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  • Case Study: Mountain America Credit Union

    Samsung Digital Signage Displays Transform Branch Banking Experience

    Customer NeedMountain America Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that wanted to transform the member experience at its branches. As members increasingly conducted simple transactions online and on mobile devices, Mountain America branches wanted to transform into an open concept venue, where employees and members could easily discuss and plan more complex financial services. It wanted to use video walls and digital displays to reinforce the modern branch concept.

    Samsung SolutionMountain America partnered with Samsung and RevelTV, a digital signage and video content integrator, to create a compelling visual experience that aligned with the branchs transformation initiative. The cornerstone is an immersive, three-section video wall built with 19 Samsung UD Series direct-lit LED displays. The three sections are synchronized to display stunning visual images with accompanying audio. Additional Samsung displays in the branch showcase financial products.

    ResultsThe 270 panoramic video wall is the hallmark of the new branch banking experience. The open concept branch creates a friendly, consultative environment that encourages conversations around additional banking services. The 700-nit brightness Samsung video wall is also visible from the road and encourages walk-in traffic and new member inquiries.


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    Mountain America Credit Union is the nations 12th largest credit union with 86 branches in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Founded in the 1930s, the non-profit credit union serves over a half-million members with a mission to help its members achieve their financial dreams.

    As a full-service financial institution, Mountain America offers a variety of consumer and commercial financial products and services, including savings accounts, auto loans, checking accounts, mortgage loans, business checking, student loans, SBA loans, and retirement options.

    We strive to create a memorable and welcoming experience for our members anywhere they do business with us, says Marshall Paepke, Mountain America executive vice president and chief administrative officer.

    Mountain America Credit Union has successfully grown over the past 90 years by continuously recognizing and adapting to the changing needs of its members and the community at large.

    The credit union recognized that the growing popularity of online and mobile banking meant fewer members were using the branch for simple, routine transactions. In order to ensure that members could stay connected to the wider range of services like loans and retirement planning, the credit union needed to create a more personal branch experience that was different from visiting a traditional branch.

    We committed to redesigning our branches to remove the barriers between us and our members, says Jeremy Nelson, Mountain America vice president of direct marketing. We wanted an open and inviting branch without the partitioned teller booths. We wanted open areas where our employees can sit down and work with members on their financial needs. And we needed

    something that made a strong visual impact on members from the moment they walked through our front doors.

    In order to create the strong visual impact, the credit union needed a panoramic video wall that would serve as the visual centerpiece of the open concept branch. The video wall would entertain and inform current and potential members and needed to display synchronized visuals across the screens with accompanying audio. The video wall also needed to be reliable and display a crisp, high-definition stream of content that could be changed depending on time of day.

    The displays would also have to be bright enough to be seen through the glare of ambient light and from outside car traffic at night. In addition to connecting with our members inside the branch, we wanted to make a strong visual impression on potential members who might be driving by our branches, Nelson says.

    The Customer Need:Transform the Branch Banking Experience

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    Ultra-thin bezels for virtually seamless videowalls. Achieve UHD resolution when you daisy chain multiple displays through Display Port 1.2.


    See full line up of Samsung Commercial Displays here:


    Broad portfolio of smart commercial displays from 10 to 98, featuring energy efficient LED backlighting technology.


    High definition displays featuring Samsungs system-on-chip processor, eliminating need for external media player. Select models feature built-in Wi-Fi.

    Mountain America selected RevelTV, a digital signage integrator and video content integrator, to develop the video wall and digital displays. We set out to create a video wall solution that would help Mountain America make an enormously positive impression on members as soon as they walked through their front doors, says Matt Dopp, RevelTV founder and CMO. We knew the content had to be fun, educational, and seamlessly work together in a synchronized fashion across the branch.

    Samsung was the best possible partner for this project because Samsung makes a quality product and the warranty and support is much better, says Dopp. We felt really comfortable proposing Samsung to Mountain America on such a high profile project.

    Mountain America chose the Samsung UD Series direct-lit LED displays. The UD Series displays are ideal for video walls because of

    their ultra-narrow bezels and 700-nit brightness. The center section of the video wall consists of nine 55-inch Samsung displays stacked in a 3x3 configuration. It sits in the lobby facing the front doors so that its the first visual impression members see as they walk in and is visible to street traffic. Special lighting behind the video wall changes colors to complement what is shown on the displays. Two additional video walls flank the central section in a 1x5 configuration.

    The three video wall sections are connected to media players that manage the content and schedule throughout the day. RevelTV creates custom content that can include, for example, a car being driven across the three video walls and then a special offer on auto loans.

    In addition to the video wall, a Samsung 65-inch display provides members with financial information in a vestibule.

    The Samsung Solution:Seamless Samsung Video Walls and Displays

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    The Results:Bright Video Wall Drives a Return on Experience

    Member feedback on the branch transformation and digital signs has been very positive. Its all about the member experience, says Nelson. The first thing people see when they walk in is a huge video wall that entertains and educates them about our products and our philosophy. Even if youre driving by, you cant help but want to come in and see whats inside.

    We think of the branch transformation from not just a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective, but also a Return on Experience (ROE) perspective, says Nelson. Instead of seeing imposing counters and long lines, our members now see an inviting, open branch with modern digital signage that clearly sets us apart from a traditional branch.

    The video walls and digital signage have been instrumental in spurring conversations about products and services. The Samsung displays showcase our custom content and encourage discussions about more complex and strategic services like retirement planning, college savings, and wealth management that members may not have considered us for in the past, says Nelson. The Samsung 700-nit displays were a great choice because they are bright and show really well in daylight, says Nelson. And the Samsung quality, brand reputation, and reliability provide peace of mind.

    Nelson also notes that the digital displays are easier to update than traditional signage. If we want to get a specific offer out really fast, now we can do that quickly, Nelson says. The Samsung displays with RevelTVs solution give us a lot more flexibility for communications.

    The video walls are an integral part of the branch transformation initiative and Samsung displays have exceeded all expectations, says Sharon Cook, Mountain Americas SVP of Marketing. We couldnt be happier with the way the displays connect and engage with our members.


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