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  • 1. The women empowerment!!!

2. Women-The power beholding everyone.. Women-the home maker, the reason for smile on her childs face, the strength of her husband, the pride of her father, the life long child of her mother.Isnt it great to be a 3. Women whom you all have always seen laughing,chatting,a face always filled with smile just to strengthen her family!!!But here goes a crucial picture showing those tears which are covered by her fake smile!!! 4. Trashed among the SOCIETY! That smiling face is surrounded by a number of breath taking abuses and harassments which are seen by the broken heart of only such victims!! 5. A heart that always weeps!! 6. A crucial unbearable face of the society that broke the life of a gal.. 7. 16 years old girl whose nose, ears have been cut, head is been bald and teeth is been damaged by her 40 years old husband 8. World Playing with women with a shamefull asset called-Harassement 9. Whom would the women look at when her closed ones turn out????? 10. A dreadfull truth!! Hard to see??? Dont turn your face seeing thisthis is a fact showing the truth of the ppl leading such life!!!! Whom should they turn on???? On the society?? On the culprit?? On the law??WHO??? 11. Has this given a result??? No answer!!! We fight!! We shout!! We cry!! But who cares?? Its the time for action now!! 12. Time to fight!! Time to takeour charge!! Time for us to raise our voice! 13. Its time for us to take a stepA step to show that women who can handle everything with patience for her surrounding can also turn out to fight for herselfBecause her PATIENCE is her STRENGTH not her weakness on which u can laugh at!!! 14. No tears can shed her smile!! Though rigged up in the darkness she never looses her smile to enlighten others life! 15. We are an ASSET!! Show the world that our SILENCE and PATIENCE are our ASSET!!so, here take your stand and break your silence for your SELF-RESPECT!! 16. Dont steal her dreams!! The colorful eyes which once saw the sky reaching dreams turn out be sourful seeing themselves now!! 17. Sky is her limit!! Eyes filled with dreams, Dreams to reach the sky, Dreams which make her head raise high! Her self confidence-her esteem!! All cherish her, Which will flourish her, All she needs is a lil support, a lil appraisement.. Then even Sky is bound to say Yes, She is a WOMEN! 18. A life time fighter! Hands filled with bangles doesnt tie u up, Forehead with sindhoor doesnt bind u up! Your bangles giggle up saying you are a fighter, With sindhoor, as saying that it is you, who makes the zenith. So why let others pull you down??? When its you who are the task maker and the best player the Universe has met with!! 19. Let her embrace her dreams, her life of freedom!! Eyes with expectations, Mind with resolutions, Nights with dreams, Days with gleam, Hands stretched out, Voice led out, Let her live her life, Rather than spending her life!! 20. The morning yawn, evening dawn You start from her, end on her laps! She gets the ray of hope when you find none around, she gets that pleasant smile on your face which is work bound! You live for youself,but she lives for u.. A selfless life! A tireless way just done by one priceless entity called WOMEN! 21. Let her tasks be praised, Let her works be embraced, Let her face glow with the charm of satisfaction, Her eyes wet with the tears of relaxation, Yes, she is a women, No need of any domain All she needs is a drop of respect which makes her perfect!! 22. What is striking your mind now?? To fight??to regret??to shout??To change the system?? But I say you, have a thought, A thought about that women who makes your life! A thought about that women who has taught you! A thought about that women who has obliged you! A thought about you, A thought about your friend, Your society and a life of yours, That can change the THOUGHT of those who thought to ought u! So make yourself freeyourself cherished n teach the world the power of the most powerful weapon existing-WOMEN!