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  • 1. Notetaking and Summarizing Tell me about the last movie you watched.
  • 2. Getting in the mind frame of research Why am I looking at this source? What am I looking for? - Review your Q-Matrix questions
  • 3. What should be in a research note? 1. Title of note 2. Direct quotes - cut and paste 3. Point form details - (5 W's) 4. Summary statement (paraphrasing) - 140 characters 5. Citation information
  • 4. Title of Note Make the title make sense to you. Helps keep things organized.
  • 5. Direct quote There is a difference between a direct quote and cut and pasting a chunk. Try using quotation symbols. Quoting = Identical Paraphrasing = putting a passage into your own words Summary = putting a whole work into your own words
  • 6. Point form details Charity robbed 4 times in 5 days. C ape Argus (South Africa) , Jan 31, 2012. Reading Level (Lexile):1010 A Cape Town animal rescue haven has been crippled by four burglaries in five days. The Domestic Animal Rescue Group (Darg), which rescues, cares for and rehomes abused, neglected and abandoned pets, is home to at least 80 dogs and 250 cats. Its offices in Main Road, Hout Bay, were first broken into last Monday night. The burglars took computers, a printer and other electronic equipment, as well as cash in collection tins. Two nights later, burglars struck again, breaking into a smaller office and taking the main computer, which contained the NGO's databases. The next night, last Thursday, burglars raided the offices again, taking kettles, a microwave oven and other kitchen equipment. They returned on Friday night, stealing a surveillance camera which may have captured their previous raids. Darg spokeswoman Joy Giovanini said: "They've cleaned us out. We have to replace everything. Even expensive puppy food with all the nourishment for when they come in half-dead. "The microwave we used to cook extra food for them[bar] everything they stole was ultimately used for the animals. "Thank God none of the animals was injured." Charges have been laid with the police. Direct Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize
  • 7. Direct Quote: Paraphrase: Summary:
  • 8. Citation Easy Bib Notebook Word Templates Sample Template Smart Ideas
  • 9. You Try 1. Log into EasyBib 2. Click on your project 3. Select the Notebook tool from the top menu 4. Try making a note from one of your sources
  • 10. Attachments Notes.docx