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SacramentoCounty GrandJury

FinalReport 20112012



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SacramentoCounty GrandJury

FinalReport 20112012



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Don Prange Sr. Foreman Richard Barbar Terry Carter Nancy Davenport Robert DeVoe Lois Graham Donald Katz Richard Kellough Patricia McCauley Paul McAmis Ralph Merrill William Motmans Bonnie Parrett Marilyn Siefker Kathryn Smith Jean Thuotte Robbie Waters Anne Wolfe Karen Young




Honorable Judge Raymond Cadei Sacramento Superior Court 720 9th Street Sacramento, CA95814 Dear Judge Cadei and the Citizens of Sacramento County: I am pleased to present this Final Report from the 2011-2012 Grand Jury to the residents of Sacramento County. Citizens from all walks of life make up the Grand Jury. The Sacramento County Grand Jury serves for a period of one year, beginning July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year. The composition of the Grand Jury is made up from a pool of applicants and a random selection of ordinary people who are willing to devote a year of their life to making things better in their county. California and Nevada are the only states that have civil Grand Juries. On occasion, the civil Grand Jury is asked by the District Attorney or the Attorney General to hear a criminal case. This years Grand Jury did in fact hear cases from both legal departments. Once sworn in, our task of reviewing civil complaints started almost immediately. There were more than 50 complaints received and reviewed during the course of the year. The complexity of the investigations became apparent from the start. We brought in several complainants for interviews and subpoenaed numerous witnesses to appear before the Grand Jury. It became so busy, we were spending 2 to 3 days a week taking sworn testimony from witnesses. We also issued 2 indictments, one for the Attorney Generals office and the other for the District Attorneys office. In January, 2012, a new law went into effect allowing witnesses to have his/her attorney present inside the courtroom while the witness is testifying. This new law proved a burden to this jury and in many ways caused problems that must be addressed for future Grand Juries.



I want to thank County Counsel Robert Ryan who issued the subpoenas requested and Judge Cadei for reviewing and signing the documents. Thanks to a very valuable part of our team, the Grand Jury Coordinator, Becky Castaneda. Since the Grand Jury only has an office staff of one, Becky diligently kept records and documents, answered all calls to our office, and helped to manage nineteen people with their projects, complaints, and questions. She also coordinated the scheduling of courtrooms, court reporters and prepared for the empanelment. After completing all these tasks for everyone at the end of our 2011-2012 year, she starts all over again for the next Grand Jury. I want to thank the majority of the individuals who appeared before the Grand Jury this year, some of whom had to be called back several times while the investigations kept expanding. My thanks to the county employees who were willing to file a complaint and/or testify while risking retaliation. It should be noted that the Grand Jurors met with complainants and witnesses during the day, evenings and sometimes on Saturday. Sacramento County will be better served in the future because of the efforts of this Grand Jury.


DONALD PRANGE SR., Foreperson 2011-2012 Sacramento County Grand Jury




2011 2012 Sacramento County Grand Jury

1strow:(lefttoright) LoisGraham,BonnieParrett,JudgeRaymondCadei,BeckyCastaneda(GrandJuryCoordinator),Don PrangeSr.(Foreperson),PaulMcAmis 2ndrow:RichardKellough,KarenYoung,JeanThuotte,PatriciaMcCauley,TerryCarter, NancyDavenport,DonaldKatz,MarilynSiefker 3rdrow:RobbieWaters,KathrynSmith,RichardBarbar,BillMotmans,RalphMerrill, RobertDeVoe



Sacramento County Grand Jury 2011 2012 `Richard Barbar Terry Carter Nancy Davenport Sacramento County Resident Probation Officer Retired Educator, Former Los Rios Board Member Retired Retired USAF Officer Attorney at Law Sacramento City Unified School District Administrator Retired Securities Controller Retired California State University Professor Emeritus Motion Picture/TV Executive and Producer Retired Civil Engineer Retail Sales Manager Small Business Owner Retired Investigator Retired LVN/Case Manager Police Chief, Retired Sacramento Superior Court Retired Homemaker and Mother of 4 Military and Law Enforcement Retired Sheriff, Sacramento County Retired Sacramento County Resident Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education Trustee, Retired Carmichael Sacramento Elk Grove

Robert DeVoe Lois Graham

Sacramento Sacramento

Donald Katz Richard Kellough Paul McAmis

Elk Grove Sacramento Sacramento

Patricia McCauley Ralph Merrill

Sacramento Sacramento

William Motmans Bonnie Parrett Don Prange, Sr. Marilyn Siefker Kathryn Smith Jean Thuotte Robbie Waters Anne Wolfe Karen Young

Sacramento Rancho Cordova Citrus Heights Citrus Heights Folsom Galt Sacramento Sacramento






Table of Contents

Letter from the Grand Jury Foreman Picture of the Grand Jury and Advisor Judge Sacramento County Grand Jury Roster Table of Contents Sacramento Grand Jury Year in Review Grand Jury Committees Grand Jury Tours Sacramento County Main Jail Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Animal Shelters of Sacramento City and County Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility Child Protective Services California State Prison Sacramento Sacramento County Coroners Office Folsom State Prison Committee Reports Education Committee Report Continuity Committee Investigations and Reports Sacramento Area Sewer District City of Sacramento Solid Waste and Recyclables Contracts Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department Twin Rivers Unified School District Board of Education Twin Rivers Unified School District Administration

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YEAR IN REVIEWThe 2011 2012 Grand Jury Perspective

The 2011 2012 Grand Jury served for one year and completed its term on June 30, 2012. More than 45 allegations and complaints were received and reviewed. This Final Report details specific investigations leading to recommendations for the named districts, county, and city agencies. However, these investigations do not cover the entire scope of the activities the Grand Jury pursued. The Year in Review section provided additional information on tours and complaint evaluations. It should be noted that while the duties of the Grand Jury are primarily civil in nature, the jury might be called upon by the District Attorney or the Attorney Generals Office to issue criminal indictments. This past year we participated in three (3) indictment proceedings. A mandated function of the Grand Jury is to tour each correctional facility within the county. The Grand Jury toured the following facilities: California State Prison, Sacramento Folsom State Prison Sacramento County Main Jail Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC) Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility Additionally the Grand Jury toured: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Sacramento City Fire Department Sacramento District Attorneys Laboratory of Forensic Services Sacramento County Department of the Coroner Sacramento County Child Protective Services Sacramento County Animal Shelter Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)



COMMITTEESThe work of this years Grand Jury was organized by the following subject committees: Administration and Municipal Affairs (AMA), Education, Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CJJ), Environment, Public Works, and Special Districts (EPS), Health and Human Services (HHS), Continuity and one Ad-Hoc Committee, Audit.

Administrative and Municipal Affairs CommitteeThe Administrative and Municipal Affairs Committee (AMA) is responsible for investigating the policies and procedures relating to the administration and management of municipal agencies within Sacramento County. The committee reviewed related budgets, organizational charts, and policies of municipal agencies. This year, AMA received and reviewed nine (9) complaints.

Criminal and Juvenile Justice CommitteeThe role of the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Committee (CJJ) is to review and investigate complaints regarding the criminal justice agencies within Sacramento County. CJJ investigates agency and correctional facility compliance with their policies and procedures, as well as with state and federal laws. During the year CJJ received and reviewed eighteen (18) complaints.

Education CommitteeThe role of the Education Committee is to monitor the activities of school districts within Sacramento County, as well as the Los Rios Community College District. The committee examined citizen complaints alleging school district irregularities. During the year education received and reviewed 5 complaints.

Environment, Public Works and Special Districts CommitteeThe role of the Environment, Public Works, and Special Districts Committee (EPS) is to review local and county government agencies, as well as over 100 special districts located in Sacramento County. During the year EPS received and reviewed eleven (11) complaints from citizens.