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    Saks Gloweli (SG) is a boutique advisory firm which brings a unique service to clients doing business in China and Asia Pacific by combining strategic and managerial consulting expertise with financial advisory and investment banking expertise. SGs management team is made up experienced corporate managers, strategy consultants, lean manufacturing experts, corporate turnaround specialists and finance professionals with both buy/sell side experience. Our team hails from top American Universities with previous work experience from McKinsey & Co, GE Capital, General Motors, Chrysler, Foxconn, Maersk, Li & Fung, Jabil, JP Morgan Chase and Lazard. We are sector and stage agnostic advisers that have worked with pre-revenue companies to publicly listed corporations offering a wide range of services on a project/transaction basis or ongoing basis that are tailored to the clients specific requirements. The SG team leverages its deep market knowledge, vast experience and global network to add value and effect positive change for our clients.

  • Industry Experience

    Management Strategy Consulting Financial Services Investment Banking Private Equity & Venture Capital Sourcing and Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Lean Operations & Manufacturing



    Asia Pacific


    International Business


    Top Academic Research & Knowledge

    Multilingual Team

    Multi Discipline and

    Industry Professionals

    Why Saks Gloweli

    With a team coming from the most prestigious academic institutions, business management programs and global corporations in the world, SGC brings years of experience in delivering first class management consulting and financial advisory services to clients throughout Asia.

    SGC has worked with small, mid and fortune 500 companies, private equity firms and venture capital firms globally and has the resources to handle any corporate challenge within the scope of their core competencies.

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  • Saks Gloweli Services Portfolio :

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    Saks Gloweli Capital

    Saks Gloweli Consulting

    Portfolio Value Creation & Optimization Lean Operations & Manufacturing Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Market Entry & Growth Strategy Business & Corporate Development Strategy Corporate & Management Restructuring Turnaround Management Interim Executive Management

    Private Equity & Venture Capital Advisory Mergers & Acquisitions Project Finance Capital Raise Divestitures, Exit Strategy, Sale Recapitalizations Financial Restructuring Virtual CFO Asset & Business Valuation, Business Planning,

  • SGCs network of consultants come from diverse disciplines and experiences.

    Saks Gloweli Network

    Chinese and American Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that crosschecks and supports the firms financial recommendations and decisions that they are in compliance with local Chinese law

    SGC works with forensic accounting partners with experience in China and in the Asia Pacific Region.

    Lean Manufacturing Lean Operations Process Control Supply Chain Management Business Development Private Equity Advisory Venture Capital Advisory Capital raise Project Finance

    Crosschecks and supports the firms

    financial recommendations and decisions that they are in compliance with Chinese law

    . SGC works with a number of major

    domestic and global law firms to assist our client in legal and corporate matters.

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    Certified Public


    Services Expertise

    Industry Experts

    Chinese & International Legal Counsel

    Electronics OEM / ODM / CEM Automotive Logistics Banking & Finance Oil & Gas Procurement & Trading

  • Implementation Strategy Assessment

    1-3 Months 2-3 Months 3-9 Months


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    Operations : manufacturing, supply chain, process control etc.

    Corporate,: management & business development strategy

    Fiscal Health: Historical & Forecast

    Sales and marketing

    HR Structure

    Benchmarking analysis in all areas included in the assessment

    Refinement of corporate competitive strategy

    Formulation of short, medium and long term goals

    Presentation of assessment recommendations

    Process Implementation

    Training management


    Saks Gloweli Engagement Process

    Operational Efficiency Process Optimization Increased Profitability Sustained Growth

  • Facilitate Transaction with

    Due Diligence, Legal, Financial,


    Open Line of Communication

    with selected targets with client


    Identify Targets through market

    analysis & research through sector

    experts & clients internal Knowledge


    Identify Key Matrix & Criteria in line

    with Strategy, Structure & Create

    Acquisition Plan

    M&A Engagement Process

    2 Month 2-6 Months 2-3 Months 2-4 Months

    Saks Gloweli

    Saks Gloweli SJ Grand (Forensic Accountants ) Zhonglun (Chinese Law Firm) Nixon Peabody ( Intl Law Firm)


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  • Saks Gloweli : Experience & Expertise

  • Focus: Saks Gloweli l Experience

    Regional Experience

    Specialized in market entry into China and India and advises multinationals, SMEs and startups Experienced in creating and implementing China and Asia growth strategies for global companies Transactional experience in raising capital, trade sales, credit facilities, strategic mergers ,

    partnerships & acquisitions working with Chinese and Western companies, banks & investors. Experienced in establishing and optimizing supply chain process in China Worked with PE in China to drive lean manufacturing and operations across portfolio companies

    increasing profitability by 30%.


    SGC has working partnerships with accounting firms (SJ Grand), Chinese law firms (ZhongLung) and International Law Firm (Nixon & Peabody).

    Strong relationships with government bodies at the regional, provincial and central level Deep network of executive and mid level management in local and western companies.

    Project Experience

    Components distribution industry : global acquisitions in excess of US$ 200 million Automotive Industry : Setup and managed production facilities . Manufacturing : optimized operations for a PE controlled plant in China Strategic acquisition for vertical integration of quality control systems Strategic partnerships for Clean-Tech company in Asia China market entry strategy for global toy brand Strategic market growth for fashion industry player Credit Facility and refinancing for publicly listed Company Currently assisting on M&A deals in fashion, luxury products, home accessories, green energy

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  • David Collins : lean manufacturing and Operations Expert

    David C. Collins, Jr. has worked in the automobile assembly, electronics industry, and management manufacturing consulting area for over 30 years. After graduating from Michigan State University he completed a Masters of Science in Physical Chemistry and was published for his work on surface dynamics. He obtained his executive MBA from the University of Delaware, in 2000. He has held increasingly responsible positions with international assignments for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, as well as Foxconn Corporation. He has worked in Mexico, Canada, Germany, the United States and China and has acquired a vast knowledge of leadership and cultural values. He has worked with many companies to improve profitability, reduce costs (20-70% is normal), reduce turnover and absenteeism, and drastically improve quality. Attached are results from some of the companies.

    Turned around the largest electronics site in the Americas, taking it from $100,000/day loses to profitability in 13 months. As well as creating excellent morale as measured by turnover and the best quality in the division.

    Totally reworked Foxconns production process to free up 15% more space and reduce order time to delivery by 27%. Was able to bring in three more products for HP as customer and launched all on time and in budget.

    Reworked the sites VMI hubs as well as logistics, and warehousing to reduce inventory 56%. Worked with Jabil to put in lean manufacturing, reduce scrap, and improve production. Improved quality 19% and set records for production out of the factory for CISCO products.

    Developed and launched the worlds first waterborne paint process. Worked at Toyota Nummi plant and internalized the principles of lean manufacturing and transferred those principles to a Greenfield

    assembly plant in Mexico in his role as a department manager. Built & Launched a $350,000,000 paint facility , hired a grass roots organization that achieved the best segment performance for paint in the J. D. Powers initial quality survey. Built and launched 3 additional manufacturing facilities worldwide. Implemented Total Chemical Management system that saved plant $2 MM and initiated corporate-wide savings of over $25MM Created and implemented a Predictive Maintenance System resulting in