR Management-related Reports from HRMS BI PortalOpen a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)Type the following URL in the address line of the web browser:Non Single Signon: Signon:

Non Single Signon:Enter your HRMS BI Portal UserID and PasswordClick Log onSingle Signon and Non Single Signon:

Result: User is logged on to the HRMS BI Portal. Note: it may be necessary to click on the BI Reports tab to display Business Intelligence reports.

3423Click Select Values to enter multiple values or select from a value list or separate values with a semi colon.Click the BI Reports tab from the HRMS BI Portal.Click the HRM Performance Measurement link.Click the Performance Measurement folderfolder under the Detailed Navigation section. (you may need to expand the folder)Click on a report.Enter report Variables*. Click the OK button.

To locate and run a HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal once youve logged on to the portal:

1234 56

*Variables are the selection criteria you use to filter your report such as Business Area (agency) and time period to run the report.

Result: The report is displayed:

Running HR Management-related Reports from HRMS BI Portal4The HR Management-related BI reports do not restrict for Executive Branch only. If an agency wants to compare their data against statewide numbers, its important to filter the statewide results for Executive Branch only.Exclude the following data elements to report on Executive Branch only: Employment Status:0 Withdrawn

Pay Scale Area:44 Work Study Students

Work Contract:24 Non-Employee

Organizational Units:30002393 Fire Mobility31000100 Emergency Fire Fighters31000101 Emergency Fire Fighters31000175 Emergency Fire Fighters31000177-79 Emergency Fire Fighters31007000 FPB Preparedness Fire Mobes

Personnel Areas*:Legislative:0110 House of Representatives 0120 Senate 0130 Jt Transportation Comm.0140 Jt Legislative Audit/Rev 0200 LEAP0350 State Actuary 0370 Office of Leg Support Services 0380 Jt Legislative Sys Co 0400 Perm Statute Comm Judicial:0450 Supreme Court 0460 WA State Law Library 0480 Court of Appeals 0500 Comm on Judicial Conduct 0550 Admin for the Courts 0560 Off of Public Defender0570 Off of Civil Legal Aid For a complete definition of the HR Management-Related BI Reports available on the HRMS BI Portal, see HR Management Report Descriptions and Definitions on the HR Management Performance & Accountability website.*If Legislative and Judicial Branches should be included in the statewide comparison, do not exclude the Personnel Areas identified as Legislative or Judicial.

Filtering Statewide Results to Executive Branch OnlyMisc. Non-Executive Branch PAs:2201 Vol Firefighters/Res Officers2451 Mil Dept Active Duty3430 Higher Ed Coord. Board3460 Higher Ed Facilities4611 Ecology Youth Corps4612 Wa Cons. Corps5401-5410, 5416 ESD Wex 5411 Americacorp Star Vista5412 WA State Americorps5413 JTPA 402 Prog Wen5414 Washington Service Corps5415 Washington Service TeamThis has been updated to Executive Branch45HRMS BI reports allow the user to perform additional analysis and navigation so users can slice and dice the data.

Examples of BI report navigation include:Adding a field (Free Characteristic)Removing a field (Remove Drilldown)Sorting ResultsFiltering resultsMost report navigation is available by right mouse-clicking the Key Figure or field names in the Rows, Columns, or Free Characteristics section. This will open the report Context Menu.The following sections include some basic report navigation options. For additional information on running BI reports from the HRMS BI Portal, see the Business Intelligence website for the BI Self Paced Learning Materials.Report Context MenuChanging BI HR Management-Related Report layout may impact percentage calculations. Please exercise caution when using percentage results if navigating in HR Management-Related BI Reports on the HRMS BI Portal.

Using BI Report Navigation6Report users can add additional reporting fields to report results once a report has been run. These fields do not originally display in the report results, but they can be added. These fields are called Free Characteristics.The following Free Characteristics can be added to HR Management-Related BI Reports for additional analysis:

Some Free Characteristics like Action Reason and Action Type are not available on all reports. For example only Turnover and Types of Appointment use Action Reason and Action Type. Action Reason Action Type Business Area Calendar Year /Month Calendar Quarter Calendar Year Contract Type Employee Group Employee Subgroup Part-time Indicator

Employment Status Job Job Class Code Organizational Unit Pay Grade Area Pay Scale Area Personnel Area Position Work Contract Workforce Indicator

Using BI Report Navigation Adding Free Characteristics7

To add Free Characteristics to a BI HR Management-Related Report:Run a BI HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal. (this example uses the WMS Management Type report)Right mouse-click on the Free Characteristic to add to the report to open the Context Menu. (this example uses Job)Select Change Drilldown > Drill Down By > Vertical. (selecting Horizontal would list Job on the Columns of the report, rather than Rows)

Result: Job has been added to the report results for additional analysis132

Using BI Report Navigation Adding Free Characteristics, cont8

1Users have the ability to Filter report results once a report has been run. Filters can be used on any field (including Free Characteristics) in the report results.To apply a filter:Run a BI HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal. (this example uses the WMS Management Type report with the Job Free Characteristic added)Right mouse-click on Job in the Free Characteristics section > Select Filter > Select Filter Value.

Click the select box next to filter value.Click the Add button. This will add Total Appointments to the Selections column.Click OK.


345Using BI Report Navigation Filtering9

Result: Report results have been filtered by Job selected.To back up a navigational step, or undo, right mouse-click any item in the report results to bring up the Context Menu and select Back One Navigation Step. To go back to the original layout, select Back to Start.

Context Menu

Using BI Report Navigation Filtering, cont10

Users have the ability to Sort columns once a report has been run.To sort report results:Run a BI HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal. (this example uses the WMS Management Type report with the Job Free Characteristic added)2

Right mouse-click on the Job column header to bring up the report Context Menu.Select Sort Job > Ascending by Text. (selecting Ascending According to Key will sort the report results by Job Number)

123Result: Report results have been Sorted by Job name.To do a quick sort, click the up or down arrows next to the Characteristic column heading

Sorting Results11Users have the ability to change how a field on a BI HR Management-Related Report is displayed. For example, instead of viewing both the Personnel Area number and name, users may want to view the Personnel Area name only.To change how fields are displayed:Run a BI HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal. (This example uses the Percent Age Distribution)

Right mouse-click in Personnel Area column heading to open the Context Menu.Select Properties > Characteristic.

123Changing How Fields are Displayed12Click the Display dropdown box and select Text to remove the Personnel Area Number .Result: Report displays Personnel Area Text (Name) only.


Changing How Fields are Displayed, cont13

To Bookmark report results:Run a BI HR Management-Related Report from the HRMS BI Portal.(This example uses the WMS Management Type report with Personnel Area added to the report results)

Right mouse-click on an item in the report results to open the Context Menu.Select Broadcast and Export > Bookmark.Users have the ability to Bookmark a report once it has been run. Bookmarking a report saves all user-defined navigational settings such as drilldown, filters, and sorting preferences. Once a report has been bookmarked, a user may add it to the Favorites folder of their Internet browser and run the customized report from the web without going through the HRMS BI Portal logon.231Bookmarking Layout14

Enter a name for the Bookmarked reports.Click OK.Result: An indicator is displayed to show report layout has been Bookmarked and an Add Favorite box will display. Indicator report layout has been Bookmarked45

Result: Report with saved layout is available as a Favorite in the users Favorites menu in the browser.Bookmarking Layout, cont


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