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  • 1. Russian Language School in Milton KeynesPresentation by Maarika White and Elena

2. The Russian Language School Started operating on the 19th of October 2013 Ran by the Russian-Speaking Community Milton Keynes (RSCMK) 3. Welcome To Our School 27 pupils as of November 2013 3 classes: 1 class in pre-school (11 children), 2 classes in primary school (9 and 6 children in class) 4 teachers 2 locations Kids and Parents Club events every month for the whole family Toddler group for 1-3 year olds is coming Baby music lessons to be 4. Our Curriculum School year runs from September till July with holidays synchronised with the mainstream schools holidays. Our programme: Russian speech Russian reading and writing Russian counting and basic maths Drama and theatre Art and Craft 5. Pre-school group (3-5 years old) Russian letters and readingKnowledge of the world through fun activitiesNumbersLearning Russian songs and rhymesTraditional gamesArt and craft activities Location: River Valley Centre, 6 White Horse Drive,Milton Keynes MK4 2AS Study time: Every Saturday 10am to 6. Primary school (5-7 years old) Russian as 2nd native language including reading and writing using resources made for children living outside Russia.Russian language and literatureBasic mathsCulture and traditionsArts, craft and drama Location: The Hazeley Academy Emperor Drive, Hazeley, Milton Keynes, MK8 0PT Study time: Every Saturday 10am to 7. Under 3 and over 8 years old Coming soon Toddlers (1-3 year old ) Learning through play, songs and rhymes.Dance classOver 8 years old - Preparation for 8. Our support We promote positive learning environment: Creative lesson plansImproving qualificationsSEN and SAFEGUARDINGUsing learning styles: audio, visual and kinaestheticWe differentiate children by their abilities.We assess our childrenRegular Kids and Parents club 9. What Are We Most Proud Of We are a group of a highly motivated enthusiastic and experienced teachersWe want to make a differenceWe have a curious young community keen to grow and enjoy life with our children.We listen and respond to the suggetions from our parentsOur children enjoy Russian school and communicationsOur pupils engaged in positive education and leasure activities outside schoolWe support child's developmentWe are flexible and able to respond to pupils needs and interests.We propmote linguistic skills and cultural identityWe contribute to improve behaviour and social skills among pupilsWe are working towards Bronze Award with National Resource 10. How Do We Promote Good Learning Habits We encourage pupils to: Use time at school productively, both in and out of class Be helpful to other pupils and to teachers Listen carefully and follow instructions and advises Get help as soon as they feel they need it To be friendly and caring to each other Share ideas and learn from others. Attend school and do homework regularly Help teachers to set up personal targets Do their best all the time Take care about school environment and 11. What Indirect Support Is Provided A confident child is a confident learner. We rise children's confidence and self-esteem by Believing that they are capable and able to achieve Planning for their needs, interests, abilities Setting their personal targets Prizing their good work, behaviour and effort Celebrating their achievement Positively managing their behaviour Challenging them and helping to 12. What We Aim To Improve We are in the beggining of our joney towards a GOOD SCHOOL. We realize that there are some areas which we can improve such as: Organisation Planning curriculum and collecting resourses Evaluating our work as a teacher, a coordinator or a commettee member and making improvement Partnership with parents Partnership with other supplementary schools Partnership with mainstream 13. How We Are Going To Improve We know that there is help and support from EMA and NRCSE. We are working towards Bronze Award and aiming to go for Silver and Gold. We have plans to Train our teachers, helpers and commettee members; Involve parents in the school environment Make links with other supplementary schools and mainstream schools We are open for advise, suggettions and support. Contact us: