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Russian ecommerce market overview by Arvato. December 2013.



2. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIAAbout this study This short version contains excerpts from a comprehensive research study offered by East-West Digital News in partnership with Arvato Russia (Bertelsmann Distribution Center). The research was conducted in partnership with leading consultancies and universities, and based on interviews with over 120 industry players and experts. Details on the full version (10 chapters, 350 pages) are available on page 53. To order a copy, please email us at the publisher East-West Digital News is the first international information company dedicated to Russian digital industries. Its website EWDN.COM provides news, market data, business analysis and updates pertaining to the Internet, e-commerce, mobile and telecom industries, digital TV and satellite systems, software and hardware innovation, as well as to the related investment activity and legal developments. A consulting branch, East-West Digital Consulting, provides international players with assistance for business development in Russia and advises Russian companies on their international strategies. For more information, please contact us at contact@ewdn.comAdvertising, sponsorship and distribution opportunities To inquire about advertising and sponsorship opportunities, or if your would like to get involved in the distribution of this study, please contact us at 3. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIAChief editor's noteThis research project, which began in 2011, sheds unique light on the Russian online retail market, one of the fastest growing but least known (and understood) on the planet. It is based on exchanges with more than 120 market players and experts. We are pleased to provide international audiences with the first reliable and precise data on this market, plus middle and long term forecasts and trends. Much credit for this information is due to the rising Moscow-based consultancy Data Insight, which has developed an impressive methodology integrating a wide range of measurement and analysis instruments. Beyond capital-centric analysis, this report also explores the regional e-commerce scene as the predominance of Moscow and St. Petersburg is coming to an end. We have included a review of e-commerce in the Samara region by the Samara State University of Telecommunications and Informatics, the first in Russia to open an e-commerce department (2004), as well as concrete examples of how e-merchants are expanding their business across Russia. Yet this document is, above all, a practical guide. In the full version, more than 200 pages are dedicated to analysis of and recommendations for each of the key issues defining the industry from marketing to payments, from fulfillment to legal requirements and on to little known HR challenges. For example, we show how e-commerce companies may increase their sales by up to 100% without additional costs and save up to 40% on delivery fees and payment commissions by optimizing their delivery strategy in the regions. Last but not least, entrepreneurs and investors will enjoy a review of the e-commerce related investment deals that have taken place in Russia over the last three years, with an analysis of the financial issues pertaining to Russian e-commerce and the exit perspectives in the industry. Our special gratitude, finally, goes to the sponsors and advertisers behind this study, who provided us with the means necessary for a pioneering, in-depth investigation. We hope you enjoy this groundbreaking collaborative effort and wish you every success in your e-commerce projects. Sincerely,Adrien Henni. co-founder and chief editor East-West Digital News3 4. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIAResearch partners HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCHThe E-Commerce Program of the Volga Region University of Telecommunications and InformaticsThe Netology online education centerMoscow School of ManagementINDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONSAKIT (Association of Internet Commerce Companies)ACRET (Electronic Retail Company Association)RAEC (Russian Association for Electronic Communications)CONSULTING COMPANIESMEDIAOTHER ORGANIZATIONS4The Electronic Money association 5. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIAParticipating companies ONLINE RETAILERSSERVICE PROVIDERSINVESTMENT FUNDS5 6. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA-uthors and participating experts Jean-Stphane Bagoe CEO Intelligent Emails Dasha Gileva -founder Redis Crew retail community Stanislav Bai CEO lga Golovina Graduate student Higher School of Economics Vladimir elugin Marketing director eTargeting Bas Godska International expert of e-commerce marketing Acrobator Michael Bozanic International business consultant imofey Gorshkov CEO InSales Thierry Cellerin CEO Buzz Factory Michael Hartleben Partner Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners Mikhail Chentsov Head of the Business legal support division of the Legal department Otto Group Russia Adrien Henni Chief editor and co-founder East-West Digital News Dmitry Chernichin Graduate student Higher School of Economics Igor Nevzorov Senior manager of tax and legal services Head of the IP protection group, PhD (Law) Ernst & Young Russia Viktor Dostov President Electronic Money Association Maximilien Jacquet -founder eStore Agency Alexander Egorov Context ad system development director Alytics Ilya Eisen CEO Flocktory David Kovacic Senior manager PwC Russia Kirill Filchenkov E-commerce expert, specialist in logistics and delivery Maxim Krasnykh International director Intel Capital Alexander Gaiduk Head of labs in the e-commerce dpt. at the Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (PSUTI) Andrey Kulikov Senior investment manager Fastlane Ventures6 7. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA-uthors and participating experts Marie Kummerlowe Analyst East-West Digital News Irina Shekhalay -founder Redis Crew retail community Ruslan Kryuchkov UsabilityLab vgeny Schepelin Director eTraction Evgeny Kulakov UX-expert Timofey Shikolenko Director of marketing and business development Denis Lenshin Student Higher School of Economics Vladimir Makarov Marketing and sales director Daniil Tkachev CEO Begemota Ilya Malyarenko Senior manager PwC Russia Konstantin Trofimov CEO Jos Metz General manager La Redoute RusJrme Ulrich Partner Atalan Boris Ovchinnikov -founder Data Insight Feodor Virin -founder Data Insight Martijn Peeters Head of the Deals strategy group PwC Russia Igor Subow CEO Qiwi Post Michael Poetschke CEO Arvato Russia (Bertelsmann Distribution Center) Konstantin Yakunin -founder Express Russian Mail Service (ERMS) Nadezhda Romanov CEO Pick Point Alexei Yurasov Head of the e-commerce department PSUTI Tobias Schubert COO Groupon Russia Sergey Zolkin Senior consultant JSon & Partners7 8. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIATable of contents of this executive summaryKey market trends and figures 1. The Russian Internet market 1.1. Internet penetration 1.2. Regional contrasts 1.3. Russian audience world-wide 2. The online retail market 2.1. Market size 2.2. Market growth forecasts 2.3. Number of users; user profiles and behavior 2.4. International comparisons 3. Online retailers 3.1. Number of sites 3.2. Market fragmentation 3.3. Gradual involvement of offline players 3.4. Gray e-commerce 3.5. Foreign players 4. Investments in Russian e-commerce 5. Operations 5.1. Logistics 5.2. Payments 5.3. Marketing and sales channels 6. Legal aspects 7. HR: The most painful issue 8. The regional scene 9. Cross-border sales9 13 13 15 15 16 16 18 19 20 22 22 22 23 23 23 24 26 26 28 30 31 32 34 36Special insight: The German heroes of Russian e-commerce38About the full version528 9. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA KEY TRENDS & FIGURESTo receive the full version of this research study on e-commerce in Russia (10 chapters, 350 pages), please contact us at the following address: report@ewdn.com9 10. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA Key trends and figures30 millionRussian E-commerce 2013AboutTHE NUMBERSRussians shopped online or 23% of the population 18+Total market size:$16.5bn (550bn rub.)of which was spent on$11bn (365bn rub.)physical goods ...whilecross-border sales reachedapproximatelyOnline retail accounted for about2%$2bn$3bnof the total Russian retail marketbut grew by nearly30%Insales counted39,000of which less thanInternet shopsup from 32,500 in 20121030made $100m or more in sales (physical goods only) 11. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA Key trends and figuresRussianE-commerceTHE TRENDS 1The market is growing by at least 25% each year; some sizeable online retailers are even seeing their sales double or triple.2Still lagging behind the capital, the regions are catching up fast, and pioneering retailers already generate more than two thirds of their sales in the regions.3Major offline retailers are now coming to e-commerce, while online-offline concepts multiply.4 4Maturing and becoming more competitive, the industry is now entering a period of optimization.5There is a high level of investment activity, but M&A are still exceptions and are likely to remain so at least in the short term.6While the Russian Post's performance is deteriorating, alternative delivery providers now serve most large and mid-sized cities with satisfactory conditions. Retailers can thus increase sales in the regions very significantly.7Cash-on-delivery is the rule for physical goods and will remain so for a long time, even though the use of electronic payments is increasing slowly.8The lack of qualified human resources appears to be one of the most painful issues, hampering the entire Internet industry.9Cross-border sales are growing dramatically, but foreign e-merchants have to carefully localize their site, adapt their marketing approach and deal with customs clearance and delivery issues.11 12. E-COMMERCE IN RUSSIA EXECUTIVE S U M M A R YTo receive the full version of this research study on e-commerce in Russia (10 chapters, 350 pages), please conta


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