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Fun things to do after school in Redwood Shores!


<ul><li><p>Follow Sandpiper Community Center</p><p>SANDPIPERAFTERSCHOOLPROGRAMS</p><p>REDWOOD CITY PARKS, RECREATION &amp; COMMUNITY SERVICES</p><p>Spring 2013</p></li><li><p>Kindergarteners! Now is your chance to experience a fun after-school club for a couple of hours after school! Play games, make crafts and projects, work together and get your energy out! KPLAY is also a great way for parents to bridge the gap until their siblings pick-up, or for parents to gain a couple of more hours to get things done. Our experienced staff will pick children up from class and walk them to Sandpiper Community Center. Come Play! School Days Only.Location: Sandpiper Community CenterThis program will run prior to Sandpiper Youth Club from 12:30-2:30pm.</p><p>SChool DaYS onlY Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-2:30pm </p><p>Session Days Dates Code Fee holidays</p><p>4 MTuTh 4/8-6/13 44.305 $351 4/1-4/4, 5/27</p><p>4 T/Th 4/9-6/13 44.306 $243 4/2, 4/4</p><p>For more information or to register online for KPLAY &amp; Sandpiper Youth Club, visit or contact Telisha Brent at (650) 780-7326 or at</p><p>Sandpiper Youth ClubGrades 1 - 5with Sandpiper Recreation Staff, Director: Telisha BrentIf you want to be a part of a fun after school club, then the SYC is for YOU! We will play games, sports, do crafts, learn life skills, watch movies, have special visitors, and more! Children will also have homework time during the program. Sandpiper Youth Club Staff are courteous, professional and most! Come check us out! MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT 120, so sign up early! (Due to the growth of this program and the number of children, the discipline policy will be closely monitored for your childs safety and enjoyment). Sandpiper Elementary Students have first priority. We will accommodate all Sandpiper School minimum days. Payment Plans are available, strict rules apply. Priority registration is given to continuing students. No 4/1-4/5, 5/27</p><p>School DayS only - Mon-Fri 2:45-5:30pm &amp; Weds 12:30-5:30pm</p><p>Session Dates code Fee +1 child</p><p>4 4/8-6/14 44.308 $537 $483</p><p>STAYCONNECTEDJoin our Redwood Shores Families mailing list for email updates catered to just the SHORES! Just visit and subscribe today!</p><p> Follow us on Facebook @SandpiperCenter</p><p>NOW ON MONDAYS!</p><p>ON MINIMUM DAY WEDNESDAYS!SKYhAwKS Mid-PeninSuLA TrACK CLub Grades 1-2 &amp; 3-5The program is being directed by Tricia Lord, a former heptathlete from the University of Virginia who is also a Level 1 USATF coach. She will be joined by Colleen McGuire, also a USATF Level 1 coach.Love to run? Interested in trying track &amp; field as a sport? Come join the Skyhawks Mid-Peninsula Track Club. Open to kids in grades 1-5, the Skyhawks Track Club will meet once a week for practices, culminating in a multi-city track meet in June.</p><p>During the program, coaches will combine technical development, fundamental techniques and fun while introducing young athletes to many Olympic-style events. The exercises and drills are designed to prepare athletes for a variety of track &amp; field events, and distance running while inspiring a lifelong love of being active! Instruction will include the fundamentals of body positioning, stride, proper stretching, and cool down techniques. Track events include distance running, sprints, soft hurdles, and relays. Field events include javelin, shot-put, discus, and long jump. </p><p>All athletes, regardless of skill or experience, are welcome! Bring: Appropriate clothing, athletic shoes, water bottle.There will be an end of season track meet on 6/9 @ Carlmont high School</p><p>Students will be supervised as they eat lunch from 12:30-1pm.</p><p>Grades 1-2 16.214 W 12:30-2pm 4/10-6/5 9 cl $155 / $175NR Sandpiper</p><p>Grades 3-5 16.215 W 12:30-2:30pm 4/10-6/5 9 cl $197 / $217NR Sandpiper</p></li><li><p>ENRICHMENT CLASSESClass age Code Day Time Date Cl Fee</p><p>Mad Science - NASA Grades 1-3 10.210 M 3-4pm 4/8-5/20 7cl $124 / $144NR</p><p>Spanish Grades K-3 10.211 Tu 2:50-3:50pm 4/9-6/11 10cl $165/$185NR</p><p>Mandarin Grades K-3 10.213 Tu 2:50-3:50pm 4/9-6/11 10cl $165/$185NR</p><p>Comic Book Creators 5-8yrs 11.209 Tu 3-4:30pm 4/9-5/28 8cl $140/$160NR</p><p>Essay Writing 7-12yrs 10.208 Tu 4-5pm 4/9-5/28 8cl $148/$168NR</p><p>Skyhawks Track Club Grades 1-2 16.214 W 12:30-2pm 4/10-6/5 9 cl $155 / $175NR</p><p>Skyhawks Track Club Grades 3-5 16.215 W 12:30-2:30pm 4/10-6/5 9 cl $155 / $175NR</p><p>Childrens Drawing 6-12yrs 11.214 Th 2:55-3:55pm 4/18-6/13 9cl $167 / $187NR</p><p>Childrens Cartooning 6-12yrs 11.215 Th 4-5pm 4/18-6/13 9cl $167 / $187NR</p><p>Creative Writing 7-12yrs 10.207 Th 4-5pm 4/11-5/30 8cl $148/$168NR</p><p>Spanish Grades 4-5 10.212 F 3:15-4:15pm 4/12-6/7 9cl $149/$169NR</p><p>Stop Motion Animation Age 7-12 11.210 Th 3:30-5pm 4/18-6/6 8 cl $140/$160NR</p><p>MAd SCienCe nASA: JourneY inTo ouTer SPACe with Mad Science of the Bay AreaGrades 1-3Mad Science and NASA have teamed up to bring you this exciting space-age experience! Blast off with us to explore the amazing wonders beyond our world!</p><p>SPAniSh &amp; MAndArin LAnguAge with Berlitz Languages Grades K-5Fun, conversational language enrichment classes for children to learn to speak, understand, and communicate in a new language. We make sure they have fun while learning through games, music, and age appropriate activities! lab Fee: $25 payable at 1st class. lab fee is for new students only. </p><p>ChiLdrenS drAwing with Young Rembrandts StaffAge 6-12Its springtime and that can mean only one thing: SPRINGTIME FUN WITH YOUNG REMBRANDTS! If your student loves nature and insects, he or she will love our stylized bee graphic. But if its the thrill of the speedway that excites your child, our race car illustration will leave all competition in its dust. Our students will also explore the Far East as they draw the Great Wall of China. And its time to hit the waves as we illustrate a surfer. Along with creating such wonderful imagery, our artists will learn about the masters that came before them, such as Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Sign up today! lab Fee: $10 payable to instructor at 1st class.</p><p>ChiLdrenS CArTooning with Young Rembrandts StaffAge 6-12Does your child have a great sense of humor to compliment his or her artistic skills? If so, your child will LOVE a Young Rembrandts Cartoon class. Our students will learn how to personify inanimate objects, as they breathe life into the sun and moon, transforming them into fully realized cartoon characters. A humorous bird feeding sequence will teach your child visual and sequential story telling. Well also create drawings that feature colorful and expressive forest animals. Give your child the gift of learning and artistry. Enroll your student today! lab Fee: $10 payable to instructor at 1st class.</p><p>CoMiC booK CreATorS with Freshi MediaAge 5-8Designed for younger students, this class allows participants to create their own digital comic book. Utilizing Comic Life software, instructors will teach students basic computer functions and software operation. Students develop original comic book characters and a comic based story. When class is finished students will have a completed short comic to share with family and friends!</p><p>eSSAY wriTing Age 7-12with Lekha School of Creative Writing Staff Students will learn to write the narrative essay, which focuses on developing a students ability to write in the first person and to follow a linear narrative structure. Students will write three to five paragraph essays, the format favored by most school teachers. They will learn how to plan and outline their essays properly before writing, as well as how to properly revise their essays. all instructors are published authors with experience teaching. </p><p>AniMATion CreATorS SToP MoTion AniMATionwith Freshi MediaAge 7-12This digital class introduces participants to the fundamentals of Stop-Motion animation. Using basic software, students are introduced to all the tools necessary to animate objects, from Lego blocks to action figures, any object will do! The young animators begin by developing a storyboard for a short animated film. They are mentored through a creative process that will lead them to a finished short animated film at the conclusion of the program. Students are not required to purchase objects, although they are encouraged to bring some of their favorite toys for animation. Objects recommended include: action figures, general toys, legos, plush characters. Basic materials will be provided, but students may enjoy bringing their own objects to animate.</p><p>CreATive wriTing with Lekha School of Creative Writing StaffAge 7-12Published writers will introduce campers to different creative writing techniques. They will learn time-tested methods to overcome writers block. As they do so, they will write short stories, poems and short skits. </p></li><li><p>SPRING BREAK CAMPSpring Break Camp: imagine, DeSign, CreateFeaturing the Imagination Playground!Grades K-5Have you ever wished you could create your very own community? Imagine designing, creating and building small cities and communities where everything from the buildings to the laws is all your ideas! Well spend the week using YOUR ideas and turn them into a reality! Plus, you will get to create with the Imagination Playground! Picture GIANT foam blocks of all shapes and sizes! The ideas are ENDLESS! Bring a lunch daily. </p><p>type Code Days time Date Feepost Care 3-5:30pm</p><p>Full Week: $75/ $89 NRSingle Days: $23/$27 NR</p><p>Full Week 30.210 M-F 8:30am-3pm 4/1-4/5 $191/$211 NR 31.215</p><p>Monday 30.211 M 8:30am-3pm 4/1 $50 / $59 NR 31.216</p><p>Tuesday 30.212 Tu 8:30am-3pm 4/2 $50 / $59 NR 31.217</p><p>Wednesday 30.213 W 8:30am-3pm 4/3 $50 / $59 NR 31.218</p><p>Thursday 30.214 Th 8:30am-3pm 4/4 $50 / $59 NR 31.219</p><p>Friday 30.215 F 8:30am-3pm 4/5 $50 / $59 NR 31.220</p><p>Ju-Jitsu / Karate / escrima Age 4+ (or upon instructors approval)with Sensei Stephen Tuazon, 5th degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu &amp; Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate, 30+ years of experience.Your child will learn discipline, focus and respect as well as how to defend themselves. As they build their bodies, they will also build their minds. This course covers Karate (kicking and punching), Jujitsu (grappling and body throws) as well as Escrima (weapons training). Free uniform for new students. uniforms may be purchased from the instructor for $28. Questions? Please call sensei stephen tuazon (650)787-3735 or email</p><p>Class Age Day Time4/8-5/15</p><p>$130 / $150NR 12 cl6/3-7/10</p><p>$130 / $150NR 12 cl7/22-8/26</p><p>$120 / $140NR 11 cl</p><p>BeGiNNiNG 4-8 yrs M/W 4:15-5pm 15.200 see beg/int see beg/int</p><p>BeG / iNt 4-12yrs M/W 5-6pm 15.201 15.202 15.203</p><p>iNtermeDiate 5-12 yrs M/W 5-6pm 15.204 see beg/int see beg/int</p><p>aDVaNceD 6-18 yrs M/W 6-7pm 15.205 15.206 15.207</p><p>Kids nights for kids Grades K-5 are an awesome way for kids to have fun with their friends on a Friday night and for YOU to get a break from making dinner or even, dare we say, GO OUT! Check out the Fall Activity Guide for more details on each event. SYC kids can stay through from 5:30pm on. Dont worry about dinner, pizza and drinks are included.</p><p>Girls Night out: JeweLrY MAKing / Fun bAKingApril 26 6:00-9:00pm $20</p><p>Boys Night Out: gAMeS gALore!May 3 6:00-9:00pm $20</p><p>End of the Year Pajama Jam!May 31 6:00-9:00pm $20</p><p>FRIDAY KIDS NIGHTS OUT</p><p>MARTIAL ARTS</p></li></ul>