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  • Ryanair RAAS Programme Airport Safety Net Workshop

    Brussels, Belgium 20th February 2018

    Presenter Presentation Notes Intro and into Content

  • CONTENTS • Ryanair Company Overview • Ryanair Key Operational Risk Areas (KORAs) • Runway Incursion / Excursion Statistics • Ryanair’s Safety Net – RAAS

    • What is RAAS & Why we selected it • RAAS Implementation

    • Simulator Trials • Aircraft Testing • Flight Crew Training • Certification • Challenges

    • Experience and Results of RAAS

    20/02/2018 2

    Presenter Presentation Notes Brief overview of the presentation Friendly introduction Explain why brief on the company is going to be needed

  • Ryanair – Company Overview • Europe’s #1 Airline • Carrying over 129m customers p.a – heading for 200m by 2025 • 2000 daily flights with avg. LF 95% • Fleet of 420 - B737-800 (x1 -700 + x3 LJ45) • Massive aircraft orders – 240 B737s to come • 32 year industry leading safety record

    20/02/2018 3

    Presenter Presentation Notes Aircraft 1999 – 2018 all identical One takes off or lands every 28 seconds in high season Lends itself to a huge dataset of FDM data (Identical data for all conditions) Safety is everyone’s mission, thankfully, But today I am hoping to demonstrate to you that we are trying to separate ourselves from the pack.

  • Key Operational Risk Areas (KORAs)

    20/02/2018 4

    SMS, Industry & Crew inputs

    Risk Assessment (Bowtie)

    Presenter Presentation Notes Our 10 KORAs. From our SMS / Industry and Crew inputs When we look at these KORAs (all improved) we noticed that CFIT / Uncontrolled FIRE / Loss of Control -> Have all improved One category hasn’t -> RE / I Hasn’t improved

  • Runway Incursion / Excursion Statistics • 2 runway incursions every day in Europe.

    • 30 runway excursion accidents per year.

    • Estimated cost of excursions to industry over $1 billion.

    • RWY Incursion events increasing in a “statistically significant way.”

    Leading cause?

    Pilot Deviations (55%)

    20/02/2018 5

    Excursions commonly result from: - RTO after V1 - Go-around not conducted - Touchdown long

    Presenter Presentation Notes How is this KORA not improving? What are the key causes? Human Factor is the weakest link

  • Mitigations • Threat and Error Management (TEM) • Briefing of the intended taxi route • Runway entry SOPs • Landing Gate • VSD

    20/02/2018 6


    Presenter Presentation Notes TEM Dynamic -> Part of DNA for operating the aircraft Briefs / SOPs But we wanted to get something more concrete & traceable (Reduce Ambiguity)

  • Safety Net – RAAS RAAS – Runway Awareness and Advisory System

    • Honeywell have developed the technology called Smartlanding & Smartrunway • Offers improved situation awareness for the flight crew • Helps reduce the probability of runway incursion incidents and accidents • Delivers this through Aural and Visual messages to prompt flight crews during safety

    critical phases of operation (Taxi, T/O, App, Landing/Rollout) • Stabilised Approach Monitor • Linked to the PCP AF2.5.2 (Implement Aircraft and Vehicle Systems Contributing to

    Airport Safety Nets) • Comparable to Airbus’ Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS)

    20/02/2018 7

    Presenter Presentation Notes What is RAAS? - Smartlanding & Runway Tool for improving situational awareness through Aural and (Some) visual queues. Have you ever tried to reverse with or without parking sensor? Which was easier. Pilots in high workload. We saw the VSD but having something to give information that complements how the human brain processes the info.

  • RAAS – How it works? • The Basics: RAAS delivers 4 categories of Aural Annunciations (Routine / Non Routine

    Advisories & Cautions) On ground In flight

    Stabilised Approach Monitor Non-Routine Advisories/Cautions

    20/02/2018 8

    > 40kts

    Presenter Presentation Notes 4 Categories – Walk through each Of the 4 Cats there are Routine and Non Routine Advisories / Cautions What is the significance of the Caution over the advisory Visual to complement when Terrain selected Why is this so useful to a pilot? (Circle to lands / Visuals Especially) Extended holding on Runway Distance remaining calls complements how the human brain processes the info and allows pilot to act Stab app big Industry remaining safety issue. Hearing the alert helps remove the ambiguity and breaks the ‘Must land’ mentality Especially interesting when it will be linked to OFDM. – Compare and contrast number of gate busts. ie we pick up gate bust on OFDM. Will they no longer land off the back of them? Main Deliverable – Enhanced Gate bust monitoring / Prevention Every non routine caution there is an accident behind it. Think about that Distance calls great for a wet runway at night 1800M length Requires 0 interpretation for the pilot. VERY INTUATIVE

  • Ryanair – RAAS Implementation 1. Simulator Trials (19/08/14)

    • Two configurations extensively tested by line crew • Simulator trials with multiple choice questionnaires

    Enhanced S/A

    Improved Safety

    20/02/2018 9

    Presenter Presentation Notes Honeywell Demo for us in a 737 sim. Crew liked. Elevated to Head of FLOPS and programme got approval Feasibility was based on the ‘statistical significance’ of these event Main answer from the Sim Trial? Improves Safety YES Found to enhance flight crew SA and they felt it reduced the risks of CONFIRMATION BIAS

  • Ryanair – RAAS Implementation Aircraft Testing • Aircraft trials conducted in cooperation with Honeywell (MKV & MKV-A EGPWS) at PIK

    to establish: • Is system configuration appropriate? – Every available scenario performed • Can configuration be improved? – Honeywell made rapid config change possible • Are system anomalies present? – Go no go fleetwide • Are volume levels suitable?

    20/02/2018 10

    Presenter Presentation Notes Aircraft at PIK successful demo of RAAS. Ready to roll out on fleet for live ops trials Live trials – 200’000 sectors / 390 RAAS alerts / 39% Long Landing Volume through the headset / Decipherable during RTs? Still in trial because the whole fleet hasn’t been equipped.

  • Ryanair – RAAS Implementation Flight Crew Training & Certification • EASA scrutiny for approved AFMS and STC. – We are still under IAAs Trial Status • Training material developed and delivered to pilots in January 2016 • First RAAS equipped Ryanair revenue flight September 2016 • Currently 361 Aircraft Equipped (85%)

    20/02/2018 11

    Presenter Presentation Notes On going process due EASA thoughts on Long land. IAA Granted a trial status. Secondary alerts except ‘FLAPS’. Whole fleet hasn’t been equipped yet 200’000 trial flights. 390 RAAS events Final Process – More info on the approval process needed??? Aggressive fleet wide equipage of the RAAS Since Sep 16

  • Ryanair – Experience with RAAS

    20/02/2018 12

    NOTE Take-off Flaps’ 12% is Due to winter operations conditions.

    There was no incident of Take-off without flaps

    Based on 200’000 sectors. Not yet fully linked to OFDM so reported through internal ASR/CSR

    Presenter Presentation Notes Note no insufficient length (EFB, SOPs and operations) Take-off Flaps’ 12%. ‘Take-off Flaps’ alerts were not due to incorrectly selected�flaps, The analysis determined that these alerts occurred in winter operations conditions when�the flaps are required to be ‘up’ when operating in slush, standing water, freezing conditions or�because of exterior de-icing/anti-icing requirements. No incident of Take-off without flaps On Taxiway = 7 spurious events. A lot relating to Unstable approach. �

  • Ryanair – Challenges with RAAS • During trials it was found that:

    • Runway Idents change quite often • EGPWS databases aren’t updated as often as the AIRAC • NOTAM impact can’t be accounted for in DBs sue to temporary nature (3 months

    less) • Ryanair propose, If not in TDZ, “LONG LANDING” is G/A otherwise continue

    20/02/2018 13

    Presenter Presentation Notes

  • 20/02/2018 14


    • Ryanair Recognises Runway Excursion & Incursion as a safety issue • RAAS is powerful tool to mitigate • But it’s a decision making aid, not a replacement of pilots

    • We are engaging with EASA regarding Long landing issue (12/01/2018) • They must recognise the risks involved in unnecessary Go Arounds

    Sam Mulhare mulhares@ryanair.com

    +353 87 754 7288


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