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  • Creating ACT Improvement

    By Developing The Culture

    Mark Westerburg 415 East Clay Street

    New Buffalo, MI 49117 Work Phone: 269-469-6013 Cell Phone: 269-449-6091


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    50% Free and Reduced 30% College Bound in 2009 now 87%

    No AP limited capstone course MMC focused instead of ACT Student computer use was average. 9 of 120 with a 30+ ACT

    Senior ACT Prep Class Teachers eager to take the challenge

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  • Content Areas Basics All curricular areas should have a natural rotation of class offerings established. Not

    every class should be offered each year. A staff member should own every term of every course. It is their professional obligation

    to be totally responsible for the setup and updating of it. The goal of all instruction should be teaching for retention. It doesn't matter how far you

    get, it matters what students remember. Book series are not curriculum. They are reference sources. Technology and videos should be used for efficiency in small time frames for

    remediation, not as filler. All videos should have an assessment piece with them. All courses for each term have a syllabus and final exam developed prior to teaching

    them. All elective classes should state in the syllabus how they enhance the core curriculum. Each department should have a well-designed scope and sequence of classes that will

    ensure proficiency when students pass the designed courses. Required classes should be the same for all students - no remedial or honors classes. Junior and senior classes should have developed in a proficiency and non-proficient

    tracking system. Gifted students are moved up to the next level, not stagnated or off on a different track. Classes should be determined to be state testing preparation level or ACT preparation

    level. Teachers should know if their warm-up board work should be sample ACT or sample MEAP questions.

    Departmental meetings should be encouraged to work on variety of instruction and retention strategies being shared.

    All reading assignments have an assessment piece with them to work on reading comprehension in all classes.

    No writing assignments will be accepted by the teacher if the penmanship is poor and or has numerous grammatical errors.


  • ACT Standards English

    Instructional level

    Level 1 Juniors

    Level 2 Juniors

  • ACT Standards Reading

    Level 1 Juniors Literature

  • ACT Standards Reading

    ACT Writing is at the 8 for Level 1 ACT Writing is at the 8+ for Level 2

    Level 2 Juniors Literature

  • ACT Standards Math

    After completion of Alg. 1 & 2 and Geometry A

    Geometry is Plane and Coordinate Discrete Math ?

  • ACT Standards Science After completion of Biology, Introduction to Physics, Introduction to Chemistry, Earth Science and ACT Prep.

    If you use a trimester schedule students should have 3 credits completed In all four cores prior to the ACT.

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  • ACT Success Report


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    Common Core and ACT

  • On-line Experience

    ACT Work Keys Prep software. Either of these will fulfill the on-line requirement and prepare students for the MME test.

  • ITunes U




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    Good Practice Websites


    Periods Range 68-75 Minutes

    60 Days long 12 Weeks Long

    60 Days long 12 Weeks Long

    60 Days long 12 Weeks Long

    A classes AandBclasses BandCclasses First Semester

    Classes or

    1 term only Classes

    First and Second Semester Classes

    or 1 term only


    Second Semester Classes

    or 1 term only

    Classes *AP classes, Band and Choir only have a part C that is in the spring term.

    Teachers teach 4 out of 5 classes and 12 blocks a year. For teachers fewer performances, preps, and less students to be responsible for. This will reduce paperwork, performances, conferences and material cost. The schedule is easier on students less classes, homework, and teachers to interact with. This is a college quarter system without the summer term.

  • ACT PREP CLASS Academic Collegiate Transitions

    Winter Term

    1st Hour English Reading Fluency / Vocb.

    Math Sample items / Calculator


    Science Review of unique areas like astronomy and test taking


    2nd Hour English Math Science

    Required of all 11th

    grade students in the Winter Term.

    4 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks

  • ACT PREP CLASS uGrading A, B, CR or NC uDay 1 Practice test uSeparate students by math scores uTest taking strategies uLearn to use the calculator uTell them all about the test uTell them it is designed so most to finish it uIf you get 50% right, its an 18 u2 questions per section make a big difference uTeach the 5 paragraph persuasive essay uTest at the end to see progress


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    School Day Schedule New Buffalo Bonus Period

    1st period 7:50 9:02 2nd period 9:06 10:18 3rd period 10:22 11:34 A Lunch 11:34 11:59 B Lunch 12:13 12:38

    4th Hour 11:38 1:15 5th Hour 1:19 - 2:31 Bonus 2:35 - 3:10 (M-1st,T-2nd, W-3rd, Th-4th, F-5th)

    Periods 72 minutes Lunch 25 minutes

    Passing Time 5 minutes Bonus 35 minutes

  • Course Placement

    ACT PREP Lower Upper

    Survey of American Literature

    Advanced Composition

    MME Test March 13 American

    Literature Communication

    Through Writing

    11 Grade English

    Spring Winter Fall

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  • Specifically, the student must at a minimum: Receive passing grades (A, B, C, D) in Math

    and English/Language Arts; Pass either Science or Social Studies; Achieve a score of fifteen (15) on each of the

    Explore Test subtests (English/Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science);

    * Special Education students will be determined at the IEP.


    High School Readiness Standard

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    On Demand Testing with excellent data returned quickly.

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  • ACT in the NBHS English Classroom Kris Totzke

    English Dept. Chair

    New Buffalo High School

    New Buffalo, MI 49117

  • Our Focus

    Before: Michigan Merit Curriculum

    Supposed to be: Common Core Standards

    NOW: ACT College Readiness Standards

    Was I skeptical? YES!

    Does it work? YES!

  • English 9, English 10 Benchmarks

  • English 9, English 10 English CRS

    Grammar, diction, syntax, punctuation, etc.

  • English 9, English 10 Reading CRS

    Main ideas, details, relationships, meaning of words, etc.

  • English 9, English 10 Writing CRS

    Judgment, focusing on topic, develop position, etc.

  • English 9, English 10 Classroom

    Focus on Literature & reading comprehension w/nonfiction Grammar Vocabulary Writing with Six Traits

    Assessing & Measuring SPI test at beginning of course modified PLAN Test Post-test at end of course same modified PLAN Test

  • English 11 Classroom

    Focus is the same Literature & reading comprehension w/nonfiction Grammar Vocabulary Writing with Six Traits

    With more Test-taking strategies Test-timing strategies Applying learned skills to the test

  • English 11 Classroom

    Assessing & Measuring SPI test at beginning of course full ACT Test

    Day 2 of class English test Day 3 of class Reading test Day 4 of class Writing test NOTE: This year used Cambridge ACT Test and gave all five

    tests Days 2-6 of class Determine what concepts need to be reviewed,

    mastered, and reinforced Create ACT Prep classes

    SPI post-test at end of course Same full ACT Test OR Michigan ACT Test

  • English 11 Classroom

    Assessing & Measuring throughout the year 1st trimester

    Focus on skills, skills, skills in core areas Take one full-length test of each core before final exam in

    early December not timed

    Final Exam consists of English & Reading tests Scores tracked in Xcel spreadsheet

  • English 11 Classroom

    Assessing & Measuring throughout the year, cont. 2nd trimester

    Still focus on skills, skills, skills in core areas Take one full-length test of one core each week Testing

    Tuesday if we need to

    Timing is now applied gradually SPI post-test/final exam at end of course

    Same full ACT Test from beginning of course OR Michigan ACT Test

    Scores tracked in Xcel spreadsheet

  • English 11 Benchmarks

  • English 11 ACT CRSs

    English College Readiness Standards focus 20-23 score range for lower level 24-27 score range for higher level

    Reading College Readiness Standards focus 2