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Sacraments of Initiation. Baptism. Introduction to Baptism. Basis of the entire Christian life. Become members of Christ and the Church Become sharers of the mission to bring the Good News to the world Comes from Baptizein to plunge . Plunge to death to rise in new life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Sacraments

Sacraments of InitiationBaptism

Introduction to BaptismBasis of the entire Christian life.Become members of Christ and the ChurchBecome sharers of the mission to bring the Good News to the worldComes from Baptizein to plungePlunge to death to rise in new lifeBath of enlightenmentReceive the true lightEnlightened by the light of Christ

The Waters of LifeThe Roots of Baptism begin in the Old Testament (Old covenant):CreationThe Great FloodThe Exodus (Red Sea Event)Waters of the JordanCreationWater has been the source of life

The Great Flood

Water can be deadly

The ark offers Noah the opportunity to be savedLand symbolizes the Promised LandThe Red Sea Exodus Event

From death to life

As they cross through the waters of the Red Sea they are brought to a new life of freedomThe Waters of the Jordan

1. Solidarity with us2. Spirit prefigures the presence of the Spirit at our Baptism3. God acclaimed His Son as He acclaims us as adopted sons and daughtersFrom death in the Desert to the milk and honey of the Promised landAt Jesus baptism, Father, Son, and Spirit are there.

Jesus command for us to baptize (Mt. 28) is one of the few references to the whole Trinity in the Gospels.

Not to Abolish but to FulfillHoly Spirit hovers over Jesus at His BaptismAt the Last Supper Jesus celebrated the PassoverHe spoke of His passion as a BaptismAt the Resurrection He passed from death to LifeTo Nicodemus He said No one can enter heaven without being born of water and SpiritJesus commissioned His apostles to go and Baptize all nations

Symbols and RitualWaterDeathLifeCleansing and renewalLandPromised landIsraelHeaven

Dove Holy Spirit with Jesus at His Baptism- with us at oursLiminal action (All sacraments)Transitional state from death to lifeRight of passage

Christian Initiation in the Early CenturiesA catechumen was a person who inquired about the Christian faith and then chose to prepare for initiation into the Church. During this time the catechumen was supported by the liturgy and the personal involvement of the community and was offered catechesis. this process would take about three years. Then would receive the Sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil Mass.

RitualStripped of robes and immersed in the water three times, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.Anointed with sacred chrism.Given a white garment (At Transfiguration and Resurrection, Jesus was in a dazzling white garment were baptized into His death and Resurrection)Given a lit candle Jesus the light of the world, were supposed to be a light (Mt. 5)Join in the prayers of the faithfulSealed with Holy Spirit with sacred chrism by the BishopEnter into the sanctuary for the celebration of the Eucharist

RCIAThe Rite of Christian Initiation of AdultsThe process by which an unbaptized, person called a catechumen and those who were baptized in another Christian denomination, called candidates for full communion, are prepared to become full members of the ChurchPeriod of InquiryRite of AcceptancePeriod of CatechumenateRite of ElectionPeriod of Purification & EnlightenmentCelebration of the SacramentsPost Baptismal Catechesis or MystogogyRite of Acceptance

Preceded by the period of inquiryEvangelization and pre-catechumenateListens to the Good NewsLearns about the Catholic FaithDiscerns the call to live the gospel life as a CatholicSponsors Rite: Declares intentions to follow Christ and accepted as a catechumenquestionsWhat is your name?What do you ask of Gods Church?What does faith offer you?Inquirer and assembly answer- Are you ready?Signed on forehead by celebrant and sponsors, prayers recited overStay at Mass until after the homily

Rite of Election

Preceded by the Period of CatechumenateCatechesisSpiritual developmentLiturgyApostolic witnessRite: First Sunday of LentPresented after the homilySponsors ask if the catechumen are readyCatechumen are asked if this is what they wantPronounced as members of the elect, called & chosenPrayers for the elect are included in the prayer of the faithful (intercessions)Elect are dismissed

Purification & EnlightenmentPrecedes the celebration of the SacramentsParticipate in acts of penitenceDeepening knowledge of JesusDeepening relationship with JesusReflections on Baptism and its meaningParticipation in the scrutiniesLiturgical rites, 3rd, 4th, 5th Sundays of LentPraying over elect by the assemblyLaying on of hands for purificationHanding on of the Creed and the Lords PrayerCelebration of the SacramentsEaster Vigil MassLighting of the Paschal CandleReading of Salvation HistoryBlessing of the WaterPaschal candle is lowered into the waterBaptismal promisesElect are BaptizedImmersion in the water, I baptize you in the name ofWhite garment- new lifeLighted candle- flame of faithNew members are ConfirmedNew members receive the Eucharist

Post Baptismal Catechesis or Mystogogy

Neophytes* continue their study of the faith, or catechesisMystogogy: the period of catechesis following the reception of the sacraments of Christian initiation that aims to more fully initiate people into the mystery of Christ*beginnersBaptism for ChildrenSharing in grace is a gift from God that does not depend on our merits, therefore from the earliest times Baptism has been administered to children.Parents share their most precious possession, their faith, with their childBaptism must be affirmed throughout life, in our everyday choices.Preparation Parents and godparents attend preparation meetingsSacrament is celebrated in the midst of the communityCelebrated on SundayChild is received into the ChurchRite of BaptismEssential elementsImmersion or pouring of water with the words I Baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, AmenAdditional rituals and symbolsQuestions Creed Signing with the CrossParents renew their baptismal vowAnointing with oil, chest & foreheadRepresents being chosenA symbol of healingPresentation of the candleYou have been given the lightWhite garmentYou have been made newUsual ministerBishop, Priest or deaconIn an emergency anyone can Baptize, even a nonbeliever

The Source of Christian LivingResults or effects of BaptismDying and rising with ChristFreedom from Original Sin, (and all other sin)Children of GodAdopted sons and daughters, enabled to say Our FatherThink of Prodigal Son how loving, forgiving a father can be, and how older son thought of himself as a servant, but Father said all he had was his sons.Members of the ChurchNo one journeys aloneChurch is Body of Christ, members are equal (Gentile or Jew, servant or free, woman or man no more)Empowered for DiscipleshipPriest, prophet and kingSacramental character of BaptismVisible sign of Gods love, chrismSouls are marked and sealed

Efficacious SignsEfficacious:capable of having the desired result or effectBaptismBegins new lifeEucharistNourishes the new Christian life through the transforming power of the Body & Blood of ChristConfirmationStrengthens the new life


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