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People against Poverty building homes for the poor in Romania


  • 1.CONTENTSO U R T E A MT H E B E N E F I T S O F T H E C H A L L E N G E P R O J E C T ST H E P R A C T I C A L P R O J E C T ST H E S A N C T U A R Y H O U S ET H E C A M PT H E F O O T B A L L M A T C HD I S C O V E R I N G B E A U T I F U L R O M A N I AT Y P I C A L I T I N E R A R I E ST R I P C O S T SP R A C T I C A L I S S U E S [ F L I G H T S , H O T E L S , T R A N S P O R T ]T R I P B O O K I N G S 2 0 1 2 / 1 3

2. The Team Jon Williams- Education Director , Valentine Chirica - Way of Joy Director, Romania Ligia Stoicanu- Romania Project Co-ordinator Raul Chirica - Transport Co-ordinator Dana Chirica - Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator 3. Development Opportunities for Students Widened horizonsNew Travel skills learntCompleting Fundraising hard physicalChallenge workPersonalDevelopment Working asPresentationpart of a experience team UnderstandingSeeing the problems ofFaith in povertyAction 4. The Practical Projects 5. The Pig Sty. Designed to provide food forwinter or initiate a small business raising piglets for sale. 6. The Poly Tunnel.Designed to extend the growing seasonand provide much needed nutrition.Can be used to grow flowers as a cashcrop. 7. The Sanctuary House. What! A simple, wooden, dwelling...that allows the poorest to survive Cost: 2,000Structural strengthBuilt in sections [moveable if evicted] Solar cell and Including damp proof membrane battery gives light Full 10cm insulation.Double glazed Wood burning cooker/ stove A simple OBS interior finish Water storage 8. The Sanctuary House2010 A five day build project.The Adaveni family. These three prototypes[15 square metres] were completed this yearBradford Community ChurchThe Tartacuta family.The Lamba Family.30 square metres . Stonar School 20 square metres. St Laurence School 9. 2011 Projects Kingdown School St Laurence School Stonar SchoolProject Leader Jon WilliamsHaving an I have a dream ...,moment 10. Kingdown School Warminster 11. Stonar School 12. St Laurence School Bradford on Avon 13. Camp Photos. Kingdown School 14. Football.St Laurence School provide the 2011 action 15. Travelling through Transylvania 16. Typical School ItineraryDayAMPM Evening1 Travel to Luton Airport Drive through country to Iasi Settle into Hotel2 Project workProject workMeet charity team3 Project workProject workSee Iasi City4 Project workCamp / craft activities with Evening of Pool/children Snooker5 Project workChildren`s shopping tripTable tennis/ Relax6 Project workFootball Tournament Meal out in City7 Depart Iasi Cross TransylvaniaSighisoara MedievalTown8 Visit BrasovDrive to BacauMeal at Hotel9 Depart for AirportLand Luton. Drive toWiltshire 17. Costs: School Projects.School Projects.The following prices are a guideline and may change dependingon the time of year . Prices are based on 12 students and onemember of staff for a 9/10 day project.690 740 per student. Expenses400.00 per student minimum. FundraisingThis will be allocated to purchase materials for the build projectand other charity workPrice includes: Flight, Accommodation, Food, Transport toAirport and Insurance. 18. OrganisationEach group member is required to have: A valid passport with 6 months available beyondthe date of return. Medical: Hepatitus A, Polio, Tetanus Completed medical sheet [Provided] Personal travel Insurance. Immunisation record 19. Accommodation These are the website links so that you can view the Hotels where we stay. They have been selected to ensure a safe environment and a high chance of sole occupation. They are far too nice for school trips but we have to look after the staff! 20. Hall of Fame 2010 BOA Community ChurchSt Laurence School Stonar School 21. 2011 Hall of FameSt laurence StonarKingdown 22. Trip BookingsA maximum of four trips will be run per yearThey will be at Easter, July, August and OctoberEaster JulyAugust October 2012St Laurence Prior Park Stonar 2013St Laurence Kingdown Stonar 2014St Laurence