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Safe Driving Rules & Regulations. Speed Control Passing Keeping to the Right Yielding the Right-of-Way Pedestrians in a Crosswalk Intersections Entering Highways, Parkways, Turnpikes Leaving Highways, Parkways, Turnpikes. Turning Regulations Stopping Regulations Using Headlights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Effects of Alcohol

Drivers Discretion Slow down when:You are on a narrow or winding roadAt intersections or railroad crossingsOn hillsAt sharp or blind curvesWhere there are pedestrians or driving hazardsWhen the road is wet or slippery

New Jersey Speed LimitsSchool ZonesBusiness DistrictsResidential Districts

Jersey Speed LimitsSuburban BusinessResidential Districts

New Jersey Speed LimitsNon-posted rural roadways

New Jersey Speed LimitsCertain state highways and interstates

New Jersey Speed LimitsCertain interstate highways


Keeping to the RightDrive as close as possible to right-hand edge of the road.When can you move to the left?When overtaking another vehicle (and it is safe to do so) the Right-Of-WayEmergency VehiclesBusesPostal VehiclesVehicles that are already in an intersection

Pedestrians in CrosswalksPenalties$50025 days in jailsCommunity serviceSuspension up to 6 months2 points

IntersectionsControlledUncontrolledAny signal/sign or police officer is controlling what to do.Any intersection where there is no signal/sign or police officer controlling the flow of traffic.What should I do? Who does what? IM CONFUSED!Common UNCONTROLLED INTERSECTIONS?IntersectionsBlindTraffic CircleWhat should be done?

Entering & LeavingHighways, Parkways and Turnpikes

Turning RegulationsRight turn on IN NEW JERSEY its always allowed, unless?Right turnsLeft turnsDo not cut corners!!!One way One wayOne lane One wayOne lane Two LaneMulti-lane Multi-lane

Stopping Regulations

Stop for School BusesHow far?25 ft.When do you need to stop?When do you need to JUST slow down?

Railroad CrossingsWhere to do I need to stop if a train is coming?15 feet from crossingWhen else might I need to stop at RR Crossings?

Takes roughly 1 mile for a train to stop that is traveling 60 mph

Move Over Law

Using HeadlightsWhenWhenWhen? hour after sunset & hour before sunriseVisibility is less than 500 ft. Wipers on Lights OnFogMistSmokeWhy?

Bright and DimWhen should we brighten things up?Open-country drivingNo trafficWhy are we brightening things up?When should we lower the lights?City drivingWith trafficWhy should we lower the lights?Other Types of LightsParking LightsTail LightsBrake LightsInterim (overhead) LightsDashboard LightsSpotlights (hazard lights)Fog Lights

Parking RegulationsHow far is too far?6 inches from the curbDO NOT PARKWhere? Crunching Numbers

How Far & From Where?FROM WHAT?DISTANCE10 feet25 feet50 feet20 feet75 feet