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Some Appetizers I Compiled and gathered from the web not my own recipes


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Ingredients for 4 portions:

4 ripe, firm tomatoes, 1 cup whipping cream, 1/2 cup grated provolone cheese (or mozzarella), 1 tbsp. grated parmesan, 2 cups vegetables (green peas, sweet corn, sliced zucchini, diced peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.), 1 tsp. minced garlic, 1 tbsp. butter, chives.


1. Dip the 4 large tomatoes in boiling water and after 30-35 seconds transfer them in iced water to cool down and stop the cooking.

2. Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds, leaving the tomato cup-shaped. 3. Heat the butter in a medium frying pan and sauté the vegetables with the garlic until soft. 4. Add the cream and reduce the sauce slightly. 5. Thicken with the grated cheese and season to taste. 6. Place the tomato cups in appetizer plates and pour over it the creamy vegetable filling.7. Garnish the stuffed tomato with chives and chopped parsley, or fresh thyme.


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Ingredients :

3 thin baguette slices,garlic-flavored oil,

3 slices of smoked salmon,

1 tbsp. cream cheese,



3 grape tomatoes,

2 lemon wedges.

Recipe :

1. Brush the baguette slices with the garlic oil and bake them until golden brown. 2. Let them cool down a bit and spread the cream cheese over them.

3. Roll the smoked salmon with the sprouts in the shape of little palms and place them over the toast.

4. Serve the salmon crostini over the chives in the way seen in the picture.

5. Tip: The salmon crostini is a very easy and simple recipe, but very elegant and can be prepared in advance and kept refrigerated for a few hours before serving.

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Ingredients for 1 portion : For appetizer use a 4 oz., and for main course an 8 oz. rainbow trout fillet or the same size salmon fillet, carrot and celery sticks,4 asparagus spears,1/2 cup coconut milk,1 tsp. salt,1 tbsp. lemon juice,1/4 cup water,1 tbsp.sugar,6 melon scoops

Recipe :

1. Put the coconut milk, water, salt, sugar and lemon juice in a pan and bring to a boil. 2. Add the trout fillet and vegetables and cook until the carrot sticks are soft, approximately 7-8 minutes. 3. Serve the trout fillet in a bowl on top of the vegetables and pour around some of the poaching liquid. 4. Check if salt is according to your taste and garnish with the melon scoops, physalis (also called gooseberry) and fresh


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Ingredients for 4 portions Scampi Provencale:

16 uncooked jumbo shrimp, tablespoon butter,

1 ounce white wine,

1 teaspoon minced garlic,

1 tablespoon diced onion,

1/4 cup whipping cream,

chopped parsley or thyme,

2 tablespoon each - diced tomatoes and red or yellow peppers, salt.


1. In a medium frying pan heat the butter and stir in the garlic, onion and diced pepper until they are soft.

2. Add the shrimp, cook for 1 minute on each side and add the white wine.

3. When the wine evaporates, add the chopped tomato, cream and parsley, reduce the sauce slightly and season with salt and pepper to taste.

4. Garnish with fresh basil and serve with garlic bread.

Scampi Provencale is the perfect recipe for whenever you need an easy and very tasty appetizer, to go with a glass of nice white wine.

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Ingredients for 4 portions of grilled langoustine : 16 langoustine or large prawns,3 tablespoons olive oil,1 teaspoon chopped parsley,1 tablespoon dried herbs,1 large pinch chopped fresh dill,1 tablespoon lemon juice,1 teaspoon minced garlic,1 teaspoon oyster sauce,Salt and white pepper to taste.

Recipe :

1. Butterfly and de-vein the langoustine. 2. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade and brush the langoustine with it before grilling. 3. Grill them meat side down over charcoal, or at home in a cast iron griddle pan, until they turn orange-red. 4. Turn the langoustine and grill the other side for about 1 minute. 5. Serve immediately.

Cooking tip: The same simple marinade can be used with many other kinds of seafood - fish, scallops, squid, etc.

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1 1/2 pounds ground beef1 egg1 onion, chopped1 cup milk1 cup dried bread crumbssalt and pepper to taste2 tablespoons brown sugar2 tablespoons prepared mustard1/3 cup ketchup


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

Page 9: Sample Appetizers

2. In a large bowl, combine the beef, egg, onion, milk and bread OR cracker crumbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste and place in a lightly greased 5x9 inch loaf pan, OR form into a loaf and place in a lightly greased 9x13 inch baking dish.

3. In a separate small bowl, combine the brown sugar, mustard and ketchup. Mix well and pour over the meatloaf.

4. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour.



1 (10.75 ounce) can Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (Regular, 98% Fat Free or Healthy Request)1 (2 ounce) pouch Campbell's® Dry Onion Soup and Recipe Mix6 small red potatoes, halved6 medium carrots, cut into 2-inch pieces1 (3 pound) boneless beef bottom round roast or chuck pot roast


1. Stir the soup, onion soup mix, potatoes and carrots in a 4 1/2-quart slow cooker. Add the beef and turn to coat.2. Cover and cook on LOW for 8 to 9 hours* or until the beef is fork-tender.

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1 tablespoon dried thyme leaves1 tablespoon paprika2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper2 teaspoons salt1 teaspoon onion powder1/2 teaspoon garlic powder1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper1/2 teaspoon ground cumin3 pounds beef brisket, trimmed of fat1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke flavoring2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce1 1/2 cups barbeque sauce


1. Combine thyme, paprika, pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, and cumin in a small bowl; set aside. Rub brisket all over with liquid smoke, then rub with spice mixture.

2. Pour Worcestershire and barbeque sauces into a slow cooker; place beef on top. Cover, and cook on LOW 8 to 10 hours, until fork tender.

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Ingredients1.5 lbs. stewing beef, cut into 1.5" cubes1/2 cup vinegar6 whole peppercorn, crushed3 tsp. cooking oil2 tsp. salt3 cloves garlic, crushed1 onion, sliced1/2 cup tomato sauce1/2 cup hot water1/2 green pepper, cut into strips1/2 red pepper, cut into strips1 bay leaf1 tsp. tabaso1/2 tsp. MSG1 tsp. sugar3 tbsp. oil1 small can peas (8 oz.)2 oz. liver sausage or 3 oz. can liver spread


2 hard cooked eggs, sliced1/4 cup stuffed olives


1. Marinate beef in a mixture of vinegar, peppercorn and garlic for 1 to 2 hours. Drain. Brown in hot oil a few pieces at a time. Set aside.

2. Saute onions in remaining fat in skillet until soft but not brown. Return the pieces of beef to skillet. Add tomato sauce, bay leaf, salt, MSG, sugar and hot water. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook for 1.5 to 2 hours or until beef is tender.

Page 12: Sample Appetizers

3. Add red and green peppers and tabasco sauce. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes more. Add liver paste and green peas. Stir and cook another 5 minutes. Garnish with sliced hard boiled eggs and stuffed olives.


Ingredients1/2 kilo of beef (round, sirloin or tenderloin), sliced 1/4-inch thick4 tbsp. of kalamansi (native lemon) juice1/4 c. of dark soy saucefreshly-ground pepper1 tsp. of minced garlic2 large onions, cut into rings2 tbsp. of cooking oil

METHOD1. In a glass mixing bowl, mix kalamansi or lemon juice and soy sauce. Add beef, garlic and ground pepper. Mix well. Let

sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.2. Heat a heavy skillet. Add oil. Lightly fry the onion rings. Remove from skillet and drain on paper towels. Keep warm.3. Reheat oil until smoking. Pan-fry the beef slices in batches, removing them as they brown. When all the beef has been

cooked, pour the marinade into the skillet and boil for 1 minute.4. Arrange beef slices on a plate. Place the onion rings on top. Pour the sauce over the onions and beef. Serve at once.


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1/2 kilo pork loin, sliced into pieces1 small can pineapple chunks1 large onion, quartered1 red & 1 green bell peppers, sliced into strips2 tablespoons of soy sauce3 tablespoons of peanut oil4 tablespoons of cornstarch3 tablespoons of ketchup1 tablespoon of sugar1 teaspoon of salt3 cloves of minced garlic


1. In a pot, boil pork in 2 cups of water with 1/2 teaspoon of salt until tender, then drain (keep the pork stock for later).2. Mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and soy sauce then coat the pork with the cornstarch mixture.3. Fry the pork in a skillet until golden brown, set aside.4. Dissolve the remaining 2 tablespoons of cornstarch on 1/2 cup of pork stock – set aside.5. Sauté garlic and onions on oil, then add the bell peppers, pineapple chunks (including the syrup), ketchup, sugar, 1/2

teaspoon salt and the dissolved cornstarch. Stir until sauce thickens.6. Pour over fried pork then serve with rice.


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1/2 kilo pork (cut into small chunks)1/4 kilo pork liver (cut into small cubes)5 pieces chorizo Bilbao (also cut in small pieces)4 potatoes (peeled, cut in small cubes, fried)1 green and 1 red bell pepper (diced)1 cup chickpeas1/4 cup raisins1/2 teaspoon paprika1 cup pork or chicken stock2 teaspoons of patis (fish sauce)3 tablespoons oil1 tablespoon atsuete oil (optional)3 tomatoes (diced)1 small head of garlic (minced)1 medium size onion (diced


In a pan or wok, heat cooking oil and atsuete oil. Saute garlic, onion. Then add the pork, liver, chorizo de Bilabo, tomatoes, bell pepper, paprika, patis and the stock. Cover and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20 minutes or until the pork is tender. Add the chickpeas, potatoes and raisins. Boil of another 2 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot with white rice.


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Filling:1/4 kilo pork liempo, boiled and sliced1/2 kilo shrimp, shelled

2 squares tokwa (tofu), cubed

1/2 cabbage, medium-sized, shredded

1 cup string beans, sliced diagonally

carrot, cut into thin strips

kinchay, cut lengthwise, half inch

kamote, medium-sized, cut into thin strips

lettuce leaves

3 tbsp. cooking oil

1 onion, sliced

1 garlic, crushed

peanuts, finely chopped (for garnishing)

For sauce:1 cup brown sugarwater


soy sauce


1. Saute garlic and onions. Add pork and shrimp.2. When pork and shrimp are slightly cooked, add tofu.3. Add carrots, string beans, kamote, then kinchay and cabbage. Do not overcook.4. Season to taste. Cool before wrapping.5. To make sauce:

Dissolve cornstarch in water and soy sauce. Put brown sugar in a saucepan. Caramelize by stirring the sugar continually until totally melted. (Don’t scorch the sugar.) Add some water and simmer until the caramel is dissolved. Add cornstarch dissolved in water and soy sauce. Stir until mixture becomes smooth and transparent.

Page 16: Sample Appetizers

6. To make lumpia: Put 2-3 tablespoons of filling in lumpia wrapper. Roll wrapper and seal. Serve with sauce and finely chopped peanuts.



1 kilo pork skin1/3 cup soy sauce1/2 cup Vinegar2 medium onions, chopped3 medium tomatoes, chopped4 cups of water1 teaspoon salt6 pcs chili (siling labuyo)


1. In a casserole, put pork skin in water and some salt.2. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until the pork is tender and the skin is soft.3. Remove pork skin from water.4. Slice the pork skin into bite sized pieces while still hot.5. Place in a bowl and add vinegar, chili, soy sauce and chopped, uncooked onions and tomatoes.6. Serve immediately!

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INGREDIENTS1 ½ liters rice washing or water2 medium tomatoes, sliced

1 medium onion, sliced

½ kg pork liempo, sliced

½ kg pork ribs, cut into serving pieces

1 medium radish, sliced

1 sachet 20g MAGGI Sinigang sa Sampaloc Mix

2 cups sliced mustasa leaves

2 pieces siling panigang (finger chilies)

patis (fish sauce), to taste


Boil rice washing with tomatoes, onions, pork liempo and pork ribs.Simmer over low heat for 40-45 minutes or until pork meat begin to disintegrate from the bones.Add radish and cook for 5 minutes. Stir-in MAGGI Sinigang sa Sampaloc Mix.Bring to a boil.Add mustasa leaves and siling panigang.Season with patis to taste.

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INGREDIENTS2 tbsp cooking oil1 kg chicken legs (thighs & drumsticks)

2 tsp crushed garlic

1/2 cup minced celery stalks

1/2 cup minced onion

2 cups diced and peeled tomatoes

2 pieces bay leaves

2 pieces 11g MAGGI Chicken Broth Cube dissolved in 1 cup water

1 cup water

1 cup baby potatoes, washed

sprigs of parsley

. carrot sliced into strips

. zucchini sliced into strips


1. Heat oil and stir-fry chicken in batches until half-cooked.

Page 19: Sample Appetizers

2. Set aside.3. Sauté next 4 ingredients in the same pan.4. Return chicken to pan and add the rest of the ingredients.5. Simmer until meat and potatoes are fork-tender.6. Sprinkle top with parsley and serve with buttered carrot and zucchini strips.



Chicken Balls:100 g ground chicken1/2 cup soft bread crumbs1/4 cup chopped green onions1 sachet 8g MAGGI MAGIC SARAP1 pc egg1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp pepper2 tbsp oil1 tbsp finely chopped garlic1/2 cup chopped onions1/4 cup chopped tomatoes1/2 cup chopped carrots1/4 cup chopped celery1 cup chopped cabbage2 pcs 11g MAGGI Chicken Broth Cube dissolved in 8 cups water100 g sotanghon soaked in water and drained

Page 20: Sample Appetizers


1. Combine ground chicken, bread crumbs, green onions, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP, egg, salt and pepper. Mix well and set aside.

2. Heat oil and saute garlic, onions, and tomatoes.3. When the tomatoes are limp, add in the carrots, celery and cabbage for 5 minutes or until limp.4. Pour in prepared chicken broth and let boil.5. Form 1 teaspoon of chicken mixture into balls and add one by one into the boiling broth. Let boil for another 5

minutes.6. Add sotanghon into the broth, simmer for another 2 minutes. Serve hot.



2 medium chicken thighs1 tsp ground white pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tbsp ground turmeric

1 tbsp aniseed powder

1 tbsp ground cumin

1 tbsp paprika powder

1 tbsp ground coriander

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 medium lime

Page 21: Sample Appetizers

6 6 inch wooden skewers

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon

1 knife

1 bowl


1. Step 1: The Satay MixInto a bowl put a teaspoon of ground white pepper, a teaspoon of garlic powder, a tablespoon of aniseed powder, a tablespoon of ground cumin, a tablespoon of ground coriander, a tablespoon of paprika, and a tablespoon of ground turmeric. Stir thoroughly to create a dry satay mix. Transfer 2 tablespoons of the mix into another bowl, one tablespoon for each of our two chicken thighs. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Stir to create a paste.

2. Step 2: The ChickenRemove the bones by running a sharp knife down either side. The top end will come away easily. Then cut around the bottom of the bone and remove the gristle. Trim and scrape off any excess fat. Tear the skin away as this will burn. Carefully cut from the middle into one side of the thigh and fold it open. Cut into the other side the same way to open it out. This will create a flat, evenly sized piece of chicken. Slice into pieces of about 5 centimetres.Repeat with the second thigh. Run the knife alongside the bone and cut it out along with the gristle. Feel with your fingers to make sure all the bones are removed and then tear away the skin. Cut into both sides and open out. Slice into strips ready to be marinated.

3. Step 3: MarinatePlace the chicken strips into the bowl with the marinade. Mix well. The consistency of the marinade should evenly coat the chicken, lift the strips up to make sure this is the case. As it is a strong sauce the chicken is ready to cook immediately.

4. Step 4: Get SkeweringTOP TIPSoak the skewers in cold water for a few seconds, this will prevent them from burning when cooking.Take a skewer and thread on a chicken piece. Try to ensure that the skewer doesn’t show through either side. Push it down but leave room at the bottom for holding. Thread on a second, and then a third piece. Satay literally means ‘Triple Stacked’ so aim to thread 3 pieces on each skewer if you can.Repeat with the next skewer, and then the next until you have run out of meat. You should have enough chicken to fill at least three skewers. This can be a messy procedure so wash you hands well when finished.

5. Step 5: GrillPlace the skewers onto a grill or griddle pan that has been preheated to a high temperature and leave to cook. Occasionally press them down but not too hard though as this may squeeze the flavours out. If the meat sticks gently prise it loose.After about 4 minutes, when the chicken is a golden brown, turn it, and leave the other side to brown for a further 4 to 5 minutes. To check the chicken is cooked through, cut into it. It should be white inside. When done transfer the satay to a serving plate.

6. Step 6: ServeTOP TIPRoll a lime back and forth under your hand. This will squeeze the insides making it juicierCut a wedge from the lime and place it alongside the satay.Satay is an informal dish in Malaysia and is often bought and eaten on the streets. It is especially good served with a peanut dipping sauce. Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top of the sauce as a finishing touch.

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3 tablespoons butter1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

Page 23: Sample Appetizers

1 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

2 cups evaporated milk or half-and-half

1 1/2 cups chicken broth

3 cups diced cooked chicken

1/4 cup chopped pimiento


1. Melt butter in a medium saucepan.2. Add mushrooms and green pepper; cook for 5 minutes.3. Blend in flour, salt, and pepper.4. Continue stirring and cooking until smooth and bubbly.5. Gradually add milk and chicken broth, stirring constantly.6. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.7. If you’d like a thicker sauce, blend 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 1/4 cup cold water; add to sauce, a little at a

time, until desired thickness is reached.8. Cook for a few more minutes.9. Add chicken and pimiento; heat through.10. Serve on toast points or pastry shells or rice.


Page 24: Sample Appetizers


7 pcs eggs2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 pc small onion, chopped

1 pouch (115 g) DEL MONTE Filipino Style Tomato Sauce

1-1/2 cups water

1/2 pc chicken bouillon cube

100 grams potatoes, sliced

1/4 cup cooked/frozen green peas

1 pc small red bell pepper, cut into cubes


1. COOK 6 pieces eggs until hard boiled. Cut each egg lengthwise into two.2. Beat remaining egg. Set aside.3. SAUTÉ garlic and onion in oil. Add chicken cube, DEL MONTE Tomato Sauce, water and potatoes.4. Season with 1 tsp soy sauce, 1/4 tsp iodized fine salt (or ¾ tsp iodized rock salt) and 1/8 tsp pepper.5. Simmer for 10 minutes.6. ADD green peas, bell peppers and beaten eggs.7. Simmer while stirring for 2 minutes, or until cooked. Add boiled eggs.


Page 25: Sample Appetizers

Ingredients for 4 portions : 4 salmon fillets (7 oz. each),1/2 cup dry white wine,

1 cup water,

1/2 teaspoon salt,

1 handful julienne vegetables mix (peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini),

8 asparagus spears,

1 tarragon sprig,

a few rings of white onion,

a few leaves of cilantro,

1 sprig parsley,

the juice of 1/2 lime.

Recipe :

1. Put all the ingredients, except salmon, in a large heavy skillet and bring to a boil. 2. Add the salmon fillets and reduce the temperature to simmer.

3. Cover the skillet with a lid and poach the salmon fillets for about 7 minutes or until the desired doneness.

4. When ready, remove the onion and the fresh herbs from the broth. Share the julienne vegetables in four bowls and place the salmon fillets over them.

5. Pour the poaching liquid over the salmon and decorate the plates with a slice of lime and a few balls of cantaloupe.

6. You can cut the cantaloupe balls with a small butter scoop. This is a great low-calorie and low-fat recipe, full of vitamins and Omega-3.

Page 26: Sample Appetizers


Ingredients for 1 portion : 1 (9 oz.) Sea Bass fillet,1 tbsp. butter,

1 cup fresh spinach,

10-15 asparagus spears,

1/4 sliced onion,

2 tbsp. coconut cream,

salt and pepper to taste.

Recipe :

1. Season the Sea Bass and place it in roasting pan, pour 3 tbsp. water, cover with aluminum foil and put in a preheated oven to 425 F. for about 12 minutes. Sea Bass is expensive and delicate fish and I find this cooking method to be the best, because it preserves all of its delicate buttery flavor.

2. Meanwhile sauté the sliced onion with the butter and add the fresh spinach. Blanch the asparagus spears in boiling water and add them in the pan. Season to taste and serve the Sea Bass filet on top of the ready vegetables.

3. Heat some coconut cream in the pan from the sautéd vegetables and drizzle it over the fish. I garnished the Sea Bass for this photo with physalis (gooseberry), strawberry tomato, lemon, salmon roe and fresh dill.

Page 27: Sample Appetizers

Seafood Risotto Recipe

Ingredients for two portions of Seafood Risotto:

2 cups boiled and rinsed rice (slightly under-cooked), 12-15 fresh, cleaned mussels,

1-2 cups chicken stock, 1

0 large, pealed and deveined shrimp,

6 oz. small scallops,

5 oz. calamari rings,

2 tbsp. grated parmesan,

1 tbsp. diced onion,

1 tsp. minced garlic,

1 tbsp. butter,

1 tbsp. EV olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh tarragon,

2 tablespoon white wine,

2 tablespoon tomato sauce (optional).

Recipe :

1. Heat the olive oil and butter in a large pan and saute the onion and garlic.

Page 28: Sample Appetizers

2. Add the mussels and when they start opening, add the rest of the seafood.

3. Add the wine, too, and cook for 2 minutes before adding the boiled rice.

4. Stir well and start pouring gradually the chicken stock while stirring. (It is better to use chicken stock instead of fish stock, as there is enough fish flavor from the seafood).

5. When the stock absorbs into the rice and you get the desired consistency, season, add the chopped tarragon and fold in the grated parmesan.

6. Contrary to what some people say, that parmesan and seafood don't go well together, I find this recipe to taste even better with parmesan in it.

7. Serve the Seafood Risotto as shown in the picture.

Steamed Whole Lobster

Recipe for 1 Steamed Whole Lobster :

1 whole, live lobster, 3 cups water,

1/4 cup beer (or white wine, if you prefer it),

1 tbsp. salt,

fresh basil and dill,

1 lemon wedge,

Page 29: Sample Appetizers

1 teaspoon brown sugar.

Recipe :

1. Combine all the ingredients for the lobster in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Dip the lobster, head first, into the boiling liquid and cover with a lid. Cook for 7-8 minutes or until ready. Serve with drawn butter.


Ingredients :

16 black tiger shrimp (21-25 per lb.),1 tsp. chopped garlic,

1 tbsp. olive oil,

little salt and white pepper,

1 tsp. lemon juiceFor the salsa:

2 large ripe tomatoes, diced,

Page 30: Sample Appetizers

1 tsp. chopped cilantro,

1 tbsp. vegetable oil,

some chopped onion,

green bell pepper and celery,

the juice of 1 lemon,

salt to tasteFor decoration:

4 sprigs rosemary,

4 leaves purple cabbage.

Recipe :

1. Mix together the chopped garlic, olive oil, salt pepper and lemon juice and dip the shrimp in the marinade. 2. Grill the shrimp over an open-flame barbeque, approximately 2 minutes on each side.

3. Mix the ingredients for the fresh Mexican salsa and fill the four purple cabbage leaves with the salsa.

4. Arrange four grilled shrimp on each rosemary sprig and serve them upright as seen in the picture.

5. Drizzle little olive oil over the grilled shrimp and serve immediately.

6. This grilled shrimp recipe is for four appetizer sized servings. If you increase the grilled shrimp to 5 or 6 it can be served as a light entree for the hot summer season.



1 tbsp chopped garlic 1 tbsp chopped ginger

Page 31: Sample Appetizers

2 pcs or to taste sili haba, chopped

2 pcs tomatoes, chopped

3 tbsp vegetable oil


1 tbsp sugar

1 cup evaporated milk

3 bunches kangkong trimmed about 6 cups

patis to taste

2 cups crushed chicharon


1. Sauté the garlic, ginger, siling haba and tomatoes in the oil.2. Add MAGGI MAGIC SARAP and sugar. Cook for 1 minute.3. Add the milk and bring to a simmer.4. Add the kangkong and stir to mix well. Cover and bring to a quick boil. Season with patis and remove from heat. Do

not overcook the kangkong.5. Transfer to a serving platter and top with chopped chicharon or bagnet. Serve hot.


Page 32: Sample Appetizers


2 large white onions, sliced into rings 1 cup NESTLE Fresh Milk combined with

1 1/4 tsp cream of tartar

2 cups all purpose flour

1 sachet 8g MAGGI Magic Sarap

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp cayenne red pepper

cooking oil for deep-frying


1. Separate onion rings and soak in the milk mixture. Cover and chill for about 1 hour.2. Sift together flour, MAGGI Magic Sarap, paprika, and cayenne red pepper.3. Drain onions and dredge into the seasoned flour. Shake off excess flour and deep-fry in hot oil4. until golden. Drain in paper towels and serve right away.

Page 33: Sample Appetizers

Thai Tomato and Green Bean Salad


3 heirloom tomatoes100 g green beans

4 tbsp coriander, chopped

1 tbsp chopped basil

2 tbsp chopped unsalted roasted peanuts

For the sauce:1 fresh red chilli, de-seeded & finely chopped3 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp palm sugar

3 tbsp fish sauce

1 garlic clove, minced


1. Core and cut the tomatoes into cubes.2. Discard the very top and bottom of each tomato. Place them in a bowl.3. Cut all the beans in half, finely slice them into strips and add them to the tomatoes.4. Add the chopped herbs and the peanuts.5. Put the chilli, lemon juice, palm sugar, fish sauce and garlic into a bowl and mix well.6. Mash the palm sugar with the back of the spoon to help it dissolve.7. Pour the sauce over the tomatoes and beans.8. Toss the salad well and serve.

Page 34: Sample Appetizers

Japanese Vegetable Salad Ingredients:


1/3 c Soy sauce 3 tb Rice-wine vinegar

2 tb Sugar

1 tb Sake

2 ts Fresh lemon juice

1 md Carrot; peeled

1 Japanese cucumber

1 sm Daikon; peeled

3 tb Black sesame seeds


1. In a small bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, rice-wine vinegar, sugar, sake, and lemon juice.2. Cut the carrot, cucumber, and daikon using the green machine.3. Combine vegetables in a medium bowl.4. Pour dressing over vegetables, and toss well to coat.5. Divide salad among four bowls, and sprinkle with sesame seeds to garnish.

Page 35: Sample Appetizers

Lumpiang Togue


1/2 cup minced pork or chicken or beef (optional)*1 tsp cornstarch

1 tsp cooking wine

1/4 tsp salt

4 cups togue (beansprouts) [about 400 gm]

1 stalk celery – shredded

1 medium carrot – finely julienned

8 big egg roll wrappers (about 9 inch x 9 inch)

2 Tbsp oil


1 Tbsp sugar1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp sesame oil

Flour Paste:1 Tbsp flour1 Tbsp water

Page 36: Sample Appetizers

Dip:2 Tbsp vinegar2 Tbsp soy sauce

1 garlic clove – smashed


1. Mix all seasoning, flour paste and dip ingredients separately. Set aside.2. In a bowl, mix the cooking wine, salt, and cornstarch. Stir until salt is dissolved. Add the meat into it and mix to

combine.3. In a wok, heat the oil. Tip in the meat mixture and cook until meat changes color – about 3 minutes. Making sure to

mash it from time to time to separate the meat.4. Turn heat to high and add in all the vegetables. Stir fry for 2 minutes.5. Remove from heat and transfer to a colander.6. Mix in the seasoning. Leave to drain in the colander for several hours or until completely cool and fully drained.7. Place the egg roll wrappers on a clean working surface. Put about 3 Tablespoonful of the vegetable mixture on the

wrapper. Fold and roll like an envelope.8. Seal with the flour paste.9. Deep fry for a few minutes or until golden brown. Drain vertically on a small colander or sieve or on paper towels.

Serve warm with the dip.

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Ingredients :

Zucchini, mushrooms (Cremini, Agaricus, Baby Portabello, etc.), 1/4 radicchio or 1/2 radicchio treviso,

carrot sticks (blanched),

red bell peppers.

Page 37: Sample Appetizers

For the dressing:

whipping cream, blue cheese, minced garlic, white vinegar, dried herbs (basil, oregano, thyme).

Recipe :

1. Cut the zucchini, the red pepper and carrots to sticks. 2. First blanch the carrot sticks in boiling water for 2 minutes.

3. Season all the vegetables and grease them with little oil.

4. Grill all vegetables over the B-B-Q and arrange them in a plate.

5. Meanwhile, mix in a food processor all the ingredients for the dressing according to your taste. Drizzle over the grilled vegetables. Garnish with chives and fresh mint.


Ingredients for 1 Caprese salad : 1 ripe tomato,4 slices buffalo mozzarella cheese

or 2 balls baby bocconcini (sliced),

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil,

2 teaspoons basil pesto sauce,

pinch fresh basil, chopped,

little spring mix salad,

salt and freshly ground

black pepper to taste.

Recipe :

Page 38: Sample Appetizers

1. Prepare a canapé from the spring mix salad and put over it 4 round slices or 8 half slices of the tomato. 2. Season the tomato to taste and drizzle with olive oil.

3. Put the cheese on top and garnish with little pesto and a leaf of fresh basil.

4. For an additional twist try some walnut oil. This salad is very tasty and elegant, and suitable for a party platter.


Ingredients for the Caesar dressing :

400 ml. mayonnaise, 1 tbsp. lemon juice,

1 tbsp. white vinegar,

1 chopped anchovy fillet or the same quantity anchovy paste,

1 tsp. minced garlic,

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese,

1 large pinch Italian herbs,

Page 39: Sample Appetizers

1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce,

1 pinch black pepper,

1 tsp. chopped cilantro.

Salad for 3-4 people: 1 head of romaine lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces and washed, 1 cup croutons, Parmesan cheese shavings.

Recipe for the dressing :

1. Combine all the ingredients for the dressing, except mayo, in a food processor and blend on high speed for 1-2 minutes.

2. Add the mixture to the mayo and stir. In a salad bowl combine the lettuce and the croutons, add as much dressing as desired, toss and serve. Store the rest of the dressing for future use.

3. Garnish with Parmesan shavings.

4. Tip: To add some twist to your salad, try to make some herb croutons from several kinds of bread, or use diced prosciutto instead of bacon bits. If you run a restaurant you simply can't avoid having Caesar salad in your menu, because it is so popular. One of the few things you can do to stand out from the rest is to have your own, house made Caesar dressing.


Ingredients for each portion : 5 slices of smoked salmon,1/2 mango,


10 gr. brown sugar,

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dragon fruit,

1/2 lime.

Recipe : Caramelized Salmon Fruit Salad

1. Roll 4 or 5 slices of smoked salmon for each person in the way you see in the picture, arrange in a baking pan over parchment paper, sprinkle with sugar and broil in a preheated oven until caramelized.

2. Serve over spring salad and sprinkle with berries and other fruits of your choice. You can use sesame ginger dressing for the fruits.

Ambrosia Salad Recipe


1 can mandarin oranges, drained1 can pineapple chunks, drained

1 cup miniature marshmallows

1 cup flaked coconut

1 cup sour cream


1. Gently mix together all ingredients. The sour cream version can be immediately put into serving bowls as it will be firm enough when made. The yogurt version might be a little runny so you may want to refrigerate it for a couple of hours first.

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Ingredients for 2 portions of shrimp pasta : 250 gr. fusilli pasta (rottini),4 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil,

1 cup sliced three color bell peppers,

16 (count 21-25) black tiger shrimp,

1 teaspoon minced garlic,

1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley,

1/2 cup steamed broccoli,

1/4 thinly sliced onion.

Recipe :

1. Heat the olive oil in a medium frying pan and sauté the garlic and onion for 2-3 minutes.

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2. Add the shrimp and vegetables and cook stirring until the vegetables are soft and the shrimp turns red.

3. Boil the fusilli pasta according to your taste or following the package instructions.

4. Add the boiled and strained fusilli noodles to the pan and season to taste with salt and pepper.

5. Sprinkle the shrimp pasta with the fresh parsley and toss well.

6. Dried basil and oregano can be used, too. Top the pasta with freshly grated Parmesan cheese after serving.


Ingredients for 4 portions of conchiglie or 28 stuffed seashell pasta noodles : 3/4 pound ground beef,1 large egg,

1 small chopped onion,

1 garlic clove, minced,

2 tablespoons pesto sauce,

1 cup table cream,

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2 tbsp. tomato sauce,

1 tablespoon butter,

salt and pepper to taste,

chopped parsley.

Recipe :

1. Bring 1 litre of water to a rolling boil, add 1 teaspoon of salt and boil the noodles al dente. Cool them down with cold water and leave them aside until you are ready with the stuffing.

2. For the stuffing: Mix the ground beef with the egg and add the tomato sauce, chopped onion and the chopped parsley. Add some breadcrumbs if desired (optional).

3. Season to taste and fill the seashell noodles with the ground beef stuffing. You do not need to pre-cook the stuffing. In a frying pan, heat the butter and cook the garlic until soft, then add the stuffed noodles with the opening facing the bottom of the pan, to sear the stuffing.

4. Add the pesto and table cream to the pan and bring the sauce to a boil, but do not reduce the sauce on the stove. Instead put the pan in a preheated oven and leave it to cook there for about 10 minutes.

5. Make sure you are using a pan with a metal or oven-proof handle. If the sauce thickens, before the stuffing is cooked, simply pour an ounce of water or more cream in the pan with the conchiglie.


Ingredients for 3 litres of this Italian tomato sauce : 1 (3 l.) can Italian peeled tomatoes in tomato juice,100 ml. olive oil,

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1 small bunch fresh basil,

1 chopped onion,

1 tbsp. minced garlic,

1/2 tsp. sugar,

1 tbsp. salt,

3 bay leaves,

2 tbsp. unsalted butter,

1 lb. dry penne pasta (enough for 4 dinner-size portions).

Recipe :

1. Heat the olive oil in a pot and add the onion and garlic. 2. Stir regularly for about 3-4 minutes. Liquefy the tomatoes with a blender and add them in the pot.

3. Add the salt and bay leaves. Cook over low temperature for 45 min. (or until the desired thickness is achieved), stirring regularly.

4. Add the sugar, chopped basil and butter 10 min. before the sauce is ready. Boil the penne, strain and toss with some of the pomodoro sauce. The remaining sauce can be kept for 7-8 days in refrigerator or to be frozen.

5. Serve with freshly grated or shaved Parmesan cheese on top. Garnish the Penne Pomodoro with fresh basil.


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Ingredients for 2 portions : 300 gr. frozen gnocchi,1/2 cup whipping cream,

3 large slices prosciutto (thinly sliced and diced),

1 handful snap peas,

1/2 cup shitake mushrooms (regular mushrooms will do),

1 teaspoon minced garlic,

1 tablespoon chopped onion,

1 tablespoon butter,

1 cup pomodoro sauce,

50 ml. dry white wine,

1/2 small cube chicken base.

Recipe :

1. Heat the butter in a medium frying pan and sauté the garlic and onion for 1 minute. 2. Add the shitake mushrooms, prosciutto and snap peas and sauté for 1 minute more.

3. Deglaze with the white wine and add the cream and pomodoro sauce.

4. Season to taste with salt, pepper and the chicken base.

5. Reduce the pasta sauce to almost half. Meanwhile drop the gnocchi in boiling water and when they rise to the surface of the water, boil for 1 minute more, or approximately 3 minutes in total. Strain and toss the gnocchi with the sauce and serve.

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Spaghetti Aglio e Olio - olive oil and garlic sauce pasta

Ingredients for 2 portions of Spaghetti Aglio e Olio:

250 gr. spaghetti, 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup beef au jus , chopped parsley,

basil and fresh thyme,

1 pinch chili flakes,

1 tbsp. minced garlic,

1 tsp. butter, salt,

Parmesan cheese,

chopped bacon and sliced sundried tomato – optional, salt and fresly ground black pepper to taste.


1. Heat the olive oil and butter in a medium frying pan over medium-high temperature. 2. Add the garlic and cook until golden brown. Be careful to not brown the garlic too much, as the pasta will have

unpleasant smell. Pour gently the beef au jus and reduce for 1 minute.

3. Add the boiled and strained spaghetti to the pan and toss with the chili flakes and chopped fresh herbs. Season to taste.

4. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese. If using bacon and sundried tomato, add them in the beginning with the garlic.

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Ingredients :

250 ml. whole milk,150 gr. flour,

2 large eggs,

1 pinch salt,

1 tablespoon sugar,

1 tablespoon vanilla extract,

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil or butter.

Recipe :

1. Prepare the batter for the French crepes according to the recipe for Crespelle with the addition of 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. vanilla extract.

2. Cook according to the same recipe. Cool down the crepes completely. 3. Put 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center of every crepe and fold into a square pressing gently. 4. Put the filled crepes for about 20 min. in the freezer until they are firm but not entirely frozen. 5. Melt 1 tbsp. butter in a small frying pan and add 2 tbsp. sugar, 2 shots Irish cream, 1 espresso and 2 tbsp. chocolate


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6. Cut each crepe to 2 triangles and drizzle the sauce over it.


Ingredients for 10 ramekins of Vanilla Creme Brulee :

1 liter table cream,3 oz. whole milk,

16 egg yolks,

250 gr. sugar (1 cup),

half vanilla bean,

1 oz. vanilla extract.

Recipe :

1. Bring the cream and milk to a boil with the vanilla bean inside. As soon as it starts boiling, remove from heat and let cool down to 36 C.

2. In the mean time, whip the egg yolks with the sugar and the vanilla essence until creamy but still liquid. Pour slowly the yolk mixture in the cream while whisking.

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3. Pour the ready mixture in 10 ramekin cups and place them in a hotel pan. Fill the pan with hot water to the middle of the ramekins, cover with aluminum foil and place it in a preheated oven at 350 F.

4. Leave a small hole in the foil.

5. After about 35 minutes start checking every 5 minutes or so. When the crème brulee is set, it is ready. It may look a little bit wobbly in the middle, but it should be ready. Keep in mind that you can't safely leave it to cook for a little while longer, because you can end up with sweet and expensive scrambled eggs instead of creme brulee. Refrigerate the desserts until completely cold.

6. Before serving sprinkle lightly with sugar and burn the top. If you don't have a pastry torch you can caramelize sugar in a pan and spoon a thin layer on top of the crème brulee.

7. Cooking tip: You can add a shot of liqueur in the creme brulee mixture, if desired. Suitable liqueurs are all nut-flavored liqueurs such as Frangelico (hazelnut), Disaronno (almond), even Sambucca (star anise).


Ingredients for 6 martini glasses of Chocolate Mousse :

8 squares semi-sweet bakers chocolate,1 cup double espresso,

30 ml. artificial vanilla extract,

30 ml. Kahlua liquor,

6 egg whites,

5 egg yolks,

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200 ml. whipping cream,

80 gr. sugar,

maraschino cherries and a little whipped cream for decoration

Recipe :

1. Melt the chocolate with the espresso, the vanilla and the Kahlua in a bowl. 2. Meanwhile whip individually the egg yolks, the egg whites and the cream with 1/3 of the sugar for each.

3. The egg whites must be completely free of any egg yolk in order to be able to whip them to stiff peaks properly.

4. Rinse the bowl and whip the cream to stiff peaks, too. C

5. ool down the melted chocolate to about 38-40 C and fold together the other whipped ingredients starting with the whipped yolks.

6. Pour the chocolate mousse in the martini glasses right away after folding together and leave in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to set.

7. Garnish this decadent chocolate dessert according to your taste.


Ingredients :

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For the chocolate sponge cake: 4 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar, 1 pinch salt, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup cocoa powder.For the chocolate mousse follow my chocolate mousse recipe.

For decorating the chocolate mousse cake: 5 cubes semi-sweet baker's chocolate (about 5 oz.),75 ml. whipping cream,1 tsp. vanilla extract,white chocolate shavings.

Recipe :

1. Start with the chocolate sponge cake. Beat egg whites, cream of tartar and salt in a bowl until foamy. 2. Add the sugar slowly and continue beating until stiff peaks. Fold in egg yolks and vanilla and continue beating until

thoroughly mixed.

3. Combine flour and cocoa and add them slowly through a sieve in the mixture while mixing. Line a 20-inch square baking pan with parchment paper and pour the batter in on a thin layer.

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 325 F for 20 minutes. Let the sponge cake cool down and refrigerate. Cut the cold cake with a 3-inch pastry ring.

5. You should get at least 20 rounds. Wrap the walls of ten 3-inch pastry rings with plastic wrap and arrange them on a tray lined with parchment paper.

6. Place one slice of sponge cake on the bottom of each ring. Top with chocolate mousse and repeat one more time. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

7. In the meantime, melt the semi-sweet chocolate with the cream and vanilla over double boiler and cool it down to 45 C.

8. Pour the chocolate topping over each mousse cake, sprinkle with white chocolate shavings and refrigerate for 1 hour more.

9. Before serving pull up gently the pastry rings from around the chocolate mousse cakes.


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Ingredients for 20 squares of Tiramisu :

500 ml. mascarpone cheese, 1 litre whipping cream,

120 g. sugar,

4 cups double espresso,

100 ml. Tia Maria or Kahlua,

50 ml. artificial vanilla extract,

2 pounds lady fingers.

Recipe :

1. Put the mascarpone, the sugar and the cream in a mixing bowl and whip them together to stiff peaks . 2. Cool down the coffee and mix with the liqueur and the vanilla extract.

3. Dip each lady finger in the coffee mixture and arrange them horizontally in a suitable tray.

4. Spread half of the mascarpone mixture on top and continue with the lady fingers but this time vertically.

5. Spread the second half of the mascarpone on top and shave some semi-sweet bakers chocolate over the dessert.

6. Cover the Tiramisu and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours to set before cutting.