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    Updates to Board

    Lisa L Loseto, Hannele Savela and Jan Rene Larsen

    SAON Board Meeting, May 24, 2016


  • Hannele Savela (on the left)

    Experience INTERACT Transnational Access Coordinator, 2011- GEO CRI co-lead, 2012- UArctic Research Area Coordinator, 2015-

    Education PhD in Physiological Zoology, 2005

    Recent publications Bokhorst S et al (2016) Changing Arctic snow

    cover: A review of recent developments and assessment of future needs for observations, modelling, and impacts. Ambio, DOI 10.1007/s13280-016-0770-0

    Callaghan T.V. & Savela H. (eds.) INTERACT Stories of Arctic Science..Aarhus University, DCE-Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, 2015.

    Interests In addition to working, I enjoy yoga, outdoor sports and spending time with my family.

  • Updates AOS/ASSW meeting: March 14 2016 Second face to face meeting

    Objective: review state of inventories, thematic inventories

    and links to external groups and deliverables (e.g. EU

    PolarNet), future directions

    Strong participation: 9 countries and 4 organizations

    Review of national and network inventories (morning)

    Review of thematic approachs (afternoon)

    Proposal: Community Based Observations-Prof. L. Alessa

  • Three Tier Approach for Inventory


    1. State of National Inventories and reporting of

    information about Arctic programs, networks, projects

    and platforms

    2. Detailed inventory within a specific Arctic theme

    3. Inventory templates/parameters

  • State of National/Organisations Inventories (as of 23rd May 2016)

    Written national reports: Canada, Finland, Italy, Norway

    Oral national reports: Denmark, Poland, Russia, Sweden, USA

    Organisations written reports: ICC, INTERACT, WMO

    Organisations oral reports: CBMP

  • Written report contents

    Coverage Information provided

    Projects Networks Platforms Programs Metadata

    according to



    access to







    Canada Y - - - (Y) Y Y

    Finland Y Y Y Y Y - ?

    Norway Y Y Y Y ? ? Y

    ICC - - - Y (Y) - Y

    WMO - - Y Y (Y) - Y

    Note: A dialogue has been initiated with Japan

  • EU PolarNet inventory deliverable (Tentative list)

    Compilation of information about and links to major Arctic and

    Antarctic monitoring and observational programmes

    Compilation of information about and links to major Arctic and

    Antarctic modelling programmes

    Structured inventories of Arctic and Antarctic monitoring and

    observational assets

    Structured inventories of institutions with Arctic or Antarctic

    monitoring or observational activities

    Countries status reports

    Summary report

  • NEW: SAON Inventory

  • 2. Thematic Inventories

    CBM Atlas

    *secured funds with Polar Knowledge until 2017-18 (100K/yr)

    Canada: Leveraged funds to contribute to Terrestrial Biodiversity

    Monitoring Assessment (CBMP/CAFF) with CBM atlas

  • Arctic Fisheries: Scientific Experts on

    Fish Stocks in the Central Arctic


    Workshop on Integrated Ecosystem

    Assessment Central Arctic Ocean


    Atmosphere: With WMO and IASOA

    Global Terrestrial Network for


    2. Themes

  • 2016 GEO Work Programme

    Symposium Geneva, Switzerland, 2-4 May

    Attended by Peter Pulsifer (SAON ADC) and Hannele Savela

    (SAON CON)

    Structure and discussions of the GEO Work Programme 2017-2019

    Bacground discussions between PP and HS about SAON ADC and SAON CON,

    and their potential contribution in GEO Cold Regions Initiative (GEO CRI)

    GEO CRI Side meeting 4th May

    GEO CRI Implementation Plan in focus (deadline 27th May) > Tasks, activities,

    milestones and deliverables of GEO CRI in 2017-2019

    SAON contribution to GEO CRI, and inputs to the Implementation Plan

    > Summary provided by JRL, LL and PP

    > Incorporated to the Implementation Plan by HS

  • Membership to CON

    Requires Attention currently a mix of representatives from government,

    academia that may not be in a position to reflect national

    Inventory processes and/or agencies

    Needs for CON membership: member should be in a position to reflect national interests

    and activities under Arctic Observing Inventories

    Highly motivated to be able to network both at the

    national level (within and among agencies,

    universities, networks) and Internationally within CON

    Ideal have a National SAON Committee team

  • National Membership Schematic

    SAON CON lead SAON ADC rep

    SAON Board rep




  • SAON Canada Inventory

  • Next Steps

    Revisit and complete updated membership

    Revisit and update the TOR

    Next SAON CON call set for May 27th

  • Thank you

  • Extra slides

  • November 2015:

    Approve this document (CON meeting)

    Develop and circulate template for 2.1 (Secretariat)

    Discuss theme for 2.2

    December 2015:

    Collect information for 2.1 (CON members)

    Update information in SAON PD (CON members)

    CON meeting to decide on theme for 2.2 and develop plans for this

    CON meeting to outline document on existing inventory capabilities and the need for additional

    membership and resources. For the SAON Board

    January 2015:

    Submit information for 2.1 to Secretariat (CON members)

    February 2016:

    CON meeting to finalise the document on existing inventory capabilities and the need for additional

    membership and resources.

    Compile and upload information for 2.1 (Secretariat)

    March 2016:

    Present a first version of 2.1 and an updated SAON PD for the SAON Board

    Face to Face meeting to review inventories and plan forward (c.a. EUpolarNet, Themes, inventories)

    Timeline 2015-2016

  • 1.a State of National/Organisational


    Does national inventories exist?

    If yes, please briefly describe these, including Scope/Coverage (geography, themes, temporal)

    Do the inventories cover Arctic programs, networks,

    projects or platforms? Other?

    Is the information in the inventories openly accessible? If

    yes, is the information accessible to an automated

    harvesting process?

    Contact information, including URL

    If no, Do you have plans for establishing national inventories?

    What will be the scope/coverage (geography, themes,

    temporal) for these?

  • 1.b Inventories of National Observational


    Networks, platforms, programs, projects.

    Simple template (metadata): Title


    Geographical coverage

    Contact information

    Start/end year


    Update historical information:

  • National written reports Canada (w)

    Denmark (o)

    Finland (w)

    Italy (w)

    Norway (w)

    Poland (o)

    Russia (o)

    Sweden (o)

    USA (o)

    Organisations reports CBMP (o)

    ICC (w)

    INTERACT (w)

    WMO (w)

    Output CON Meeting: State of National/Organisations Inventories

  • SAON Canada Committee

    Plan: in progress

    Development of National


    - Proposed PKC lead

    (continuing from CPC)

    - Members of the board

    and committees

    - Agency participation

    (e.g. INAC)

    - Regional participation

    (e.g. ISR BSOP)

    - Station inclusion:

    CNNRO (Canadian

    Network of Northern

    Research Operators)

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