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  • Data Collection

    11 treatment sites in four US states (AL, NC, OH, TX)

    Crash data of 5 years before and 2-5 years after were taken for analysis

    Overall of 709 crashes in the before period and 305 crashes in the after period


    For each treatment site, 4 comparison sites were selected having similar


    Results & Conclusions

    Research by

    Joseph E. Hummer, Ph.D., P.E (PI) & Sathish Rao

    Future Research

    Where a RCUT intersection would be a good solution

    SAFETY OF RESTRICTED CROSSING U-TURN INTERSECTIONSDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


    RCUTs also known as Superstreets, J-Turns, Reduced Conflict Intersections,

    and Synchronized Streets

    RCUTs offer reduced travel time and delay, perfect signal progression, excellent

    pedestrian crossing and reduces the number of conflict points

    RCUTs rely on medians, so head-on and driveway collisions are expected to be

    lower than typical (safer than conventional intersections)

    The theta is the estimate of the

    effect of the treatment

    Signalized RCUTs safer because 8

    out of 11 sites theta values are

    below 1 (from comparison sites)

    The CMF for total crashes is 0.7 for

    the application of RCUTs.

    Analysis Method

    Nave Analysis

    Adjustment for Traffic Volume

    Comparison Site Evaluations

    Choosing comparison sites using odds ratios


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