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    Project Title: Intranet Revamp Tool: OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System Guide: Mr. Lalit Mohan S. Name: Sanjay Kumar Ram Course: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering Institution: Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Patna

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    This project was quite good to learn a lot of technical things like PHP,Javascript,

    CSS,HTML etc, at the same time it gave me the confidence to work in the real life

    and professional set up. I feel the experience gained during the project would

    lead me towards a good professional life .

    I wish to express my profound gratitude to my Guide Mr. Lalit Mohan S. for giving

    an opportunity to do this project in the Institute for Development and Research

    in Banking Technology(IDRBT).

    I am also thankful to Mr. Santosh Kumar P. and Ms. Gayatri Hari Priyanka S.

    for giving me valuable suggestions during the work.

    At the end, I would like to thank the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology

    Patna to allow me to do this Summer Internship Programme.

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    This is to certify that Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ram, pursuing B. Tech degree in

    Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology,Patna

    has undertaken a project as an intern at IDRBT, Hyderabad from May 10, 2013 to

    July 12, 2013.

    He was assigned the project Intranet Revamp under my guidance.

    During the course of the project he has undertaken a study of OrangeHRM and

    has done satisfactory work.

    I wish him all the best for all his endeavors.

    Mr. Lalit Mohan S. (Project Guide) Senior Technology Manager IDRBT, Hyderabad

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    To customize the leave module of OrangeHRM as per the rules

    and requirements of IDRBT.

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    Table of Contents

    1.OrangeHRM 1.1 Introduction to OrangeHRM 1.2 Minimum Hardware and Software requirements to install OrangeHRM

    1.3 Installation of OrangeHRM

    1.4 Different Modules in OrangeHRM

    1.4.1 Admin Module

    1.4.2 Personal Information Module(PIM)

    1.4.3 Time Module

    1.4.4 Performance Module

    1.4.5 Recruitment Module

    2.Existing Leave Module in OrangeHRM 2.1 Configure 2.2 Leave Entitlements

    2.3 Reports

    2.4 Leave List

    2.5 Assign Leave

    2.6 My Leave

    2.7 Apply Leave

    3.Customized Leave Module 3.1 Snapshot of my work

    3.2 What are the features going to be added from my side

    4. Conclusion


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    1.1 Introduction to OrangeHRM

    OrangeHRM is an open source used by different organizations or enterprises to

    manage Human Resources in a sophisticated manner.It is one of the popular

    open source software providing various functionalities in Human Resources

    Management.The second reason for opting OrangeHRM is its ease of learning.

    It means it does not take a lot of time to understand how to use this system

    whether it is the admin side or the non-admin side.

    1.2 Minimum Hardware and Software requirements to install OrangeHRM

    1.2.1 Minimum Hardware Requirements

    Processor - Intel x86 Architecture 3GHz processor or equivalent

    RAM - 2 GB RAM

    Hard Disk - 40GB

    Note- These requirements is only sufficient for 100 users.For more

    number of user,we need more than these requirements .

    1.2.2 Software Requirements

    Operating System - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server

    2003, Windows Server 2008,

    Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat.

    Apache Version - Apache 2.2

    MySQL Version - 5.1.36

    PHP Version - 5.3.5, 5.2.10-2

    Ubuntu6.4 Browser - Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome,


    NOTE: JavaScript should be enabled in all the browsers Web Server

    Packages - XAMPP, WAMPP , LAMPP

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    1.3 Installation of OrangeHRM

    For complete installation of OrangeHRM ,we need to follow

    the following steps..

    Step 1: Install the Environment for OrangeHRM

    Install the environment for OrangeHRM (Apache, MySQL and PHP)

    using XAMPP/WAMPP

    Step 2 : Download OrangeHRM

    We can download OrangeHRM from the site address-

    Step 3 : Installation Processes

    For XAMPP- 1.After having downloaded OrangeHRM, go to the destination folder

    where OrangeHRM was downloaded in your PC.

    2. Copy the OrangeHRM folder & paste the OrangeHRM folder

    in the htdocs folder (My Computer>>Local


    For WAMPP- Paste the OrangeHRM in www folder

    *NOTE: If you are a Linux user, first change the file permission

    of OrangeHRM.Open the terminal (console) and navigate to your

    orangehrm directory (which is in the www folder or htdocs folder) and

    run the below command:

    sudo chmod -R 777

    Copy and paste the name of the OrangeHRM version that you have

    downloaded in the following URL: http://localhost/orangehrm


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    Type your IP address in place of localhost.

    Then, The installation of OrangeHRM begins click on NEXT button.

    Step 4: Click I accept to agree and proceed installation

    Configuration of database by entering a preferred Database Host Name. (All the

    data that is populated into the system later will be stored under this Database

    Host Name).

    Select the two checkboxes based on your requirements. Click Next to proceed.

    The System will check for minimum system requirements to install OrangeHRM in

    our PC. Once the system check is complete, click Next.

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    We can create an administrator account to login to the system by entering the

    preferred Username and Password

    Once the installation is complete, click Next.

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    Once we have successfully installed OrangeHRM, we will get the following login

    page in which we can feed our admin Username and Password created during the

    installation of OrangeHRM.

    Figure- Login Panel

    1.4 Different Modules in OrangeHRM

    OrangeHRM consists of many modules like Admin Module, Personal Information Module(PIM),Leave Module,Performance Module, Time Module.With the help of these modules admin user can manage the Human Resources of the organization.The features,jobs and facilities provided by these modules have been described below one by one.

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    1.4.1 Admin Module

    The Admin Module provides us with full control of all settings that affect the

    action of our OrangeHRM implementation. Through the Admin Module, we can:

    Define the company hierarchy, pay grades, work shifts, projects,

    memberships, qualifications etc.

    Add other administrators, and set access levels for each user

    Handle security issues

    Configure email notifications

    Configure language localization and date format that will be reflected

    throughout the whole system.

    Enable/Disable Module display

    The Admin Module is the central control of the system and setting it up

    accurately is important for smooth operation.

    Figure :Admin Module

    The Admin Module consists of:

    1.User Management: Add multiple HR Admins who will control the system, create

    logins for general users through ESS Users.

    2.Job: Allows the HR admin to define

    Job titles,


    Pay grades

    Employment status

    Job categories

    Work shifts.

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    3.Organization: Allows the HR admin to enter/store general company info,

    structure of the organization and locations of sites.

    4.Qualifications: Define various skills set, education background, license types,

    languages and memberships.

    5.Nationalities: Define different nationalities

    6.Configuration: Configure all email notifications, language localization and

    enable/disable module display.

    1.4.2 Personal Information Module(PIM)

    This core module maintains all relevant employee related information, including

    different types of personal information, detailed qualifications, work experience,

    job related information etc. Information captured in this module is utilized by all