safety in the stacks: developing safety procedures and training in the academic library

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  • 1.LINSCHEIDLIBRARYLINSCHEID LIBRARY Safety in the Stacks: Developing Safety Procedures andTraining in the Academic Library 2014 Oklahoma Library Association Annual Conference Chelsea Baker, MLIS Instructional Services Librarian Jolene Poore, MSHR Circulation Assistant

2. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Headlines 3. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Back Page Situations 4. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Safety Culture an amalgamation of values, standards, morals, and norms of acceptable behaviorSafety culture has to be inherent in the thoughts and actions of all the individuals at every level in an organization. (qtd. in Crutchfield and Roughton) 5. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Starting Point 6. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Documentation Patron Code of Conduct Designated Individuals Written Procedures Equipment First Aid Kits Intercom System Security Cameras AED Training Procedures Equipment First Aid Evaluating Needs 7. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Researching Procedures 8. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY 1 2 Low vs.High Impact High Frequency/ Low Impact Low Frequency/ High Impact 9. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY What Define the situation Who The people/departments involved How Action steps to address the situation Drafting Procedures 10. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Types of Incidents Theft Vandalism Medical emergency Suspicious behavior Physical behavior Verbal behavior Policy violations Other Documenting Incidents Information to Gather Date Time Description of Incident Location of Incident Name and/or description of those involved Police Called?/Report # Officer Name & Badge Name of person recording the incident 11. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Approval and Buy-In 12. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Training Full-Time Employees LINSCHEID LIBRARY Safety Procedures 13. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Training StudentAssistants Rolling Out Training In Phases 14. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Training StudentAssistants 15. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Training StudentAssistants 16. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Creating a Safety Culture holistic second nature just right always evolving 17. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY Questions How do you currently or how can you create a safety culture at your library? 18. LINSCHEIDLIBRARY American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee. (2005,January 19). Guidelines for the development of policies and procedures regarding user behavior and library usage. Retrieved from lay.cfm&ContentID=13147 Crutchfield, N., & Roughton, J. (2014). Safety culture:An innovative leadership approach.Waltham, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann. Graham,W. (2012). The black belt librarian: Real-world safety & security. Chicago, IL:American Library Association. LLAMA BES Safety & Security of Library Buildings Committee. (2010,June 27). Library security guidelines document. Retrieved from Raffensperger,T. E. (2010).Safety and security in urban academic libraries:A risk assessment approach to emergency preparedness. Urban Library Journal, 16(1). Retrieved from Shuman, B.A. (1999). Library security and safety handbook: Prevention, policies and procedures. Chicago, IL: American Library Association. Smith, J. (2009, March). Sample disaster and emergency plan for Alabama public libraries. Retrieved from aster%20Plan%20March%202009%20edition.pdf Wilkinson, F. C., & Lewis, L. K. (2008). Developing a safety training program. Library & Archival Security, 21, 77- 85. References & Resources 19. LINSCHEIDLIBRARYSlide 2: Virginia Tech Shooting Fair Use Stephen Crowley forThe NewYork Times Accused Gunman in Oakland Massacre Tells CBS 5 Hes Deeply Sorry Fair Use CBS 5 San Francisco No Bond for Man Suspected of Killing ECU Student Fair Use AKNIU Memorial Public Domain Alex Kriegsmann/Cafebaro First Degree Murder Charge Filed Against Duncan Teen in Christopher Lanes Death Fair Use Slide 3: Photos by Linscheid Library CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Slide 5:Two Heads are Better Than One CC BY-NC 2.0 Alice Bartlett Slide 6: Catal: Imatge de Pluja dIdees Public Domain Agripolare Slide 7: Google Logo officially released on May 2010 Public Domain Google Inc Slide 8: Risk Prioritization Matrix Cited in Raffensperger Slide 9: Photo by Linscheid Library CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Slide 10: 3D Judges Gavel CC BY 2.0 Chris Potter for Slide 11:Approved in Red CC BY-SA 3.0 Majays31 Slide 12: Microsoft PowerPoint Clip Art Slide 13: Red Carpet Public Domain Gustavorezende Slide 14: Survivor Logo Fair Use CBS Slide 15: Photos by Linscheid Library CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Slide 16: IndianYoga CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Lara Cerri Goldilocks Runs from the Three Bears Public Domain Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson, eds. The Book of Knowledge (NewYork, NY:The Grolier Society, 1912). Courtesy of the private collection of Roy Winkelman Yawning Tiger Cub II CC BY-ND 2.0 Tambako The Jaguar Evolution LogoWikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0 Johanna Pung forWikimedia Deutschland Slide 17: Day 087/365 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Great Beyond Photo Credits


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