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Know your media, own your party.


  • 1. Safe Grad, Safe Parties Presenter: Katie Cole
  • 2. Dont get Pwned by your technology
  • 3. Generation M:Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year olds 1. Youth spend an average of how many hours a day with media? Compared to 1 hour a) 6 hours a day of physical activity b) 4.5 hours a day 1 hour of homework c) 7.5 hours a day* day and 30 minutes of d) 10 hours a day chores *accounts for multitasking but not texting
  • 4. Music Lyrics and Music Videos:American Academy of Pediatrics 2. Rap and Rock music videos contain this percentage of violence. 75% of fourth to sixth graders watch music videos; a) 55% b) 20% 60% indicate they watch a lot c) 10% b) 20% d) 75%
  • 5. Cellphones & Texting:How Teens Use Media 2009 3. True or False. Teens send over 2,000 text messages a month? 77% of teens already have their own mobile True phone. Another 11% say they regularly borrow one
  • 6. Sex & Tech:The National Campaign 4. What percentage of teens are posting or sending sexually suggestive messages or images online? And 44% say it is common for those a) 11% messages to be shared with other b) 44% than the intended c) 76% recipient d) 39% 39% 75% of teens realize/say sending sexually suggestive content can have serious negative consequences.
  • 7. Social Networking:The PEW Research Center 2010 5. What percentage of 12 to 17- year olds have at least one social networking profile a) 73% b) 61% 22% of teens check social networks 10 or c) 92% more times per day d) 55%
  • 8. Kansas State UniversityReading and the Internet: A Vision of Students Today6. How many Facebook profiles does the average FB user read per year?a. 500b. 3020 They will also readc. 1281 2,300 web pages.d. 332
  • 9. Media and Your Party Beverages Advertising Safety Music Transportation Digital Domain
  • 10. Brand Loyalty: Ill drink to that...
  • 11. What could possibly go wrong?
  • 12. Bring itBitches
  • 13. The Jersey Shore Conflict Women are called grenades They get-it-in in the smoosh room Physical violence, dating violence Snookies antics? The Situation exploits women Ronnie makes out with two girls at once Sammi chose her cheating boyfriend over her friends
  • 14. FWB
  • 15. Serena VanessaChuck BlairDan JennyNate Georgina Olivia
  • 16. DJ Play that Song!
  • 17. Pumped up KicksAll the other kids with the pumped up kicksYoud better run, better run, outrun my gunAll the other kids with the pumped up kicksYoud better run, better run, faster than mybullet Urban
  • 18. Parkour Pass vs. Fail
  • 19. Canadian law forbids the production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. Prohibition covers the visual representations of sexual activity by persons (real or imaginary) under the age of 18 yearsIts Forever
  • 20. Dominate your digital domain
  • 21. In-line Audience Selector
  • 22. Facebook Facts You Need to Know Untag but photos and videos are permanent You are responsible for The Group Employers creep your page Cell phone contacts go public! 3rd party apps know your info Like something - and you are sharing your info Bill 212 suspensions and expulsions
  • 23. Tips for Domination: Remove your imported contacts Turn Location Services off, dont Check In Turn off Friends Can Check you Into Places Edit what Apps can access Dont hit Like Turn on Profile Review (monitor pending posts) Turn on Tag Review Do not make events public
  • 24. Arrive Alive
  • 25.