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Saltex '98 Preview • • • WARDLE W Consulting Engineers Ltd Independent Irrigation Consultants & Project Managers Golf Irrigation Specialists • Feasibility studies, water supply and storage • Irrigation system designs, technical specifications • Bills of quantities, tender documents • Supervision of installation & project management • System appraisals & upgrade recommendations Our independence ensures you get: Impartial, objective and practical advice A system designed to meet the specific needs of your course A well-designed, reliable & efficient irrigation system Value for money & peace of mind NATIONWIDE SERVICE Head Office (Midlands): I Southern Office: I Scotland Office: Giles Wardle Bill Hawthorn Phil Langdon Tel/Fax: 01283711864 Tel/Fax: 01483 278416 Tel/Fax: 01259 742447 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Does your current supplier of Top Dressings, Root Zones and Sands: Own a quarry containing the highest quality Cheshire Silica Sand? Produce all products to BS EN ISO 9002? Carry out hourly tests of all of the grades of sand which they produce, to ensure the highest quality? Test every batch of Top dressing and Root Zone to assure you the consistency which you require? Have the productive capacity to produce 600 tons of Top Dressing per day, so that you will not be let down at the busiest times of the year? Use top quality hauliers to ensure that deliveries are in the right place, at the right time and without a mess? If your current supplier cannot offer you all of these, we would be delighted to. Please call 01270 765996 for prompt service and delivery. Arclid Quarry Congleton Road Sand bach Cheshire CWl14SN 64 Greenkeeper International August 1998 Throughout '98 Avoncrop Amenity Products have continued to develop their range of turf' products to enable turf managers to meet ever increasing expecta- tions and challenges of producing high quality playing surfaces. We have also developed a range of products and services which help turf managers to meet strict environmental regulations and will be exhibiting the latest prod- ucts from our own AAP range; Scotts Turf & Amenity; Rhone- Poulenc; Supaturf; Farmura; Headland and Vitax. The organic and microbial products from Green Releaf and Terralift will also be featured. EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings Amenity Technology - Stand 071 Amenity Technology will be launching a number of new ranges at this year's Saltex show, which will herald a new generation of Amenity Products to take the company into the new millennium. This year Amenity Technology have moved their stand further forward to allow easier access and as in previous year's free gifts will be available to the first 500 visitors every day, so don't be late! Amenity Technology continue to pioneer developments in prod- ucts to the amenity market. A visit in to the Amenity Technology show stand is the best way to find what is new in the amenity market. Avoncrop - Stand H71-73 Details of the new highly suc- cessful AA Chemical Container Disposal Service will be available along with a range of the latest spraying, line marking and golf sundries. The BAA/Basis Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (Supported by Rhone-Poulenc Amenity) - Stand T30 Rhone-Poulenc, as a Company focused to improving standards in the Amenity Industry, is sup- porting the BAA/BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme. Amenity Spraying Contractors, D.S.O's and D.L.O's can gain certification through this new scheme. This will be indicate to Local Authorities and other customers, that the contractor is operating very high standards of pesticide application. Local Authorities will be encouraged to use only "Advanced" contractors in their tenders. This quality concept is important with the move from Compulsive Competitive Tendering (CCT), to the Best Value principle within Local Authorities. Barenbrug - Stand 112 Whether it's dedicated profes- sionals or enthusiastic amateurs, when sports players take to the turf they expect nothing less than perfection. Which is why turf managers from all disciplines should seek out the Barenbrug stand. Their technical advisors will be on hand to discuss Barenbrug's extensive range of quality grass seed varieties and mixtures. Barenbrug's BAR 2 is today's most successful mixture on golf and bowling greens. The presence of BARCROWN, slen- der creeping red fescue, provides compactness, disease resistance and drought tolerance; this mix- ture offers a perfect sward. If shade or dryness is an issue, it will be worth investigating the newly formulated BAR 15. Also suitable on golf fairways, this mixture requires only minimal maintenance. BLEC - Stand V43 and demonstration area num- bers A29-33 & A43-47. With an increasing demand to mechanise and create higher pro- ductivity in the landscape, turf- care and amenity industry, we at BLEC are able to offer an exten- sive range of equipment to meet that need. Experience dating back to the 1950s has given us first hand knowledge of the industry's requirements, both from a technical and cost effec- tive point of view. BLEC are con- stantly researching and develop- ing new equipment for the future - confirming our total commit- ment to establish BLEC in the forefront for many years to come. To purchase a BLEC prod- uct is to invest in a machine designed and built to serve you reliably and efficiently.

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Page 1: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview

• • •WARDLEW Consulting Engineers LtdIndependent Irrigation Consultants

& Project Managers

Golf Irrigation Specialists• Feasibility studies, water supply and storage• Irrigation system designs, technical specifications• Bills of quantities, tender documents• Supervision of installation & project management• System appraisals & upgrade recommendations

Our independence ensures you get:

Impartial, objective and practical advice• A system designed to meet the specific needs of your course

• Awell-designed, reliable & efficient irrigation system

Value for money& peace of mind


Head Office (Midlands): I Southern Office: I Scotland Office:Giles Wardle Bill Hawthorn Phil Langdon

Tel/Fax: 01283711864 Tel/Fax: 01483 278416 Tel/Fax: 01259 742447E-mail: [email protected] E-mail:[email protected] E-mail: [email protected]

Does your current supplier of Top Dressings, Root Zonesand Sands:

• Own a quarry containing the highest qualityCheshire Silica Sand?

• Produce all products to BS EN ISO 9002?

• Carry out hourly tests of all of the grades of sandwhich they produce, to ensure the highest quality?

• Test every batch of Top dressing and Root Zone toassure you the consistency which you require?

• Have the productive capacity to produce 600 tons ofTop Dressing per day, so that you will not be letdown at the busiest times of the year?

• Use top quality hauliers to ensure that deliveries arein the right place, at the right time and without amess?

If your current supplier cannot offer you all of these, wewould be delighted to.

Please call 01270 765996 for prompt service and delivery.

Arclid QuarryCongleton RoadSand bachCheshireCWl14SN

64 Greenkeeper International August 1998

Throughout '98 AvoncropAmenity Products have continuedto develop their range of turf'products to enable turf managersto meet ever increasing expecta-tions and challenges of producinghigh quality playing surfaces. Wehave also developed a range ofproducts and services which helpturf managers to meet strictenvironmental regulations andwill be exhibiting the latest prod-ucts from our own AAP range;Scotts Turf & Amenity; Rhone-Poulenc; Supaturf; Farmura;Headland and Vitax. The organicand microbial products fromGreen Releaf and Terralift willalso be featured.

EXHIBITORListings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

Amenity Technology -Stand 071

Amenity Technology will belaunching a number of newranges at this year's Saltexshow, which will herald a newgeneration of Amenity Productsto take the company into the newmillennium.

This year Amenity Technologyhave moved their stand furtherforward to allow easier accessand as in previous year's freegifts will be available to the first500 visitors every day, so don'tbe late!

Amenity Technology continue topioneer developments in prod-ucts to the amenity market. Avisit in to the AmenityTechnology show stand is thebest way to find what is new inthe amenity market.

Avoncrop -Stand H71-73

Details of the new highly suc-cessful AA Chemical ContainerDisposal Service will be availablealong with a range of the latestspraying, line marking and golfsundries.

The BAA/Basis AdvancedContractor CertificationScheme (Supported byRhone-Poulenc Amenity) -Stand T30

Rhone-Poulenc, as a Companyfocused to improving standardsin the Amenity Industry, is sup-porting the BAA/BASISAdvanced ContractorCertification Scheme. AmenitySpraying Contractors, D.S.O'sand D.L.O's can gain certificationthrough this new scheme. Thiswill be indicate to Local

Authorities and other customers,that the contractor is operatingvery high standards of pesticideapplication. Local Authorities willbe encouraged to use only"Advanced" contractors in theirtenders. This quality concept isimportant with the move fromCompulsive CompetitiveTendering (CCT), to the BestValue principle within LocalAuthorities.

Barenbrug -Stand 112

Whether it's dedicated profes-sionals or enthusiastic amateurs,when sports players take to theturf they expect nothing lessthan perfection. Which is whyturf managers from all disciplinesshould seek out the Barenbrugstand. Their technical advisorswill be on hand to discussBarenbrug's extensive range ofquality grass seed varieties andmixtures. Barenbrug's BAR 2 istoday's most successful mixtureon golf and bowling greens. Thepresence of BARCROWN, slen-der creeping red fescue, providescompactness, disease resistanceand drought tolerance; this mix-ture offers a perfect sward. Ifshade or dryness is an issue, itwill be worth investigating thenewly formulated BAR 15. Alsosuitable on golf fairways, thismixture requires only minimalmaintenance.

BLEC - Stand V43 anddemonstration area num-bers A29-33 & A43-47.

With an increasing demand tomechanise and create higher pro-ductivity in the landscape, turf-care and amenity industry, we atBLEC are able to offer an exten-sive range of equipment to meetthat need. Experience datingback to the 1950s has given usfirst hand knowledge of theindustry's requirements, bothfrom a technical and cost effec-tive point of view. BLEC are con-stantly researching and develop-ing new equipment for the future- confirming our total commit-ment to establish BLEC in theforefront for many years tocome. To purchase a BLEC prod-uct is to invest in a machinedesigned and built to serve youreliably and efficiently.

Page 2: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview

EXHIBITORListings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

Complete Weed Control·Stand E33

Following its highly successfulintroduction at Saltex 97, Weed-It, the winner of the award forBest New Landscape Product atSaltex 97, will be shown in finalproduction form.

Weed-It is an acronym for WeedEconomical EradicationDetection - IntelligentTechnology. This employs anoptic sensor working on the prin-ciple of measuring luminescencepicked up from the chlorophyll ina plant by using an infra-red lightand optic sensor. When a weed isidentified, a signal is sent to thecomputer that effectively tellsthe sprayer to turn on a jet andspot treat the weed.

The unit incorporates a sealedchemical handling system thatreduces exposure to the chemicalby both operator and public alike,and also minimises problemswith chemical disposal and wastepackaging.

The Sisis Ecospray designedspecifically for spraying closemown areas, and developed byComplete Weed Control andCranfield University, will also beon display.

Eagle Promotions .Stand 024

Eagle Promotions provide anextensive range of services toGolf Clubs from the initialCourse Measure through toScorecards, Yardage Books andother Point of Play accessories.This Exhibition enables us toshow our exciting choice of sig-nage for the Golf Industry. Oursignage is developing around ourability to create any imageetched into zinc plate. Thesemounted on stone, moulded rockand wood create truly spectacu-lar sign systems. For more infor-mation please contact PhilipMclnley or call on 0860 239 354.

Eric Hunter Grinders -Stand Q12

The chance to witness reliefangle grinding first hand, isoffered by Eric Hunter GrindersLtd. Eric and his team will bedemonstrating the unique capa-bilities of the Jupiter and Junomachines which are the onlygrinders guaranteed to grind acylinder perfectly parallel to

0.004" over 30". Both modelsoffer a total service to golf clubs,with their ability to accuratelyrelief grind cylinders "in situ" orout with the benefit of coolant,and also precision grind bottomblades.

The increasingly popular "in -frame" Jupiter is top of therange. It is built, like the stan-dard machine, of heavy duty castiron, ensuring that both modelsgive accurate results for at least50 years. The Juno offers all theadvantages of the Jupiter at abudget price. Large golf andlocal authority complexes withample work shop space can takeadvantage of the Amazon or theOrion. These precision grindersfor bottom blades only aredesigned to supplement cylindergrinding machinery.

Gannon Oils - Stand T4

Gannon Oils Limited have arange of high performance multi-purpose lubricants and specialistgreases all designed to meet thecriteria of the agricultural andamenity industry and will belaunching their 'Slip Plate' dryfilm lubricant at this year's event.As the sole agency for SuperiorGraphite Co, Gannon Oils inviteGroundsmenlTurf and AmenityManagers to sample the benefitsof this superb product. Ideal foruse on all grass cutting and land-scape machinery or tools, 'SlipPlate' bonds quickly and is easyto apply, with little clean-up. Youare warmly invited to meet ourcolleagues from Chicago to dis-cuss your requirements.

Green Releaf -Stand H70-H72

Green Releaf, the US leaders inliquid microbial products areexhibiting a range of microbialproducts at Saltex. The GreenReleaf liquid beneficial microbesapplied with their own uniquefood source rapidly improve rootstructure, enhance nutrientuptake and increase naturalresistance to disease. Otherproducts at the show includeThatchless Liquid which willreduce your Thatch in only 30days. And for faster, hard wear-ing greens why not try KCS 0-0-14 Liquid which is used on theUSPGA tour for tournamentpreparation. Visit us at our exclu-sive South & South West distrib-utor, Avoncrop Amenity Products.

Vitax Seaweed Soluble is a new, 1000/0pure,concentrated seaweed from Nova Scotiathat stimulates root development, releaseslocked up soil nutrients and improvesdrought and disease resistance in turf.Now with the introduction of Vitax TankMixing Agent it can be combined with awhole range of Vitax supplementaryfertilisers, especially Iron. Cocktails, oron-the-rocks, there is a soluble solutionfor every turf requirement.

Mix & Match SolublesVITAX LIMITED, OWEN STREET, COALVILLE, LEICS LE67 3DE. TEL: 01530 510060

Page 3: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview

• Consistently fast and true greenswithout lowering cutting heights

• Raise cutting heights or miss a mowingto relieve stress without loss of speed

• Restore surface after aeration

• Vibrate top dressing onto the surface

• The faster way to roll that followscontours just like your mower does


• St Andrews • Royal Portrush• Gleneagles • Mere

Camoustle • Moor ParkForest Pines • ChobhamSlieve Russell Hotel • Dale HiliLamberhurst • Slinfold ParkChart Hills • Fairwood ParkB1rchgrove Estate • AJwoodleyMerrist Wood • Dalmahoy HotelNorth Hants • TorinoSkibo Castle • MinchinhamptonWoking • TodmordonParkwood • OstscwelzerischerGolfplaz Hoisdorf • Royal West NorfolkCrail • secret ValleyKobenhavns • Royal DublinClub de BonmontGolfanlage Munzingen-FreiburgGolfpark Schloss WilkendorfHamburger Falkenstein


((( , t( ))~ , ,



OlilJPERlOR,.RAPIII7E CO-, G Another leading product.!!!!'I from SupeNOl'Graphite Co

66 Greenkeeper International August 1998


The importance of water qualitymanagement in lakes and pondshas never been greater. Theessential features of good lakeand pond water are the mainte-nance of a balanced eco-systemwith high levels of circulated oxy-gen. As leaders in the develop-ment of amenity water qualitymanagement systems, OtterbineBarebo has the most comprehen-sive range available. This widerange of options allows for theselection of the most appropriatesystem for each application,including floating fountain mod-els, submerged and land basedcirculation units. Visitors to theHydroscape stand will be able toexperience a unique opportunityof seeing a number of water aer-ation units operating in a real-liferiver setting and a demonstrationof the benefits offered by thenew range of Weather Stationsintroduced into the UK for thefirst time this year.

Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

Hayter. Stand W15

Products on the Hayter stand willinclude the upgraded gang andtriple mowers and the productionversion of the R314 rotarymower. The popular professionalpedestrian mower, the hydrostat-ic Condor will show a 36" rotaryattachment. This machine canalso be fitted with a 30" rotary or30" verge attachment. The BankCondor will also be shown with a30" rotary attachment.

Recently voted "Product of theDecade" the Harrier will also befeatured. Initially designed forthe domestic market a high per-centage of contractors use thisproduct very successfully.

Hydroscape·Stand U25

Kubota·Stand W40

Kubota's Saltex exhibit will behighlighting the care and dedica-tion applied by the company in allits contacts and dealings withowners and users of Kubota trac-tors, implements and ride-onmowers. Areas which will comeunder the spotlight on stand W40include:The care taken to appraise,understand and meet each cus-tomer's specific machineryrequirements.The availability of competitive andflexible finance for lease or pur-chase funding through KubotaCredit.

Respect for the environmentthrough the extensive use of lownoise, low emission dieselengines.The wide selection of implementsavailable to extend the year-round versatility of Kubota trac-tors and mowers.Sustained performance and relia-bility through the fitting of gen-uine Kubota replacement partssupported by trained engineersat appointed dealers nation-wide.

Mommersteeg International. Stand F22·24

Mommersteeg International willbe exhibiting its wide range oftop quality grass mixtures.

The company's MM mixtures,which continue to find favourwith groundsmen and green keep-ers will be the focus of the exhib-it. The mixtures will be backed bya team of experienced technicalexperts who will be on hand toadvise on the best use of grassseed mixtures for sports andamenity areas.

Recent contracts for the compa-ny include the supply of mixturesfor the new Reading FootballClub" the Madjiski Stadium - thesoon to be opened Newbury by-pass, where 32 tonnes ofMommersteeg grass seed will beused, and the new cricket arenaand sporting village forHampshire County Cricket Club,which includes 20 new wickets,outfield, 9-hole golf course andbowling green, will also be usingall Mommersteeg grass seed.

Ocmis Irrigation (UK) Ltd .Stand Q6

One of Europe's largest irrigationcompanies specialising in thedesign, supply, installation andservice of sportsturf and land-scape irrigation systems.Distributors for Rainbird, Hunterand Buckner products. In housedesign service with full ISDNlinks. Unique unrivalled installa-tion methods ensure minimalscarring to existing sports sur-faces. International RainbirdContractor of the Year 1997.British Turf and LandscapeIrrigation Association Award ofExcellence Winner 1997. Officesand service centres throughoutthe United Kingdom, for furtherinformation contact: Head Office,01460 241939; Scotland Office,0131 2202102; [email protected]

Page 4: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview

EXHIBITORListings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

Pattisson's .Stand Q1

Pattison's enhance product port-folio with 3 new additions: The,Oakland, The Windsor TeeCollection and The Junior SarrellRollers

1. Pattisson's have establishedthemselves as the innovator ofgolf course furnishings since1896 and continue to do so.

2. This year has seen 3 newproduct's come onto the market,first was the Oakland Tee Marker,taking the popular design of thewooden log tee marker but mak-ing the tee marker out of resininstead of natural wood. Theeffect is identical and obviouslyenvironmentally friendlier. Theycame in two size's and can bepersonalised.

3. The Windsor Tee collectionconsist's of a matching DivotBox, Tee Block to hold the holeinformation and a Litter Bin allmade from the same material.For anyone looking for consisten-cy throughout the course youwill find it with these new prod-ucts

4. The popular Sarrell roller hasbeen complimented with a oneand two drum version. Thesenew versions will be a popularproduct for someone needing toaerate small areas instead ofhaving to get the big machineryout of the sheds.

'Rain Bird Europe -Stand CP9.

Rain Bird's Nimbus Decoder cen-tral control system uses powerfulcolour graphics and simplified onscreen instructions to provide ET-based schedules and advancedflow management. With NimbusQuick StartTM, users easilystart-up the software and areable to build their first cus-tomised program step by step.Maxi NimbusTM, uses MicrosoftWindowsTM '95. With advancedbuilt-in features to maximise yourirrigation efficiency, Nimbus willput you in control of your irriga-tion system in record time formtees to greens, this feature rich,user-friendly system will optimisewater use, reduce input costsand prolong the life of your hard-ware.

Rhone·Poulenc·Stand P2

Visit Rhone-Poulenc Amenity todiscuss their extensive range ofsportsturf products and to hearabout a number of exciting newdevelopments and additions totheir product range. Zapper is arevolutionary new total herbicidegiving season long control of allweeds thanks to its combinationof glyphosate and the uniqueanti-germinative properties ofoxadiazon. It has a superb envi-ronmental profile which is furtherenhanced by its innovative watersoluble packaging. Also featuredwill be Mildothane Turf Liquidwith its new label recommenda-tion for the suppression of wormcasts. Whatever your problem,be it sportsturf or total weedcontrol, Rhone-Poulenc Amenityhave an effective solution andlook forward to sharing theirexpertise with you.

Richard Campey Ltd -Stand W60

Richard Campey Ltd are exhibit-ing in their own right for the firsttime in order to launch theKORO range of Turf RenovationMachinery. The equipment is newand exclusive in the UK viaRichard Campey and is availableas a Recycling Dresser and Field-Top-Maker.

This unique concept of surfacemanagement will be demonstrat-ed to underline its ability to cre-ate an ideal environment for re-seeding - by the completion ofseveral jobs, i.e. flattens, creat-ing even ground: collects earthand sand: aerates sports turfareas: removes top layer:improves drainage and surfacewater percolation.

The Field-Top-Maker corrects sur-face irregularities by removingtop turf to 1 cm depth, eradicat-ing weeds and weed grasses,resulting in flat level surfaces,ready for conventional overseed-ing.

Rigby Taylor .Stand M1

Come and talk to the experts atthe Rigby Taylor. Staff will be onhand as always to offer friendlyhelp and advice. In addition you'llalso have the opportunity tomeet guest experts from majormanufacturers who will be morethan happy to provide more spe-cialist assistance and informa-tion.

Our stand will again offer a warm




To find out more visit us at BRLTEI

iiiTEL: 01782 373878 • J>Q.










BETTER RING ILl'Global Centre, Spalding Road,

Oeeping St James, Lines. PE6 8S0Tel: 01778 346222 Fax: 01778 346777 ~


August 1998 Greenkeeper International 67

Page 5: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview


E.tabliahed 1896-----~~

OAKLAND TEE MARKERBuy a set of red & white Oakland

tee markers and receive yourYELLOW TEE MARKERS ~O.C

SPECIAL OFFERPurchase 6 cans of spray paint

RECEIVE 2 f:O.CPurchase 6 cases of spray paint


ua\\t . ~enteqU\~'"

F: 0 1494 79 47 47


For further informationplease contact:

Irvine Weston on Tel: 01427 752058 orCleveland Sitesafe Ltd. Park Farm,

Dunsdale, Guisborough,Cleveland. TS14 6RQ.

Tel: 01642475009 or Fax: 01642 471036.

tiS Greenkeeper International August 1998

EXHIBITORListings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

welcome and comfortable hospi-tality as well as exhibiting thelatest products together withcomprehensive reference litera-ture. All of us at Rigby Taylorlook forward to meeting friendsboth old and new.

Rolawn·Stand CA11

Feedback from green keepers andagronomists throughout the UKled Holawn to sow a new mixtureof turf in late spring last year.

Sown from a mixture ofChewings Fescue (Barqreen),Slender Creeping Red Fescue(Barcrown), Smooth StalkedMeadow Grass (Limousine) andBrown Top Bent (Heriot) the turfis now ready for harvesting. Thebrand name Olympic has beenused to identify the new turf andit was tested by STRI in late Julywith results available fromAugust. It is non rye and purposegrown for tees. However it isalso suitable for green surrounds.It can be seen during the show.

Scotts UK ProfessionalTurf and Amenity Division -Stand E1

Scotts UK Professional Turf andAmenity Division is the UK'sleading supplier of fertilisers andchemicals to the landscape andamenity market, focussing in par-ticular on fine and outfield turf-care and weed control. Thebusiness was formed followingthe acquisition of Miracle GardenCare and Levington Horticultureby The Scotts Company. Thecompany invests heavily inResearch and Development atLevington Research Station toensure that the Sierra,Greenmaster and Longlife rangescontinue to meet the needs oftoday's turf managers. A com-prehensive range of formulationsand treatments is available inboth granular and liquids options,combining even and accurateapplication with uniform and reli-able turf growth and colourresponse.

Sisis Equipment(Macclesfield) Limited·Stand 827

Sisis are moving to a largerstand this year, where we will beexhibiting the largest range ofSisis machinery ever shown atSaltex.And, as always, Sisis will havelots of new introductions

Supaturf -Stand E18

Supaturf will be displaying theirfull range of amenity andgrounds maintenance products,but in pride of place, will be thenew line marking machine - theTopline TXE. The Topline TXE fol-lows on from the revolutionaryTopline 2000, and features atotally new - no-weld -ruggedfree frame, designed to offernew levels of performance andreliability. At the heart of the TXEis an improved battery poweredpump system that can provide afull day's work between charges.Also, a new addition toSupaturf's world leading range ofWater Management Products isAquaDoc In-A-Can. AquaDoc,already available in liquid form,has been specially formulated forrapid recovery treatment oflocalised problems such as: DrySpot, Wet Spot, andHydrophobicity on slopes andbanks.

Symbio.Stand H20

Symbio is launching a range ofmycorrhizal inoculants for turfthat will be of specific interest togreenkeepers growing in newgreens and for architects andgreenkeepers building newgreens.Lake, pond and irrigation watermanagement. Symbio is buildingon its long experience of pollu-tion control and management ofurban lakes and wastewater toprovide a complete service forgolf courses and amenity watermanagers.

Textron Turf Care &Specialty Products·Stand V15

Textron Turf Care & SpecialtyProducts may be a new name tosome, though when it comes toequipment the stand remains theMecca for all discerning green-keepers. Revered names likeJacobsen, Ransomes, E-ZE-GO,Iseki, Ryan and Cushman will bedemonstrated, though eachbrand will be grouped separately.So you'll see many familiar facesand some wonderful new machin-ery, for Textron's philosophy is tocontinue providing exciting equip-ment that delivers value, perfor-mance and productivity- always.Newcomers include Jacobsen'sSand Scorpion, plus their innova-tive LF 3400 and LF 3800 fair-way mowers, while Ransomes'unveil the acclaimed new Turf-Truckster; the first of its type tooffer automatic transmission.

Page 6: Saltex '98 Preview • • •WARDLEW '98 Preview EXHIBITOR Listings, listings, listings, listings, listings,

Saltex '98 Preview

EXHIBITORListings, listings, listings, listings, listings, listings

Look also for the new G-Plex 11with a swing-out centre reel foreasy access, plus the reintroduc-tion of Ransomes' highlyfavoured T-Plex 180 withimproved performance and econ-omy. E-Z-GO vehicles on displaywill include golf buggies and spe-cialist load carriers with bespokebodywork, while a galaxy of Isekitractors and accessories willnicely round off the Textron exhi-bition.

Toro Commercial Products -Stand W50

Toro Commercial Products isshowing a large selection of turfcare equipment from its compre-hensive product range, includingtwo new products being launchedon to the UK market. Brand newand representing a bit of adeparture from the normal Toroline-up is a walk-behind, compactutility machine designed to speedup and take the backache out ofa wide range of groundworksoperations. Far more convention-al is the new Toro Reelmaster5200-D fairway mower makingits UK debut. A much-awaiteddiesel version of the Grounds Promulti-purpose grounds machinemakes its first appearance; whilefavourites form Toro's existingrange include all fourGreenmaster pedestrian mowers,as well as 3000-D and 3200-Dride-ens. Groundmaster out-frontrotaries, Reelmaster 6500-D and2300-D, Sand Pro bunker vehicle,Workman utility vehicle and theHydroject aerator.

Turfmech·Stand W38

A high capacity, high-tip vacuumcollector suitable for use behindsmaller tractors is to be launchedat the show by TurfmechMachinery. Designed for fast,efficient collection of leaves, lit-ter, cut grass and other debrisfrom turf or hard surfaces, theTurNAC TM5 is a trailedmachine ideal for tractors of just30hp-plus. Standard features ofthe TM5 include a high-lift, high-tip unloading capability and a ful-ly-floating suction head withfull-width powered agitationbrush. To assist the collection ofstubborn, damp or sticky materi-al, the head is fitted with a full-width, rotating polyester filamentbrush as standard. The brush issupported by two height-adjustable wheels, enabling theseverity of the brushing action tobe altered quickly and easily tosuit the type and condition of thedebris being collected.

Vitax·Stand F54-56

Continuing Vitax's commitment toinnovative new products, forSaltex 1998 we launch three newproducts to further boost thestrength of our already successfulSportsturf Chemical range. Firstlycomes a new fungicide/wormkiller spray called "Twincarb". Avery cost effective chemical, italso offers the benefit of wormkilling at low rates. We think it willbe a winner with Greenkeepers adGroundsmen alike, but are reluc-tant to give too much away! Nextis Vitax Vitamark, a super concen-trated spray indicator which dis-perses over a 24 hour period, andhas very low usage rates. Finallywe launch Vitax Defoamer, againa super strength defoamer in ahandy, easy to use trigger spray.

Weed Free·Stand CA15

A day at the races awaits the visi-tor who can meet The MantisChallenge. Weed Free, wholaunched their unique sprayingunit, The Spraying Mantis at lastyear's show and chose its namefrom entries submitted during theevent, are offering free entry toAscot Racecourse for two, to theturf professional who can correct-ly answer questions on themachine' performance and say inunder 50 words why they wouldlike the Mantis to spray their turfareas. The Spraying Mantis willbe on show along with full infor-mation on Weed Free's compre-hensive range of AmenitySpraying Courses.

Toro Irrigation· Stand W52

Toro will be demonstrating itsmost innovative computerisedcentral irrigation control systemever - the revolutionary SitePro.Combining an easy, productive,graphic user-interface, matchedwith a Microsoft Windows 95operating platform, SitePro takesall the guesswork out of profes-sional irrigation management. ToroIrrigation has contributed to anamazing summer of UK sport withits systems installed in many ofthe country's major sportingvenues. Places such as Highbury,home of Arsenal; Wembley;TheAll England Tennis Club; RoyalBirkdale; Twickenham and Ascot.Many other sporting arenas havebenefited from Toro Irrigation sys-tems, none more prestigious thanthe Home of Golf, St Andrews,where Toro Irrigation productshave been specified for the OldCourse and the other four and ahalf courses.