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  • 1.SACRAMENTS Josephine R TarrozaReligious Studies Department, Schoolof Liberal Arts Ateneo de Zamboanga University

2. Definition: A visible sign of invisiblegrace. (St. Augustine) It is a visible reality whichmakes the invisible reality ofGod real and present to us. 3. It is sensible sign instituted by Christto give grace. A saving symbolic act or visiblesign, arising from the ministry ofChrist and continued in, by and forthe Church, which, when received infaith, fashions us into the likeness toChrist in his Paschal Mystery, throughthe power of the Holy Spirit. 4. OLD DEFINITION1*NEW DEFINITIONSensible Signs*Saving Symbolic Acts2Instituted by Christ*Arising from the ministry of ChristContinued in, by and for the ChurchForm us in the likeness to Christ in HisPaschal Mystery3To give grace*Through the Holy Spirit 5. SAVING SYMBOLIC ACTSSIGNS It is a reality which points to anotherreality or suggests the existence of anotherreality, but there is no connection betweenthe sign and what it points to.SYMBOLS It is a reality which points to anotherreality and has the power to make the realitypresent and active without being identical toit. 6. Some signs merely point to somethingelse as INDICATORS, but others are supercharged with a variety of meanings thatwe discover rather than createtheymanifest, communicate, effect us ormake real which we call as symbols. Not all signs are symbols but all symbolsare signs All interpersonal human life depends onsymbols 7. SIGNS SYMBOLSSpeaks to the headSpeaks to the heartSupplies informationProvide inspirationNo hidden power Has hidden powerNo historical content Communicate somethingof the past, present andfuture 8. ARISING FROM THE MINISTRY OF CHRIST Not all sacraments were directlyinstituted by Christ but rather thesesacraments were extracted from theministry of Christ. Jesus instituted the sacraments:By being the sacrament of his Fatherthrough his whole life of word and actionHaving the Church as his basic sacrament. 9. SEVEN SACRAMENTS(Ritual Sacraments)CHURCH(Fundamental Sacrament) JESUS (Primordial Sacrament)GOD 10. SEVEN RITUAL SACRAMENTSSacrament of Initiation HolyBaptism Confirmation Eucharist 11. Sacrament of Healing ANNOINTING OFRECONCILIATION THE SICK 12. Sacrament of VocationHOLY MATRIMONY ORDERS 13. Sacraments can only be received ONCE.BaptismConfirmationHoly Orders 14. Sacraments can be receivedMANY times. Holy Eucharist Reconciliation Anointing of the Sick 15. Matrimony can be received more than once only if the husband/wife is already dead. 16. BAPTISMNATURE/DEFINITION The word BAPTISM comes from theGreek word BAPTIZEIN whichmeans to submerge, to immerse, toplunge or to dip In English, it has come to meanpurify or cleanse and it is usuallyassociated with water since water isused as purifying agent 17. Bath ofenlightenment, because thosewho receive baptism becomesson of light Baptism is the door to life andto other sacraments Gateway to life in the spiritand to the kingdom of God 18. By nature, a spiritual birth accomplishedby the power of God through a sensiblesign, water by which the soul receivesnew life in spirit Baltimore Catechism defines BAPTISMas the sacrament that gives our soulsthe new life of sanctifying grace bywhich we become children of God andheirs of Heaven 19. It is the sacrament of SPIRITUALREGENERATION which isconferred by the application ofwater while consecrating theperson to the Divine Trinity 20. HISTORY In the OldTestament, circumcision becamea sign of ones membership intothe Chosen people of God Circumcision is a form of baptismthat is related to the presentCHRISTIAN INITIATION 21. Purification rituals were commonplace inthe Jewish religion but the immediateancestor of Christian baptism is no doubtfound in the baptismal rite practice byJohn at the river Jordan. John may havederived his baptism from the practice ofJewish proselyte baptism (a convert toJudaism) or from the Qumran community(Dead Sea Scrolls) and combined it withprophetic idea of the need for aneschatological cleansing before the End. 22. In the New Testament, Johnsbaptism was observed.Christian baptism afterPentecost is much in commonwith Johns baptism. It isperformed with water andinvolves repentance 23. For the Early Christians, baptism is an importantdecision to make for the reason that one mustbe ready to die for Christ upon entering it. Tobe a candidate (a catechumen) forBaptism, one must undergo THREE YEARS ofcatechetical instruction. The candidates areaccepted into the community on HOLYSATURDAY VIGIL. Consequently, Baptism isbeing administered (three-fold immersion).Long ago, the sacraments of Confirmation andEucharist were part of the Baptismal Rites butas Christians grew bigger they were separated. 24. During the Fourth century, theChurch started baptizing babies.Instead of receiving catecheticalinstructions the child is welcomed inthe community and the parents takethe role of forming the child in faith. Incorporation into the Church (beingmember, part of the Church) 25. FORMULA:(NAME of the person being baptized) I baptize you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit... 26. SCRIPTURAL PASSAGES John 3: 5 says: Jesusanswered, verily, verily, I say untoyou, unless a man be born of water andof the spirit, he cannot enter into thekingdom of God Matthew 28: 19 says: Go, make disciplesof all nations, baptize them in the nameof the Father, and of the Son of the HolySpirit... 27. KINDS OF BAPTISM Baptism of WATER- the person tobe baptized is being administeredwith water whether throughimmersion, sprinkling or pouring 28. FORMS OF BAPTISM Infant Baptism --- it is being administeredto little children or infants throughinfusion by the faith Children shouldnt be deprived ofbecoming a member of Christiancommunity. As the origin and growth ofpersonal life of every child beginsimmediately after birth, likewise does theChristian life of faith in Christ. 29. Mark 10:14 states let the little childrencome to me and so do not stop thembecause the kingdom of God belongs tosuch... Adult Baptism it is being administeredto adult person though Immersion orInfusion. It is usually being practiced bythe Christian of other denominations(Protestants) 30. Baptism of Desire the desire of theperson to be baptized as Christian wholives life morally on earth but neverreceived it due to sudden death Baptism of Blood- signifies martyrdom ofan unbaptized person, that is, the patientbearing of a violent death or of anassault of its nature leads to death, bythe reason of ones confession of theChristian faith or ones practice ofChristian virtue. 31. THREE WAYS OF UNDERGOINGBAPTISM IMMERSION- individual is submergedcompletely for few seconds in a pool ofwater ASPERSION- the water is being sprinkledupon individuals body INFUSION- the water is poured into theindividuals forehead 32. EFFECTS of BAPTISM Enters a new life in Christ Cleansing of Original Sin The Baptized is united into the Church---the baptized people of Christ Confers sanctifying grace Confers a sharing in Christs very mission(priestly, prophetic and kingly) 33. SYMBOLS Light of Candle- symbolizes thatChrist has enlightened the neophyteas Christ the Light White Garment- symbolizes thatpurity (cleansing of sins and theperson has risen with Christ 34. Holy Oil/ Chrism- symbolizes thegift of the Holy Spirit to the newlybaptized who has become aChristian and the idea of beinganointed by God. Holy Water- symbolizes thecleansing from sin 35. HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE OF WATER In Genesis 1 & 2 Gods spirit hoveringover the raging waterswater assymbol of LIFE and DESTRUCTION Flood waters of Noah --- Noahs familywas saved through water, so Christiansare saved through baptism---water assymbol of saving good and faithfulfollowers of God 36. Exodus deliverance of Israelites from Egyptthrough the waters of the Red Sea---water assymbol of freedom from slavery Gods promise to Ezekiel (Ez 36:25-26) tosprinkle water upon his people, to cleanse themfrom all their impurities and to give them a newheart and place a new spirit within them, takingaway their strong hearts and replacing them withnatural hearts --- water as symbol of purificationof heart and spirit. In Johns baptism, people were encouraged toturn away from their sins---water as symbol ofrepentance 37. EXTERNAL SIGNS OF BAPTISM MATTER such as candles, water, whitegarments and chrism FORM- such as I baptize you in thename... MINISTER Bishop, Priests, Deacons ---ordinaryAnybody (emergency) ----extraordinary 38. RITES of BAPTISM Reception of the Candidate Celebration of the word---Apassage is read from the Bible 39. Celebration of the SacramentsBlessing over the Baptismal waterRenunciation of Sin (exorcism) and profession of faith (Creed)Baptism properAnointing with ChrismClothing with white garmentLighting of the Candles 40. CONFIRMATIONNATURE/DEFINITION Confirmation is the sacrament inwhich, by the imposition ofhands, unction and prayer, a baptizedperson is filled with the Holyghost/Spirit for the innerstrengthening of the supernatural lifeand for the courageous outwardconfession of faith 41. Is conferred by anointing with HOLYCHRISM while imposing the handsunto the head of the candidate VATICAN II described Confirmationin terms of its two essentialcharacteristics: closer union withthe Church and strengthening andempowerment by the Holy Spirit toactively spread the faith. 42. In Confirmation renewal of Baptismalpromises should fittingly precede itsreception. Through centuries, because of theincreasing number and size of thedioceses, parishes and infants baptism madeit a practical impossibility to confirm all, theanointing and laying on of hands wereseparated from water baptism... In the East, it is called CHRISMATIONmeaning anointing with Chrism 43. ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT In the Old Testament, anointingsignifiedhealing, purification, strengtheningand empowerment. Aaron wasanointed HIGH PRIEST (Lev 8:12).Samuel anointed Saul and David asKing (1 Sa


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