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Safety Funding Application

Safety Funding ApplicationSUM CaNTON Road CorridorSUM Canton Road Corridor ProjectSafety Improvements

BackgroundSUM-CR66 Canton Rd Safety Study County EngineerSUM-CR66 Canton Road PID82594Originally awarded:$481K PE + $2 million CO Safety approved Fall 2006

Raised median between US224 and Arcadia 1 mile widening 4 to 5 lanes south of Arcadia to Sanitarium New signal at Springfield Lake Drive intersection (completed 2012)Access managementSidewalk / Bikepath along west side

BackgroundSUM-SR91/CR66 (US224 jct) Safety Study ODOTSUM-91-0.00 Canton Rd PID89113Originally awarded:$350K PE Tier II Safety approved Spring 2010

Dual NB LT lanes and new EB RT lane at US224 intersectionEliminate/relocate driveways between US224 and Old HomeWidening 4 to 5 lanes north of Old Home to LinwoodAccess managementRedoubles need for County projects raised median south of US224

BackgroundCanton Road Access Alternative StudySUM-91-0.00 Canton Rd PID 89113Widening for dual LT on south leg encompasses the length of the raised median on the south leg of the US224 ODOT assumes northern end of SUM-CR66 Canton Rd PID 82594 Raised medianInherited need to address directional access for business drives given concerns raised at previous pubic meetings for SUM-CR66 Canton Rd PID 82594

4Canton Road Access Alternative Study Rear Service Road Alternatives


Significant R/W take Affects drive-thru circulation of fast food locations - Excessively circuitiousSubstantial increase of turning traffic volumes at Meadows/Arcadia intersectionRequires realignment of offset approachesIntroduces warrant for undesired signal too close to US224 intersectionDisruption to the surrounding Village residential areaExcessive increase to overall project cost


Conflicts with US224 EB Right Turn overlap Requires realignment of offset approachesUndesirably too close to US224 intersectionCanton Road Access Alternative Study U-Turn AlternativesU-turns as originally proposed in Alternative Study


U-Turn Locations moved to suitable tee-intersections 500 to 600 from ends of left turn restrictionsRaised median extended approx. 300 further south. Eliminates realignment of Meadows/Arcadia intersection.SR91 at Linwood RoadCR66 at Springfield Lake DriveDistrict & County agreed upon proposal to move U-turns to more appropriate locationsextend raised medianShorten limits of CR66 widening to S.L.Drive 7

4Co-Sponsored Safety Funding Application

SUM-CR66 Canton RoadPID82594SUM-91-0.00 Canton RdPID89113SUM-SR91/CR66 Canton RdPID89113Location Safety RankingChronic high crash location(s)SR91 Section north of US2242011 SA Urban NonFwyChronic HSP Location (2008 HSP #3 Safety Study)History of identification on past Hot Spot and Congestion ListsPersistently identified on AMATS High Crash List Top 50 (2008 AMATS #2; currently 2012 #30)

US224 at SR91/CR66 Intersection2012 SA Urban Intersection #16Chronic HSP Location2012 AMATS #5

CR66 Section south of US224Persistent appearance on AMATS High Crash List - Top 50 (2008 AMATS #7; currently 2012 #9)

Crash Data Summary, 2010-2012

Collision Diagram, 2009-2011SUM CR-66 Canton Road Corridor south of US-224

Collision Diagram, 2009-2011SUM SR-91 Canton Road Corridor north of US-224

SUM US-224 at SR-91 IntersectionProblem StatementSR-91/CR-66 Canton Road section is heavily congested area at the US-224 intersectionRear-end and left turn angle crashes at the US-224 intersectionProminent NB left turn / EB right turn traffic volumesSignificant delay/back-ups at the signal.Numerous commercial driveways within functional area of intersection

Access/Driveway IssuesAngle, sideswipe and rear-end crashes due to left turn ingress/egress at drivewaysNumerous high traffic generating commercial drivesRecommendationsUS-224 IntersectionCreate dual NB LT lanes Add EB RT lane at US224 intersectionCanton Road CR-66 south of US-224Add raised median on south leg to just south of Meadows/ArcadiaWiden 4 to 5 lanes to Springfield Lake DriveProvide pavement for U-turns at Springfield Lake DriveAccess Management Driveway definitionSidewalk on west sideCanton Road SR-91 north of US-224Eliminate/relocate driveways between US-224 and Old HomeWiden 4 to 5 lanes to LinwoodProvide pavement for U-turns at LinwoodAccess Management Driveway definitionSidewalk on east sideProposed ConceptualUS 224 at Canton Road Intersection

Dual NB LT lanesEB RT laneRaised medianDriveway access managementRealignmentProposed Conceptual

TWLTLRaised medianU-turnAccess managementCR66 Canton Road South of US 224Proposed Conceptual

AccessmanagementU-turnTWLTLSR91 Canton Road North of US 224RealignmentCapacity AnalysisSignificant Reduction in Overall Delay for Peak Hours

Rate of Return AnalysisRW and Construction estimates adjusted with higher contingency to credibly meet the project expenseAcquisition costsUrban setting with dense commercial development.Rate of Return is conservatively still about 13% on total cost

Project Funding Plan PID89113Local funding commitmentODOT administer project; Spring programmaticFunding plan totals do not include any prior projects funding

Safety Funding Application PID 89113Note:The remaining 4HJ7 funding in PID82594 ($1.78 million FY2016)would return to the safety fund once the environmental document is complete