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  • Edge of the Web 2008 SaaS as an Ecosystem By Marc Lehmann | CEO of
  • The Nature of Sustainability... Social Economic Environmental
  • The Nature of Sustainability... Balanced ecosystems Communities of species
  • The Nature of Sustainability... Consuming less Sharing more
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)? SaaS Ecosystem Sustainability... Shared servers Shared server infrastructure Shared platforms Shared services (backups, upgrades, support and security) Shared development (agile development, subscription funded) Shared people and ideas
  • Ecosystem A natural unit consisting of all plants, animals and micro-organisms in an area functioning together with all of the non-living physical factors of the environment
  • SaaS Ecosystem A natural unit consisting of all users, developers and stakeholders in an area functioning together with all of the non-living physical factors of the internet.
  • Why SaaS Ecosystems? Its About Being Online... any process, technology or behavior that inserts delay, restricts access or denies re- use inhibits the ecosystem
  • SaaS Ecosystem Makeup Biotic + Abiotic
  • Biotic Elements Consumers Employees Developers Investors
  • Abiotic Elements Applications Network Platforms Web construct
  • SaaS Ecosystems are about... Mutually beneficial relationships
  • SaaS Ecosystems are about... Getting past the limits of pure capitalism. (just billing each other isnt always best)
  • SaaS Ecosystems are about... Non-financial payoffs doing things because its the right thing to do getting your application connected to others in the ecosystem
  • SaaS Ecosystems are about... Alternative payment timelines Sow now and reap later Good will and loyalty
  • SaaS Ecosystems are about... Indirect benefits X builds an API connector for Y X gets new business from Z
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Are passionate because its not just about the money. Its about building amazing apps that get people excited.
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Have their own personal online ecosystem within a larger online ecosystem
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Are more likely to grow and share their data Share data about their data (meta) BUT it must be with permission = integrity
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Test out their ideas in the community Share discovered widgets and connectors
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Wont trade profits for principals, trust and credibility (but some have tried to).
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Tend to give more permission
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Are symbiotic in their behaviour
  • SaaS Ecosystem Participants... Share ideas at #EOTW and BarCamp!
  • SaaS Ecosystem participants... Share in enterprise level utility infrastructure instead of running their own.
  • SaaS Ecosystems participants... Are full of explorers, the fuzzy knowledge worker kind
  • SaaS Ecosystems are changing the tech environment Its no longer just about fee for service The reward is the results of the group The reward is participation and belonging
  • SaaS Ecosystems are re-writing economic rule books. The reward may not be a $s. Helping people in their tribe (and newbies to join their tribe).
  • SaaS Ecosystems are creating... Lots of green collar workers Companies which are more sustainable
  • Service is a conversation in SaaS Ecosystems Sales opportunities Co-development Build loyalty, trust and retention Add new people to your ecosystem Encourage peer to peer support
  • SaaS Ecosystem Enablers Social networks Social communications Connectors Applications Citizen Journalism Web industry associations
  • SaaS Ecosystem Rulebook... Vertical Apps iPhone Apps Web2.0 Apps Connectors SaaS on PaaS Bespoke Apps not allowed!
  • SaaS Ecosystem Rulebook... Connectable Get My Synch My Import My Post My
  • SaaS Ecosystem Rulebook... Leverage Tools Degrees of separation engines Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Information leverage Feeds, Blogs & Forums Communication leverage Live and/or delayed - Twitter Aggregating - FriendFeed
  • SaaS Ecosystem Rulebook... I dont want to revisit my tech investment! I Expect: Free upgrades Instant deployment Connectors maintained
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Nature doesnt customise once, it replicates improved features across species incrementally & without charging for them. Genetic source-code.
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Standards facilitate the simplicity of evolution but evolve or die as Charles Darwin said.
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Nature invents by testing genetic variations within the ecosystem. So do humans. Ecosystems facilitate change in standards.
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Genetic variations are often strange. Strange advantages leading to strange creatures standard display + strange navigation
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Strangeness is good. Its an opportunity for improvement Strangeness is a consequence of innovative thinking, Ross Lovegrove
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Ecosystems organically engineer: redundancy - multiple offspring backups - genetic memory venture capital - mutations testing - survival of the fittest mobility - organ and appendages evolve
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Nature buys lots of cheap options through a multiplicity of genetically varied offspring.
  • Ecosystem lessons from nature... Nature is the original Venture Capitalist Nature is an extreme A/B tester
  • The SaaS Ecosystem also tests