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Palm Tree Depot designed the Sabal palmetto in North Carolina. It is the most popular for many uses including landscaping. The hardy sabal palm tree is known for tolerance of salt spray and cold and can survive short periods of temperatures as low as minus (-) 14 °C.


  • Sabal Palm Trees

    Sabal is a genus of New World palms, many of the

    species being known as palmetto that able to survive

    temperatures much lower. Get order minimum 20

    Sabal palm trees from all over

    the South Carolina. Spring is the best time to plant

    as winter will be months away and the seedling will

    have ample time to grow.

  • Palm trees have natural water storage and their

    trunks have evolved to check transpiration. This

    means that your palm tree might not need regular

    watering downs, instead water it once or twice a

    week and that much will be enough. But you must

    avoid over watering during the growing stages.

    Sabal Palm Trees For Sale South

    Carolina And North Carolina

  • Sabal Palm Trees For Sale

    South Carolina

  • Palm trees are renowned for

    their toughness but they are

    not invulnerable. There are

    several conditions and

    circumstances that you need

    to avoid while planting palm

    trees in your backyard.

    Below are some of the major

    things that you need to take

    care of before planting a palm

    sapling or looking after a

    palm tree.

    Palm Tree Trunk