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SAP Mobile Infrastructure Overview PresentationBy

SAP MI Competency,Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Mobilizing your business

SAP Mobile Infrastructure: Overview Agenda

Overview on Mobility Solutions SAP Mobile Infrastructure Data Flow SAP Netweaver Mobile Key Components SAP Netweaver Mobile Architecture SAP Mobile Infrastructure-Key Value Proposition SAP Mobile xApp Portfolio Mobile Asset Management (MAM) Mobile Time & Travel (MTT) Mobile Sales for Hand Held with CRM (MSAHH) Mobile Dealer Business Management (MDBM) Q & A

SAP Mobile Infrastructure: Overview

The Challenges of the disconnected Mobile Employee: Disconnection between mobile information workers and the enterprise. Lack of visibility into field activities Poor customer service Reduced productivity

Mobile xApps A Business Necessity

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure : Overview


The Mobile WorkforceInformation workers engage in non- routine, cognitive, creative work that requires both structured and unstructured information from a variety of sources.

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure : Overview

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure : Data FlowTier - I Tier - II

1. Send Request ( HTTP/ HTTPS ) 2.Receive Information (HTTP/ HTTPS) 3. Send Request (HTTP/ HTTPS) Mobile Device 4. Receive Information (HTTP/ HTTPS)


Tier - IIIEnterprise Data

R/3 or Legacy System Satyam 2008 6

SAP Mobile Infrastructure - Key Components

Mobile Application Modeling and Development Tools Platform independent Mobile FrameworkClient-Side Functions

Peripherals Integration RFID, bar code, printers Mobile DBMS

Synchronization Data Realignment Pre-integrated Enterprise Connectors Multiple Back-end Systems supportServer-Side Functions

Management Tools for Lifecycle Administration, Device Management, Security

Off-the-Shelf Mobile Applications Pre-integrated with SAP

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure ArchitectureCustomized/Standard SAP Mobile Solution

SAP MI ClientRFID Enabled PDA/Smart Phone


IPsecSecured Transport

InternetGPRS, UMTS, WiFi Connectivity over HTTPS

SSLSecured Transport

SAP ME J2EE Server ComponentJCo SAP Web AS J2EE Stack

SAP ME ABAP Server ComponentSAP Web AS ABAP Stack


SAP MI Server on SAP Web Application Server 7.0RFC/HTTP RFC RFC



SAP Systems

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure - Key Value Proposition (KVP)

Mobile platform for current and next generation of SAP xApps for Mobile Business Empowers customers to build mobile applications with seamless integration to the SAP Business Suite and 3rd Party Systems

Key Value Proposition(KVP) Flexibility via Ease of Development Scales with the Business Easy to Manage and Secure Shortest time to value with an expanding portfolio of pre-integrated mobile apps

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SAP Mobile Infrastructure - KVPFlexibility via Ease of Development

Capabilities Simplified mobile application development Model-driven application development Repository of re-usable components Enterprise SOA enabled Multiple back-end system support

Integration with SAP and nonSAP applications

Simplified development process in large projects

NetWeaver Development Infrastructure integration

Simplified Integration of peripherals

Peripherals Framework Off-the-shelf drivers for RFID, barcode scanners and printers

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SAP NetWeaver Mobile - (KVP)Scales with the Business Highly Scalable Data Synchronization

Capabilities Scale to 10,000 devices High data volumes SyncBo and data container based architecture Configurable transactions

Short synchronization time

Efficient data transport Synchronization of data and files

Conflict Management

Configurable conflict strategies

Satyam 2008


SAP Mobile Infrastructure - (KVP)Easy to Manage - Device Management and Monitoring

Capabilities Manage 10,000 devices Minimize IT support cost Minimize User Downtime Central management console Monitoring and Statistics Ready to integrate with best-ofbreed solutions Over-the-air software distribution Automated patch management Version control for phased upgrade of mobile devices Remote configuration of mobile devices (agent framework) Device interrogation

Minimize organizational impact during upgrade

Ease of support

Satyam 2008


SAP NetWeaver Mobile

- (KVP)

Secure via Mobile Security Capabilities

Capabilities Detection of security incidents Log password changes, failed logons, authorization changes Non-repudiation

Protection of sensitive enterprise data

Local data encryption Encrypted data synchronization Password changes

Satyam 2008


SAP NetWeaver MobileShortest time to value with an expanding portfolio of mobile apps For Maintenance Technicians Offline access to work orders, equipment dataSAP xApp Mobile Asset Management

For Field Service Offline access to service orders, contracts and equipment dataSAP xApp Mobile Service

Remote documentation of work done Alert for real-time assignments

Remote documentation of service provided Recording/access of complaints for quick resolution For those always on road

For Sales Track customer information remotelySAP xApp Mobile Sales

Create and display orders in real time Update new opportunities instantly Improve pipeline visibility

SAP xApp Mobile Time and Travel

Offline reporting of time and expenses Compliance with business rules Credit card synchronization

For Store Delivery Personnel Quick processing of orders Confirmation of pricing and invoiceSAP xApp Mobile Direct Store Delivery

Management of truck inventory Optimal routing guidance

Satyam 2008


SAP xApp Mobile Asset Management (MAM)For Maintenance Technicians & Managers

Mobile Asset Management gives service engineers access to work order details and allows them to maintain contracts and warranties and close work orders.

Functionality Sales Order Management Contract & Warranty Management Activity Management Inventory Management Order Management Notification Management Business Partner Management Technical Object Management

Business Benefits Elevated customer satisfaction. Provides up to date service related information Eliminates redundant paper based processes Streamlines communications between field engineers & the back office Enables the enforcement of process protocols

Satyam 2008


SAP xApp Mobile Time and Travel (MTT)For those always on road

Mobile Time and Travel allows employees to track time and expenses.


Time Management Travel Plan Management Travel Expense Management Seamless Integration with SAP Credit Card Downloads

Business Benefits

Improves employee productivity Ensures corporate policies Eliminates delays in effort capture Close monitor of travel and expenses of mobile workers

Satyam 2008


SAP xApp Mobile Sales for Handheld with CRM (MSAHH)For Sales & Field Service

Mobile Sales allows salespeople to access account information, process sales orders, and conduct other sales-related tasks.


Sales Order Management Accounts Management Activity Management Opportunity Management Product Management

Business Benefits

Shortens the sales cycle by providing instant access to necessary customer information Improves visibility of field sales activity through the immediate capture of salesrelated information Enhances customer satisfaction by improving responsiveness to customer concerns Ensures sales processes are followed, allowing no opportunity to be overlooked

Satyam 2008


SAP xApp Mobile Dealer Business Management (MDBM)For Service Technician and Automobile Dealers

Mobile Dealer Business Management, empowers your field technicians to access required information and perform required functions when and where they need to, regardless of how they are connected

Functionality Service Order Management Notification Management

Business Benefits Improved field productivity leading to improved customer satisfaction and gross margin improvements. Improved service levels for equipment maintenance Better tracking of field operations and resource utilization Information availability in disconnected environment using offline data store

Satyam 2008


Satyam SAP Netweaver Mobile ExperienceClient DescriptionField Service Manager (FSM) Solution - Mobile solution for field service managers supporting customer equipments to monitor field operation status, reports to take necessary decisions by the field managers while on the field Work Order Management and Performance Assurance (WOMPA) solution to support field engineers to report all activities and track equipment related maintenance, repair and replacement services to customers

White paper for implementation of hand-held solution for supporting vending machine management located across multiple locations

Mobile Asset Management: Implementation of MAM for their field Service technicians

Fuel Management System To Track & monitor the Fuel ConsumptionUnited Nations

Mobile Crew Ti


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