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SALT LAKE CITY GREEN. Ensuring a Sustainable Community. Presented by: Salt Lake City Mayor Ross C. Rocky Anderson. In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." - From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy. Salt Lake City Green. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>SALT LAKE CITY GREEN Presented by: Salt Lake City MayorRoss C. Rocky AndersonEnsuring a Sustainable Community</p></li><li><p>In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."</p><p>- From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy</p></li><li><p>Salt Lake City GreenEnvironmental programs and goals that help preserve the health and vitality of our community, today and in the future.</p></li><li><p>Salt Lake City Green Initiatives Municipal EMSAlternative transportationZero Wastee2 Businesses High Performance BuildingsClimate ProtectionOpen SpaceSmart Growth</p></li><li><p>Alternative TransportationMASS TRANSIT</p></li><li><p>Alternative TransportationPEDESTRIAN SAFETY</p></li><li><p>Alternative TransportationBICYCLING</p></li><li><p>Transit Oriented Development and High Performance BuildingsFuture Intermodal Hub</p></li><li><p>Pollution Prevention and the Salt Lake City Green FleetCITY FLEET</p></li><li><p>Salt Lake City Green FleetCITY FLEET</p></li><li><p>Zero Waste and RecyclingResidential Recycling ProgramPaper of all typesBoxesAll plastics 1-7AluminumSteel food cansMilk and juice cartons</p></li><li><p>Zero Waste and EnergyENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTINGRENEWABLE ENERGY</p></li><li><p>Zero Waste and EnergyRenewable Energy</p></li><li><p>Zero Waste and Water Conservation</p></li><li><p>Open Space and Watershed Protection</p></li><li><p>environmentally and economically sustainable businesses e2 Businesses</p></li><li><p>Climate Change</p><p>WASHINGTON, DC, March 28, 2001 (ENS) - The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, confirmed today that the country will not implement the Kyoto Protocol. "We have no interest in implementing that treaty," Whitman told reporters. </p></li><li><p>Climate Change</p><p>Global warming is threatening the worlds ski resorts Downhill skiing could disappear altogether at some resorts, while at others, a retreating snow line will cut off base villages from their ski runs as soon as 2030. - CBS News. Dec. 3, 2004</p></li><li><p>2004 Salt Lake City Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions2004 corporate emissions reductions total 21,500 tons of eCO2. (81% of goal to reduce by 26,500 tons of eCO2)104,50099,500</p><p>Chart8</p><p>104500</p><p>99500</p><p>Equivalent CO (tons)</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>CO%COCostCost%Energy Million BtuCO%COCost</p><p>Buildings6898568.20%3489682333033total10109499.90%8936011</p><p>Vehicle Fleet1813417.90%1547454215746</p><p>Employee Commute4940.50%5781</p><p>Water/Sewage2449624.20%2169763182366</p><p>Waste-11015-10.90%1729112</p><p>Electricity8249181.60%4656830</p><p>Natural Gas1225312.10%2166459</p><p>Gasoline93099.20%924459</p><p>Diesel56945.60%585750</p><p>CNG12791.30%0</p><p>BioDiesel23472.30%37245</p><p>Food Waste-1725-1.70%193661</p><p>Paper Products1099410.90%646688</p><p>Plant Debris-1641-1.60%207493</p><p>Wood/Textiles-5772-5.70%210952</p><p>All Other Waste-12870-12.70%470318</p><p>AFTER MEASURES</p><p>Buildings68425</p><p>Vehicle Fleet18146</p><p>Water/Sewage24496</p><p>Waste-31567</p><p>Total GHG after Measures 2004104,500</p><p>GHG Emissions Goal99,500</p><p>Sheet2</p><p>Sheet2</p><p>0.682</p><p>0.179</p><p>0.005</p><p>0.242</p><p>-0.109</p><p>%CO</p><p>Percent CO Emissions by Sector</p><p>Sheet3</p><p>3489682</p><p>1547454</p><p>Employee Commute</p><p>2169763</p><p>1729112</p><p>Cost</p><p>Cost of Energy</p><p>46568302166459924459585750037245</p><p>Electricity</p><p>Natural Gas</p><p>Gasoline</p><p>Diesel</p><p>CNG</p><p>BioDiesel</p><p>U.S. Dollars</p><p>Energy Cost per Source</p><p>68985</p><p>18134</p><p>494</p><p>24496</p><p>-11015</p><p>CO</p><p>Sector</p><p>Equiv. CO (tons)</p><p>Table 1: Salt Lake City Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2001</p><p>82491</p><p>12253</p><p>9309</p><p>5694</p><p>1279</p><p>2347</p><p>-1725</p><p>10994</p><p>-1641</p><p>-5772</p><p>-12870</p><p>Source</p><p>CO2 equiv. tons</p><p>Salt Lake City 2001 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source</p><p>104500</p><p>99500</p><p>Equivalent CO (tons)</p><p>Equiv. CO2 (tons)</p></li><li><p>ConclusionSalt Lake City is taking real action and seeing real results in our efforts to create a sustainable community.</p><p>20 minute presentation10 minutes for questions Great wisdom and a reminder of our tremendous, sacred responsibility is reflected in the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, which declares: In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.</p><p>Over the last five years in Salt Lake City, enormous progress has been made in creating a city that is livable and sustainable. </p><p>Dr. William E. Rees, of the University of British Colombia, gives us this definition of sustainable, Sustainable development is positive socioeconomic change that does not undermine the ecological systems upon which communities and society are dependent</p><p>Sustainability economically, environmentally, and as it relates to the public health and quality of life is achieved only when those who propose, advocate for, make, and implement public policy keep in focus the best interests of residents and visitors now and far into the future.A livable, sustainable city is one in which leaders and citizens hold as fundamentally important the provision of clean air and water, the protection and conservation of natural resources, and the enhancement of human capital. </p><p>Launched in 2001, Salt Lake City Green consists of award-winning Salt Lake City environmental programs that help us ensure a healthy, sustainable future for Salt Lake City. </p><p>The philosophy behind Salt Lake City Green is one of practical environmentalism, which aims for innovative solutions that not only protect the environment but also improve the citys social and economic welfare. The program involves people from every part of our community, urging residents and businesses to get involved in protecting our environment. As part of the Salt Lake City Green program, Salt Lake City completed a Sustainability Inventory. This document is a tool to assist local governments to develop policies and promote practices that conserve natural resources over the long term while enhancing economic vitality and social well-being within a community. By providing accurate information to staff on the state of community resources, we can simultaneously evaluate the impacts of our policy decisions on our community. </p><p>Salt Lake City Green projects were all identified in the Inventory as ways to improve municipal government practices and the overall health of our community. </p><p>MASS TRANSITIn 1999 our first TRAX light-rail line opened in Salt Lake City. We now have 19 miles of completed TRAX line with expansions to the University of Utah and University Hospital. (Ridership is double projections)130,000 people board our bus and light rail transit system on an average week day. Without light rail, we would need another travel lane on our highway. </p><p>WALKING AND BICYCLINGInstalled pedestrian activated in-roadway lights that flash to alert driver that a pedestrian is entering the roadway. Countdown walk signal timers and, in some areas, overhead flashing lights. The Orange Flag ProgramThe goal of the orange flag program is to increase visibility of pedestrians and remind motorists to watch for pedestrians. There are over 90 locations city-wide where flags have been installed. Pedestrian injuries have decreased by 33% since the start of the program in 2001. There were fewer accidents and those that did occur were less severe. Last year there was only one pedestrian death in Salt Lake City.</p><p>BICYCLING</p><p>For city employee use, we have a fleet of 3 bicycles. Employees can check out a bike, lock, and helmet and travel to meetings. Mayors Bicycle Advisory Committee Keeps my office and our Transportation Division apprised of problem areas for cyclists. Lead advocacy programs such as our Salt Lake City Pedal Pass. The Pedal Pass is a card cyclists can use for discounts and specials at participating business. Added 9 new miles of bike lanes in the past 4 years. Installed 45 new bike racks in the downtown area. Put in reverse-angle parking on one downtown street to more safely accommodate a bike lane through downtown. </p><p>Trying to cure traffic congestion by adding more capacity is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt.Auto-dependency limits freedom for more than 1/3 of Americans (80 million people)The poor, young, elderly, and disabled all have limited optionsIn Salt Lake City we promote a transit-first policyNew highways create no incentive to use transit I joined others in successfully suing to stop construction of a major highway favored by our former Governor and Legislature.</p><p>Intermodal Hub light rail, buses, cabs, bicycles, commuter railCommuter Rail Line will link to the Intermodal Hub from Davis County to the north of Salt Lake City and eventually will link 100 miles along the Wastach Front. Proposed TOD Ordinance.</p><p>More than just focusing on transportation options to reduce emissions and minimize our dependence on fossil fuels, Salt Lake City takes a Zero Waste approach to how we use and reuse all natural resources. The Intermodal Hub will be Salt Lake City Corporations first green building project. The hub will be LEED certified at some level. Salt Lake City is working on adopting our own High Performance Building Guidelines.The Salt Lake City Fleet Division has implemented several improvements that help minimize pollution and waste. Last year Over 10,000 gallons of used oil were sent for energy recoveryMore than 600 automotive batteries were returned to the manufacture for recycling.Over 1,700 tires were recycled. A cardboard recycling program was implemented and 13,000 cubic feet of cardboard was recycled.</p><p>Additionally Salt Lake City has minimized the impact of operating our fleet by right-sizing and by using alternative fuels whenever possible. </p><p>Right-sizing the Fleet: 5 new 3 wheeled parking enforcement vehicles use less than one-eighth as much gas as the vehicles they replaced.We have removed 36 SUVs from the Fleet and replaced them with mid-sized sedans or pickup trucks, which use much less gas.</p><p>SALT LAKE CITY FLEETAlternative FuelsSalt Lake City now has 89 Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, vehicles in our fleet. This includes 100% of the shuttle buses and 52% of the light vehicle fleet at Salt Lake City International Airport40% of the fuel used by the Airport Fleet Division is Natural Gas. My personal car</p><p>No matter how clean and efficient the Salt Lake City Fleet is, we can significantly improve air quality in our region only by reducing dependence on the personal automobile. </p><p>The Division of Air Quality reports that on any given day 60% of the air pollution along the Wasatch Front comes from mobile sources. In 2001, Salt Lake City began offering a 90 gallon bin to all single-family residences free of charge. We also offer the program to multi-family units and businesses at a very low cost. </p><p>All recyclable materials except glass can be recycled in the Blue Bin.</p><p>Since the launch of the blue bin program, the amount of material recycled in Salt Lake City has increased by 87%. </p><p>Glass recycling is available at two locations. ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTINGIn Utah, well over 90% of our power is generated by coal-fired power plants. In Salt Lake City we have taken two primary approaches to reduce the amount of coal fired power we consume: Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy. </p><p>Conservation Techniques: LED TRAFFIC SIGNALSOperate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Waste energy, money, and time on frequent maintenance. Almost 1200 red and green lights already convertedAfter all our red and green traffic signals are converted to LED, we anticipate an annual savings of $53,000, with huge reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas.CITY AND COUNTY BUILDINGConverting lights from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.Reduced pollution from each of the criteria pollutants, saved taxpayers over $33,000, and reinvested a portion of those savings to purchase wind energy.RENEWABLE ENERGYBy purchasing nearly 130,000 kwh of Blue Sky wind energy each month Salt Lake City reduces our carbon dioxide emissions by 796 tons each year. This is equivalent to planting over 500 acres of treesor taking over 200 cars off the road.</p><p>RENEWABLE ENERGYSalt Lake City showed its commitment to wind power once again, by issuing a Twice as Nice community challenge - in partnership with Utah Power and the Utah Clean Energy Alliance.Our goal is to reach 5,000 participants This month numbers indicate that 4,465 Salt Lake City residential customers and 111 local businesses purchase Blue Sky wind power. When we reach our goal Salt Lake City will offset over 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission each year through the Blue Sky program alone. For perspective, this is equivalent to planting 7,000 acres of forest every year.Due to our efforts to utilize and promote renewable energy Salt Lake City received the Green Power Purchasing Leadership award from the US EPA in 2004.</p><p>During the 2004 calendar year, the Salt Lake city water conservation campaign helped reduce local water consumption by 16.4 percent from the year 2000. </p><p>Salt Lake City has established two public demonstration gardens for sustainable landscapes. One of these gardens is located at the City and County Building. Residents are also doing their part as more and more sustainable landscapes are appearing at homes and businesses all over Salt Lake City. </p><p> Implemented a three-tiered water conservation price structure in which the per-unit cost would increase through three volume blocks.</p><p>In the past 3 years Salt Lake City has permanently preserved over 200 acres of valuable open space. This includes four acres of new open space at Library Square and 154 acres at Willow Heights Conservation Area in Big Cottonwood Canyon.</p><p>In November of 2003, voters approved a $5 million bond for the preservation of open space. </p><p>This year, Salt Lake City created an Open Land Advisory Board that will assist the city to prioritize open space properties, and make recommendations on the expenditure of funds. e2 BUSINESSESSalt Lake City launched a green business program in 2002 titled, e2 Businesses. E2 stands for environmentally and economically sustainable. City Staff offer their assistance in implementing a portfolio of Best Management Practices for businesses.Businesses fill out an application which includes a baseline of their waste, energy, and water consumption. Businesses set goals for improvement in at least 3 of the 5 outlined areasSolid WasteHousehold Hazardous WasteWater UseEnergy UseAir Quality/TransportationAll 13 of our current e2 business have completed more than 3 goals and achieve economic benefits from being part of the program.</p><p>One hundred thirty-two nations have signed on to the Kyoto Protocol, which becomes effective on February 16. In stark contrast, there is, and for four years there has been, a complete lack of national leadership in the United States regarding global warming. In the face of the failure of national leadership in the United States on this issue, local and state governments throughout our nation have an especially important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reverse the dangerous trend toward global warming. </p><p>In 2002, I committed that Salt Lake City Corp would abide by the guidelines set forth for the U.S in the Kyoto Protocol. This means a 7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2012 which is equivalent to a 21% reduction from 2000 levels. </p><p>Some people in our community have asked why the Mayor is focusing on global warming.</p><p>My answer is that nowhere in the world can Climate Change be considered an issue that is not relevant to the local community. If the prospect of world...</p></li></ul>